Late night thought



Sometimes in life, even though we wish and we want something to really work, we have to call it quits. Because..reality is cruel. And reality is, we can’t budge a step forward unless we close the old doors behind. Whether it is giving up on an abusive relationship with a husband with whom you are still madly in love with or leaving that job, that you never got good at. ‘Calling quits’ is ‘not failing’, it’s just a smart choice.

Yes.’What if?’ will always be there. Either you take a chance or leave it. But taking many chances on the ‘same thing’ and getting still stuck with taking more.. is foolishness.
You can help a baby make a decision, but for an adult ‘ you are rational enough and liable enough for your own actions. So, If you are chosing to be the victim, it’s your call. It’s your life.People have individual traits sadistic, masochistic all sorts of.May be you got one in you.

But If you are chosing to live, live it simple and be happy ..close one in one quit and open yourself to the door of many uncertainities.

Nobody said life is easy’ it will never be easy to call in ‘quits’ but sometimes in life you have to. Some stories make to pages some get lost along with sealed lips. But if you make it less will be more happy than sad,this  i can promise to you.

Keep it simple.
Xo xo.

My art of ‘Overthinking’.



Yes it’s true..with how much thinking I do all the time I literally am pushing  my brain on the phase of explosion. Because, all these  thoughts rampaging ‘this’ vital centre, are not only are streaming live at speed of light but are random and illogical. God knows how my brain is keeping up. Indeed it wouldn’t be surprise to learn if my core processor heated so much that my scalp actually managed to hatch out some chickens from the eggs .. Haha. That would be funny!! Imagine, me walking with a big bun shaped like a nest with eggs on it and one or two yellow furry chicks chirping..

Not again. See? what did I say? I am thinking this and I am already writing about unrelated topic and laughing all alone in the room. Talk about height of ‘pitiful’ life… Lol. So, yes I was talking on the topic ‘Over thinking’.

We all do it. Some of us more than others (me the most!). Can’t help it, can we? Especially the moments that I consider embarrassing.. How with talent of overthinking ‘ant starts to look like an elephant’ to us. Suppose, I slipped and I fell in front of some people. Now the scenario thanks to my ‘over thinking brain’ would look like..

I slipped and I fell with a loud thud..people heard my bums, probably my hip bones making a ‘craaaa…ck’ noise. So babies started crying hearing the horrible sound, mother started sooshing their infants cursing me for breaking their peace, girls started giggling looking at the ‘mass of blob’ I had made of myself and boys started breaking into tears because they couldn’t help laughing at the amusing failed gymnastic performance I had given’.

Yeah, I fell. But it did not happen like how I think it happened probably!!hahah. Now that’s some serious talent isn’t it? Overthinking is an ‘art’. I tell you. But ‘overthinking’does adds extra details..sometimes extra stuffs too. So it is dangerous. Its inviting misery. And it’s not just on personal levels, it’s also on relationships and other things in life.

Especially true  for girls, I would say.

Lost-in-thought and found.

We expect our men to know telepathically our feelings and our wants. Utter the word ‘A’ and we are already expecting him to understand till ‘Z’. And when he fails to pull through, there it goes the rantings.. ‘he doesn’t get me and bla bla’ and our ‘world of thoughts with fairy tales starts crumbling’…

Hey, this dosen’t mean you get an easy excuse with your girlfriend. Maybe you ‘really’ didn’t get her!! Start putting some should read her mind like you’re a mind reader by now before… someone else does.   Coz you know what will happen next. (hahaha). Just ask her to cut you some slack once in a while, will you? And make sure you also her to tell  what she is thinking now and then to you. Believe me from a woman to woman, no matter how relaxed she looks, she is upto something in her head..

That being said now. Everyone knows ‘Overthinking’ is pathologic. And I am not saying here every girls are pathological thinkers. Don’t be scared.. unless it’s me. Haha. Sometimes, its good to think a little extra as in day dream and feel like you are on cloud nine. But that’s only good till you stick to reality. Make sure you don’t go astray where you can’t find a way to come back.



So here is the thing, Stick to the simple rule like my favourite quote says ‘if it dosen’t matter in next 5 years then don’t waste your 5 mins or 5 hours more thinking about it’. True isn’t it? After all Life is too short and already too loaded with many problems. You don’t want to create extra burden for yourself J

Early M thought. Depressing. Beware!! Nahh j/k.

Many times in life you can’t avoid feeling down even though you tell yourself ‘there is no place for sad thoughts in your mind’.

And you try talking yourself out,saying ‘Hey for God sake you are bachelor high on prime now, you don wana carry that emo face and go around mopping. If you wanna mop go and close yourself in the closet’. But it dosen’t work..which at other times mostly does.

And you throw yourself at the floor and watch the ceiling..thinking.. ‘You can change everything..start from scratch but your past and your circumstances will always be the same’.

Life Sucks.

It’s true. Isn’t it? Sometimes there is no escape. Not even a small hole that gives you a hope that one day if you are gonna starve yourself right you might actually fit through that tiny opening and walk out.


But  you plan for escape anyways in your head..extra detailed..if you are like me. (I am a planner!!!) I Think of disappearing into far away lands to oblivion all the time and start fresh. Yeah i know what the hell am i doing?

The thing is no matter what the circumstances were never trapped. You can either submerge yourself and feel pity or make the best out of your circumstances and be proud. It sucks i know. I cannot even guess how much frustAting it is for you like you can’t tell how much is it for me. Noone is on the same page.

But hey..’Its all in the mind. DON’T let it beat you. You are gonna be ok at the end of the day’.





How can chemicals be reasoned?

How can one stop the rampant thoughts of one’s own mind?

How can heart truly ‘love’ the one

Yet lust for another,in the same time

Late in the night, I wake up divided

Choice is clear but a want to make a mistake leaves me undecided

For to the one, I remain pure

My soul is white

For the other, my blood thrives

a sinner in me gives a wicked smile

How can chemicals be reasoned?

How can one stop the rampant thoughts of one’s own mind?

How can heart truly ‘love’ the one

Yet lust for another,in the same time