He. Entwined with me.




He loves me. He loves me not.
I have dethroned a rose and plucked it out of it’s petals
Searching for answer,
In mere probability of ‘the odds’ and ‘the evens’.

he is more to me, than just a man getting through his everyday routine.
More to me, than just a companion trying to appease my intrest and bend into his will.
He is further and an additional,
To my core..to my spirit.
Yes. He is a soulmate.
A necessity for my vitality.

Whether ‘i refuse’ or ‘he refuses’
We are ‘Entwined’ in the cosmos..
Preserved in the fragments of time..
Obsession, love or Not.
‘Shards’ or ‘Chandelier’.
‘He’ and ‘I’ are carved into the chi’, a breathing life-force of the universe




Aim is to live,

Not just to breathe but to be alive

To pursue, not just goals

But the essence inside

Aim is to walk, untangled in free will

Wandering but not lost

To discover more and more

But  never to lose sight of what was there


Aim is to laugh, recalling the good old bygone days

Never regretting what was gone and what has been done and made

Aim is to chase happiness, forgetting  compromise

learning to live in a want to find joy that reflect us and not just me.. alone

Loving effortlessly till the end

knowing  this will be the very same till the last of the days


yes, aim is to live, not just to  breathe but to be alive

Aim is to appreciate, every little things in life

And to be grateful enough full heartedly,openly

before time flies.. with life in it.


I’m sorry. Sometimes i do rant. It’s difficult to say it aloud why  i do?? I hope this poem “if it sounds like a poem at all’ will tell a little of my story. Its a very long one though, hopefull you will not feel bored..




What should I do? Where should I go?

Should I Pursue higher or sit back and work?

Chase the dreams he says

The board of my ambition is soaring  away from the bay

Luring me onto the sea

A promise of intrest, should I catch it before it leaves?

But who’s gonna be a responsible lady?

Who’s gonna bear  the  consequences?

Stacks of money that has bought me my dream

Will never let go off the leash, on my neck

The rents, the medical bills, ‘add’ food and clothes too

But that’s not all, is it??

Wish there was a way out..i could find soon’

One’s got to live and I will live because “I am a strong one”

But Damn ‘time’ do you really have to run..so fast

making me suffer, leaving me helpless like a loser

shattering hopes that look up to me and

say ‘Someday……someday.. my  dear daughter…’

Time and Tide waits for None.

Time and Tide waits for None.


Many years ago I read an article , unfortunately I don’t recall the writer but to this day I can still recall what he wrote, how he wrote and it continues to inspire me.

The article read “If you had 86,400 dollars being deposited on your account everyday but on a term that what left of your money on account will vanish to nil at the end of the day. Wouldn’t you want to spend every cent of that dollar than to just let it vanish into nothing? Now imagine those 86,400 dollars are the seconds of your life in 24 hrs. Each dollar is equal to 1second. Cashed into your account as 86,400 at beginning of day and nils at the end.”

Now, did it strike to your head like it did to me? Believe me, my peasized blind little brain started running amock bumping all around the walls of my thick skull after I read that. Why? Here is the simplest way I can possibly explain to you.

On average perhaps we have 70 years to live..ok 80s, 90s, 100s too whichever you wish. But some parts of the years were gone, like those 6-7 years of early childhood, that we can’t recall what we did or all those hours of our lives spent on ‘trying to adjust’ socially, more hours waiting for ‘something to happen’ or ‘someone to become’ and finally if you are  a sleepybear like me ‘a lot of time spent on hibernation’.

When I say some part of the years were gone it means quality time. The time you will remember, recall and the time that defines your life. Ofcourse the whole crap of numbers on your account 86,400 gone without even realizing!

God knows what was the amount deposited to you specifically..maybe more, maybe less than your friends but while you have 86,400 cashed into your account, you  are still rich! And if you don’t use it even after you have realized just now I don’t know what you are then, either you are dumb or weird like we..ir..d!

May be that is why they say “Life is Precious”.

With every passing time, your seconds of life are disappearing. Thousands of your cells are dying, thousands are regenerating, changes are constantly taking place, day by day you are ageing, the hour glass is filling..  and a part of the total amount assigned to you, whether you want it or not, is being credited on YOUR on account everyday, then being deleted again. The number is moving, will it be loss or gain is upto you.

So spend your TIME on the people you want, Live the life you want and live the way you want.

One time, One shot, One life! Live! You are the boss!

Get your best deals!! Don’t ask me what that is?

Even I don’t know. But I know where to start, My Bucket List! What about you?

🙂 🙂

The ‘Devious’ Money

i donot own copyright to pic :)

i donot own copyright to pic 🙂

The ‘Devious’ Money

You know what more money can do..but you are too close to win,          You don’t want to  lose.,                                                                             The devil is out, time has stopped and it has marked a feW.          Tick tock tick tock the curse is also on you.

All those little things you could buy and make you happy

Seems petty

Your desire is getting big, you want more and more money..

A little time to share is what you forget

and you shower just the diamonds to convey your feelings

Like king Midas you start seeing goldmines in everything.

Money was good but it works like a dark and devious genie

Ticktock ticktock the curse is working..

You saw a poor man die of hunger but you can’t give him penny to feed,

you saw an old lady shiver but you would rather throw out your fury coat than donate it.

At the middle somewhere you are feeling lost,

And the devil knows it

Time had stopped he had marked a few and you were on it.

The touch of gold you have, never did touch the needy

The greedy you touched never did let you believe it

‘That you sold your soul for petty desires of money’

‘That the devil was watching you and ticktock ticktock he had paid for it’