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‘Get out of my head!’ Raven shouts thunderously, pushing Sebastian away,forcing his  palms against his chest.  Thrown out in the midair, Sebastian lands painfully with a thud, his back  against the wall, with  the wall  crumbling down to rubbles because of the sheer force he exerted on it. ‘Shit’ he moans, coughing out blood, before passing out.

Bright beam of white day light gleamed over his face when Sebastian opened his eyes. Lazily, he rubs his heavy eyelids for a clear view and finds himself staring at a familiar ceiling, the one that always brought him comfort to look at. It displayed painting of a woman in a white floating gown amongst a garden of beautiful colored roses  with white clouds on the background of clear blue sky. Sorrunding the potrait, were statues of angels carrying harps and baby cherubs on plays, almost like floating gliding out from their  vault. This was the painting of his mother, his father had worked on for many years, an exact replica of which he had made on Sebastian’s wing as well.

Every muscles on Sebastian’s  body now ached, drained to last drop of their energy in the ‘memory travelling’ phenomenon, that had occured. His bones were broken at many places and judging by the pain he was now suffering from  on his chest, his heart had barely survived the impact. He might have pierced it with one of his broken ribs and ended his ‘forever’ in the mercy of few minutes, hadn’t the chips of bones missed, impaling the whole length of his muscles. But here he was, alive.

Tightly shutting his eyes, Sebastian tries to recall the events that he had witnessed. He had no excuse to ask of Raven who he knew was certainly very furious of  his insolence behaviour. Why would he not be? Secrets were secrets for a reason. And now he knew Raven’s, although he had never intended to forcefully learn out of him in the first place. He did not have a clue how he got there even..how was he going to explain? Raven would never understand. All he rememberd now was that scene ‘that painful last memory’ of Raven as a human. A body of flesh and scars. Vulnerable, weak, lost and alone. Drenched out in the rain, soaked, casted out like a street dog, holding a gun in his hand and lying lifeless near the sewers.


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‘ what next Raven?’ asks Sebastian breaking their silence.

‘Her skin is pale, there are bruises all over her hands.. so little blood in her body. Its like I can’t even smell blood in her life. I worry to see her suffer Raven. She dies too many times. No matter how many times you revive her..life keeps getting shorter. And this wretched pain stabs back again and again’.

‘Yes. I know..but I can’t let her go. I promised I would not. I promised..’ the traveler  grits his teeth.

‘Of course you did. But that was 100yrs ago. I am just asking you to take the pain away. Let me help you, help me…let her stay with us for as long as we live. Centuries..’

‘I m trying to. But… I don’t want it that way. Given you a chance Sebastian, would you have taken this life of yours?’   Raven asks mournfully.

Sebastian pauses at the unexpected question. This was a question he preferred to better avoid always. Because no matter how he put it, no matter how meaningfully or pitifully he lived there was indeed never an end to time he had at his hands..

‘I know..i  would  have wanted to be a mere mortal’ he answers softly.

‘ To live, to suffer,to love, to remember.. But then perhaps I would not want it that way for real. Somebody has to be on balancing side. If good were to only exsist then they would not be good, bad has to coexsist to make them look better! Do you not understand?’ Sebastian throws a worrisome  glance.

He looks at the traveler observing him closely, who  now looks lost back to the depths of his head where his voices would never reach.

‘ I want her to be with us. I want this pain to go away. More than me..Do you not want it that way?’ he asks.

‘I do. But…’ Raven answers instinctively like it has been set on his mind to answer that way..however he pauses again, realizing he is unable to answer the one question his exsistence depended upon. He withdraws.

‘Its always upto you. It was always yours and it will always be your decision to make. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t hurt her. That demon tricked you onto this. What fair is this deal? You wanted hell fire and look you can’t even control the power. It controls you. I can see your aura changing. Lets hope no one else does..’Sebastian tries to get to him, his voice much louder this time much firmer. But it wouldnot  reach Raven, nomatter how many times he tried.

‘This will never end..’ he sighs,remembering the countless agonizing conversations they had in past.

‘You were fooled Raven and ..’

‘I will and I can control this!!’ the traveler stops Sebastian halfway his sentence, suddenly getting back upto his feet, like jolting away from heavy shackles that was tied onto his shoulders.

‘ Because I have to..there is no other way…’he shouts.

‘And with this power combined with mine,I have enough strength to bring her back  everytime. I can and I will snatch her  back again, away from  the judgement door. I promise I will not let her go. Never’.


‘Hey . are we done packing?’ laira asks timidly from the back, interrupting the two men, who seemed to her like two gorgeus men on middle of their heated loveydovey discussion.

‘Almost laira…Did you say goodbye to your boyfriend?’Sebastian winks at her,already calm and composed, as if the mental war they had just now did not take place or it did but it had no  residual effects on him . ‘And by the way what breed is he, your boyfriend I mean?’he adds concerned, his eyebrows narrowed locked to the boy with frizzly hair in highschool uniform far at a distance

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‘Only two…’ laira shouts jumping with joy after a moment, presenting the icecream packs proudly to the traveler, who smiles back at her, hinting it was a job well done. Unfortunately for her though, it was the worst thing she could have said that day. Ghastly eyes now looked at her with anger and  hatred.

‘Curse you..’ she heard the girl at the back of the queue.

Oh no..that one looks like she will make my voodoo doll tonight ..laira gulps.

You heard the lady. We have no icecream to sell now. We are officially closed my dears’ Sebastian announces to the disheartened mob, who now were buzzing like angry bees, from whom honey had just been stolen.

‘We are thankful to all of you. Especially thankful to those who  devoted us such  precious time to stand on queue on this hot summer day and still managed to purchase our icecreams 5-6 times’.

‘And also we are very sorry to say that since we are new on the town, we donot have a proper contact address yet..to be in touch’ .

‘No…’the crowd moans with disatisfaction while Sebastian gives a fanciful bow as an sincere apology.

‘But ladies’ continues Sebastian. ‘As long as we remember each other everything is worth it. Don’t you think so?’ he winks, another one of charismatic outplay.

‘yes..we will miss you’ cries the overwhelmed cupid’s arrow struck crowd in monotonus voice.

‘And I always save best part for the last…’

‘I  know you had been waiting to hear him speak too. I present you,my younger brother..’he announces  taking traveler by surprise.

‘yeah..’ the Crowd applauds with excitement, grateful for new turn of events. Departing will be much easier if man in double black also had something to say, some lovely words perhaps ..they thought.

On hearing the announcement Laira, who had been busy packing stuff straightens up too. She is also curious to hear what  ‘the man of silence’ had to  say about today.


Noticing everyones eyes on him now, the traveler lets out a long sigh. He stops his cleaning chores, gently drops the cleaning cloth on the desk and throws  an uneasy smile. Sebastian smiles, locking his eyes with him, almost enjoying being threatened telepathically. However, the traveler  settles up to his mood after a moment, walks up to the front desk and clears his throat to address the crowd.

‘Never too old for icecreams’ he says, his voice deep with hypnotic enchantment.

‘Please remember this day and  remember us specially’ he adds, with  his lips curved to flash one of his rarer  exquisite smiles and eyes sparkling with affection.

Wooooo wwooo.. the crowd  thunders , from pindrop silence to a pack of werewolves  howling.

‘I might just collapse here’ the girl on the front screams

Entwined 12 :)



Its not that laira didn’t believe in luck. She did. She even believed that someday she would walk in..like literally walk in,into bundle of fortunes.

She had even thought of what she would do with all that money, starting with ‘sleeping in a couch full of money’ like that ‘richierich’ cartoon character had done in the show.  Next, she had thought of hiring a loyal assistant who’d all the maths part.. counting her money, making some good investments, letting her know how much profits they were making and most importantly telling her on day to day basis how rich she was.

‘Also I will need an assistant just for shopping’ she often humored herself, ‘someone who’d carry all my shopping bags while I am busy showing off my mean rich girl attitude’.

But as much as she wanted to believe, laira also knew it was ridiculous.

‘Hard work is the only answer. And even with that, you little girl will only make enough for your living’ her mother had  recently confronted her, shaking her off from those silly bubbles, for her own good.


Mom wouldn’t believe it.. if she saw what I am seeing now..

 fortune cookies!! Laira  yelps, dropping  her jaws, looking at the cash box that was now overflowing with money.

And they even doubled the cash of these icecream cones just half and hour later..none of us could pull that off ..she sighs, thinking of last time they had icecream parlour on school festival.

Suddenly breaking her streams of thoughts, man on double black, whispers to her ‘At this rate we will run out of our icecreams very soon’

He fixes his eyes  at the long queue of girls waiting impatiently to be at the front desk, sensing trouble.

‘May be I should do that. You check how many stocks we have left’

Swiftly taking off icecream cones from  laira’s hand he starts digging in for scoops himself.

It was all so sudden and he had said it so softly that laira heard almost nothing. ‘Check icecreams’ she was preety sure she heard those words atleast. However that wasn’t the corncern right now. Corncern was, they had just touched hands.

The touch, even though it was a very brief period, ran high volts of electric signals to  laira’s system and had shut her down like a malfunctioned computer.

‘Laira laira..are you listening to me’ the voice, reboots her back to life.

‘yes’ she replies hysterically and  runs inside the van to check  their stocks, stumbles twice on the ground and hits once on the door.


Entwined 11 :)



‘Hmph. That irritating kid’ frowns  the traveler as he  looks into an old magical mirror, hung neatly in Sebastian’s room.

‘Ah..its so nice. Young love and passion. How come I never had that thing when I was young. Laira can’t even talk to the guy. Thats so cute’ Sebastian hovers around the mirror excitedly, back and forth like an ADHD kid.

Sounds of glass shattering to pieces however breaks his excitement .

‘Don’t break any more glasses please..you know how much I love to see myself in mirror’ he pleads, pouting his face.

‘Besides..’ he says again, his eyes  shrewdly focused at  traveler now ‘Don’t you believe, beauty did fall in love with the beast’.


‘Hey little lady’ asks a young man to laira, who was now walking down the road like a  zombie.

‘Yes’ she says looking lost.

‘Would you help us to sell these icecreams? We are newbies on the town and this is our first stall. We are really nervous..’ he says bending down low, looking closer at her face.

‘Umm…I..’ laira stammers, feeling trapped as she stares at the man, whose large blue eyes and  beautiful blonde hair makes it iresistible to look away.

‘And this is my friend’ he  introduces a man standing next to him.

‘Hello’ the man says, looking at her as she drags her eyes forcibly  off the beautiful crystal blue to him. ‘Hello’ she replies, her pupils getting wider, looking back to his deep black eyes and raven black hair, strands of which fell perfectly on his forehead.

‘Want to help us?’ he asks.

‘Yes’ she replies, after a long pause.

‘I can’t believe I had to whip her bums to let a sound out’ speaks little devil laira in disbelief.

‘I can’t believe guys looking this good even exsists’ little good laira in white frock says timidly.

Which one did you think she fell for?’ chuckles Sebastian with a evil grin, coaxing the traveler, communicating via his telepathic mind.


‘We are way much better than that dumb kiddo ..with his brown muscular body, frizzly cool black hair and brown eyes..’ he rants  with  frustration clearly ringing on his tone.



‘Oh look..they are so hot’ a girl from a pack of higschool teens, lets out a shrill cry.

And no sooner she had said it, the stall swarms with girls ‘all lionesses purring with hunger of attention’.

No…’ sighs laira panicking, ‘this could be even bigger than the world wars..’

However, to her surprise, the guys  look cool headed. ‘Relax sweetie’ Sebastian winks his eyes to her.

‘One at a time beautiful ladies’ he refers politely to  the uncontrolled mob, giving away his deliberately placed, flawless charismatic smile.

The ultimate weapon ..shudders laira


Entwined 12 :)

‘Dear Diary..’laira  writes.

I am 15 years old now and life only seems tougher. Days are hard to get by. I see everyone enjoying their life and I cannot imagine how fun they are going to have in this summer vacation. But here I am, sulking  on the 1st day of my vacation unable to get out of my room.

And I have been having very strange dreams lately. Yesterday I saw a boy perhaps my age or little older sitting on the side of the road with his head buried in his arms, crying. I asked him why he was crying and he looked into me so sadly, I feared that those eyes would make me drown in sadness itself. Tears were falling down my eyes and  no matter how hard I tried, it would not stop.  And the funny thing is, i dont even know why..i understand, it was just a dream and I should get over with it but for some reason I cannot help but think’

Laira feels a wave of sadness run through her veins  as she rereads her own writing.

She closes the diary and prays that it would lock her thoughts of pain forever inside, never to be seen, never to be felt.

I definitely need some fresh air’

After changing into her casuals, she grabs her sneakers, runs down the stairs and then, bumps into Yanjas  ‘her teenage crush’.

wha…..t!!!!’ she screams one more time in her head, bumping her little brain all across the insides of her bony cranium.

‘Hey..’ Yanjas smiles. ‘ Where are you running this early morning?’

Just out for some air’ she replies cooly inside her head, confident and bold.

But in reality, laira stands there mute..dumb, looking like she just had a brain freeze.

‘Come over Yanjas’ Urome, her brother calls out from  living room with a coffee mug in his hand, ‘better start the game’.


‘ok’  Yanjas shouts back. ‘Here for the videogame’ he says as he walks away, throwing awkward smile to laira.

He might just be the love of my life.. My love pheromones are traveling now  from right atrium to right ventricles to lungs  than to left atrium to left ventricle..aorta and to….’

‘……the circulation’ she screams, as she dashes out of the door, blushing.


‘Something is definitely wrong with your sister’ yanjas  whispers  to Urome, with a corncerned look, as they both pause the videogame and stare laira blast out of the door.

Entwined 2 :)

Well m just trying to write. here is wat i have in pea sized brain.




Laira finds herself standing alone in a neatly paved pebbled road, lost in the middle of a dense forest. She looks around, not a single soul on sight. Only occasional sooshing sounds made by leaves when the wind caressed the trees, accompanied her.

‘i think i know this place…’ She wonders, looking around feeling strangely familiar.

‘Hello‘ a voice of a man next to her ear, startles her. ‘Hey’ she replies shyly, after jumping almost a feet away from him with fright. ‘ I didn’t see you coming‘.

‘Noone does. Its impossible to cheat death‘ he answers, his voice monotonus.

Are you death? The one that takes away souls?’ Laira asks, aiming for humour. ‘Yes‘ the man replies, snapping his fingers looking towards the woods. A tree then falls, a passing by deer gets hit by it and dies immediately. He looks back to laira with a smug look on his face, having proved his point. Then, he crushes in the ball of white flame that came out of the deer’s body, inbetween his fingers to a fine powder, infront of her eyes, making sure she saw what he was doing, without saying a word.

However, looking at the blade of scythe and swallowing her throat, laira questions again ‘Are you really death??‘ stressing on ‘really’ to make sure he was clear of what she meant. ‘Y..E..S’ he replies unintrested, making it sound rather long this time, unbelieving how dumb she was.

Laira stands still at the response. Her world starts crumbling now. She was only 13 years old..And she had no clue why and how she had died. This was too much to take and too much of cruel faith to have, she reasons. Tears flows endlessly, down her cheeks and her voice clumps on her throat unable to vent her grief or ask any further questions to the stranger who called himself death. She wipes her tears, sobbing and making ocassional noises like breathing in, forcefully through her congested nose. Only upon seeing her, almost choke to death with tears, the man asks ‘Why are you crying?’

‘Because i am dead…I should have eaten that icecream cake before i got to bed. Now i won’t get to eat and i will be a pathetic ghost haunting for icecreams in freezers‘ she wails, finally able to untie the knot of right words off her heavy chest. ‘And i should have punched my brother’s face today when i was so angry. I will never get to hit him again. And..and.‘ She continues.

‘Sooshh…’The man stops her midway, irritated. ‘What makes you think you are dead?’ He asks. ‘Because, You said you are death! And you look like an angel of death. And i had a feeling i might die soon..’ She replies blowing her nose, loudly, on the hankerchief he had just given.

‘No you are Not dead‘ he also stresses in the ‘Not’ part, looking amused at the character she was. ‘And what, the first thing you thought about was icecream cake??’ He mocks , chuckling at her. Of all the last wishes he had heard, this girl’s was definately going to be most intresting. What a Insane piece ..

‘I am not?‘ Laira widens her eyes, straining her eyelids like almost about to make them pop out of her sockets. She screams with excitement. More like a high pitch baby cry.  That makes the man beside her shut his ears and birds in the nest fly out in fright. Who thought a girl of that size could scream that loud…Finally, settling to her feelings and immensly relieved that she was not going to be a freeze buster , laira moves forward for a handshake shyly. ‘i am laira.who are you??’.

The man stares at her. Shaken. He had no idea what this little girl was going to do next. One minute she was low and the next minute she was high. She was spontaneous. She didn’t think about the next second. Excatly the type, that would jump off the cliff if someone aired on her ears that it was for goodwill.Sheep? Yes. Foolish. Yes. But…he smiles. That was what he had always loved about her. That was why he had brought her back, defying every rules that restrained the idea of resurrection..

‘They call me traveler but you can call me Raven‘ he replies, still staring intently at her marble eyes.

‘ Where are we? Do you know Raven?’ Laira asks smiling at him, scanning the perimeter around.

‘Yes i do.This is an alternate world laira. You are not in a world of just humans anymore. So you need to be careful.’ He warns, starting slowely so that she understood every word he was saying to her.

‘It’s called the mystic land. Because all forms of creatures, humans to supernaturals live here. Yes supernaturals like vampires, werewolves, witches all sorts of that you can imagine.‘ He adds, looking at her face again to check on her expression for any fear or look of confusion that he needed to explain to her. But nothing. She just stares at him, like he was telling her an intresting ghost story by camp fire, her eyes glittering with intrest.

Humans as yourself live longer in this land, because time passes rather slow here than on your world. Most that live were born here, others were probably brought and the remaining are the souls that have been left to roam around. Souls who refuse to cross the gate to the next life and are happy being in purgatory fulfilling their wants that they couldnot fulfill when they were alive in your world’ he adds, giving a side glance to her. Nothing.

And then there are Travelers like me..10 of us. 9 of those, who you should be really scared of above everyone. Do you understand? ‘The traveler stresses, raising his brows, finally noticing her getting lost in train of thoughts.

Yes‘ laira replies blankly.

‘Good. Because i will not say this again. So listen..’

‘So you are not joking at all?‘ she cries in disbelief.

‘Why would i? Do i look like someone who would joke?‘ The traveler asks annoyed, deliberately holding his scythe, as if to rest his arm on it.

Laira gulps. ‘But why should i be scared of travelers if i am not dying? Should i be scared of you too? And how did i get here if i am not dead? Do all of my friend come here now and then?‘ She bombards questions after questions.

‘One at a time..we are not going anywhere’ The traveler speaks under his breath, knowing he has a lot to explain to this girl, who would rather fire questions than listen first.

‘No laira…‘ He continues softly, trying his best to be patient with her now. ‘Your friends will not come here. Once in a while someone is born in your world with capability to cross over, like you are. Infact the humans in mystic land originated with individuals having capability to cross between the realms. But for other normal humans to come here they will need an external force, someone with power to break the barrier for them. And that rarely happens. And yes you should be scared of other travelers because they might take your soul away, which would mean you would actually die here and in your world as well.

Laira gasps.

Finding her composure after a moment, she opens her mouth again. ‘ Sooosh ..‘ The traveler stops her however, already knowing what she was about to ask. ‘No i won’t take your soul. What would i do with that little soul? But there are lot of things others might do.A little girl as yourself could end up being lunch or dinner to anything that lurks in woods’ he answers frowning. ‘That’s why you should stay with me whenever you travel here’ ‘You can be my loyal servant in exchange for protection i give to your life’ he adds, throwing  a corncerned look, seeing her wander helplessly in her mind, like a lost rabbit in thick bushes not knowing what to do or where to go.

Soon  picking up his scythe, the traveler stretches his legs to  walk  ‘Its your decission though..’. Laira stands up too, on hearing him, as though by reflex of her survival instinct. She scans the perimeter one more time before she leaves and follows the man with the scythe running behind him on his journey.

A mischevious grin then stretches under the veil, like he had known all along  how to lure his bait to him.