He sounds like a firefly…

firefly experience.org

firefly experience.org

(Dedicated to Mr ashiaki for his beautiful words :))

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He sounds like a firefly

With a Light of hope

Glistening bright

in sorrowful nights

Waiting patiently for a dawn to fall

To save what remains of the lost souls

Stories  after stories he tells

I wonder how he felt to live those moments

Knowing life dances on the edge of the sword

Knowing he must survive to tell the horrors to the world

‘Of wars’

Where  blood was spilled and thousands died..

Where  many said  forceful goodbyes..

Where  smile was scarce like food and water..

Where humans were silent like the corpse that laid under..

He sounds like a firefly, an age old soul

Waking to lighten up the sorrowful nights….


by deviantart.net

by deviantart.net

How can chemicals be reasoned?

How can one stop the rampant thoughts of one’s own mind?

How can heart truly ‘love’ the one

Yet lust for another,in the same time

Late in the night, I wake up divided

Choice is clear but a want to make a mistake leaves me undecided

For to the one, I remain pure

My soul is white

For the other, my blood thrives

a sinner in me gives a wicked smile

How can chemicals be reasoned?

How can one stop the rampant thoughts of one’s own mind?

How can heart truly ‘love’ the one

Yet lust for another,in the same time


by korbox

by korbox

Gentle drizzles of rain

Wakes my sullen heart

Lost somewhere down in the alley

Through the narrow hallways

Yet at peace; that is surreal

Almost blind even light fears to enter these passages

Blood flows down the gutters

Leaving my body drained,under the veil of darkness

Cold, breezy wind caressing my torned out flesh

Gasping..my lungs tries to fill in for every breath

Yet my heart thumps today

Awakened in blissfull experience

Pumping to keep life within my veins

In utter silence will I sleep tonight

Let at peace and desolation my soul cry

And then wander off till the ends of world

With peace of heaven engraved in my mind..

With a song..

of gentle rain’s lullaby…

Let me live again’

Let me live again


be jackdenials.deviantart.com

Let me live again love

Fresh and green like a little sapling

With dew drops on its leaves

Just spurted out from its seed

Let me live again love

Beautiful and free

Like a butterfly just hatched from cocoon

Hovering around countless white roses and daisies

On its bloom

Let me live again,love

Selfless and unbound in pure joy

Let me live again love

With faith and trust of a newborn child

Take me in, and let me live love

Again and again in sheer bliss

Take me in and let me live love

Cleansing my soul of the “past me”

Inside your arms, listening to your heartbeat

Inside your world and to “the infinity…”

The ‘Devious’ Money

i donot own copyright to pic :)

i donot own copyright to pic 🙂

The ‘Devious’ Money

You know what more money can do..but you are too close to win,          You don’t want to  lose.,                                                                             The devil is out, time has stopped and it has marked a feW.          Tick tock tick tock the curse is also on you.

All those little things you could buy and make you happy

Seems petty

Your desire is getting big, you want more and more money..

A little time to share is what you forget

and you shower just the diamonds to convey your feelings

Like king Midas you start seeing goldmines in everything.

Money was good but it works like a dark and devious genie

Ticktock ticktock the curse is working..

You saw a poor man die of hunger but you can’t give him penny to feed,

you saw an old lady shiver but you would rather throw out your fury coat than donate it.

At the middle somewhere you are feeling lost,

And the devil knows it

Time had stopped he had marked a few and you were on it.

The touch of gold you have, never did touch the needy

The greedy you touched never did let you believe it

‘That you sold your soul for petty desires of money’

‘That the devil was watching you and ticktock ticktock he had paid for it’