Live to the fullest!

Watch this inspirational video with Nicholas James ‘a man without hands and limbs’. This made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. While being more motivated and appreciative of what i always had and have all along ‘A good health and a normal life’. How many of us has taken these for granted ?  Hats off to the amazing man!!

It’s a great speech to start the new year with..What do you think?

Watch, listen and learn from struggles of people who had been to the pit,yet survived and are making through life with FIREWORKS. 🙂

Nicholas James Vujicic ‘man without limbs’

When Saturday and Facebook come together.. :)


Early morning its typical Saturday. My eyes hurt because i watched three movies all in one night yesterday. Don’t ask me anything. i can’t even recall the movies and who killed who..which was the main character in’s all jumbled in here (pointing to my head)

Scrolling through my cellphone now, trying not to squint my eyes..checking facebook. Woah” my crush uploaded a new post..can’t see his face though, what a bummer. Would have been really nice to know how he looks after all these years in person. Intrested?? Hahha nah..lets just say watching him is a secret hobby. Oh” my ex posted something too. Gosh he is handsome! More of like cutie pie now..his chubby cheeks looks better than bunnies..i tell you that! Last time i checked, he had that picture with a gun shooting all the heart shaped cartoon stuffs..What happened to us? More like,what happened to me? He hates me now.I hate myself. i deserve that..i fell for a ‘computer screen’ can you believe that? ‘It dosen’t count’ his words ring in my ears… ‘It does..’ i remember my reply. And then ‘boom boom’ there went my first love with the wind..

It's a windy day!
A computer screen!! You must be shocked. Yeah how That’s me. I am crazy hahaha. Don’t wanna go there now. Don’t wanna sit alone in that corner..sulking. But again,don’t be shocked when you see me hugging that screen. i am an emotional wreck. Not again..for God sake! Here is pepsodent..squeezing from the bottom of the tube..pea size quantity..brush smile. CHEESE!!




So back to facebook scrolling..all my ‘now’ friends, look jolly, working their butts off trying to achieve something.Nothing new. life paces fast forward for meds people. Although to whole world it seems like we are the one who is stuck.. ‘Are you still studying?’they ask, when they have graduated. Then the same question, when they have recieved their pay roll and again..when they are getting married.. ‘Will you please stop!’ Have some mercy, you are not the only one saying that to us. You are among hundreds..Though, yeah i admit ok” cuddling books on valentines day does suck. Happy now??hah

Bored…So i am scrolling my school friends. I was a meanie and the ‘unpopular one’. Needless to say, i don’t have any school friends in my friendlist. ok..ok.. i admit i even rejected a handful of requests. No reasons. So, i go through entire long process, of checking one of my bestie’s facebook and stalk some that i used to know. And wow! There is a difference right can tell by the eyes the difference between a medic and non medic student. Life has been sucked out of!!


I take back what i said in my first few paragraphs now. I do.My Life has been moving slow… is it even moving at all? When did that girl start looking like that? When did that boy become that? Omg..where in the world is that beach? When did these.. people even have the time to travel that far corner of the world? And most of all”’ why is she posting a picture of a 5yr old kid and saying ‘my son’!!. What is happening?..where was i? Somebody explain.

And here is the part..’You can’t even think of starting a family till you are a registar..if you are stop thinking right now’ that’s what a senior doc told me like just 3days back. I love babies.Not all the babies. But yes. Am i even going to have one?Well screw that! Am i even living my life right? To the fullest i mean..


Well after an hour of back and forth thinking here is what i have concluded. Everyone has their pace..some are slow like turtles, some are fast like hare.  None of us has same path..none of us has same time. We are revolving around our own orbit..what we make is upto us. What matters at the end, is how much we made of ourselves and how much we feel fulfilled ..before reaching that  red ribbon at the end. What do you think? i am WISE huh??  🙂

3 Day Challange (Quote 1 :) )

Thank You Miss Iris for nominating me for 3 day quote challange. I particularly loved it because i have a lot of quotes saved into my cell phone that i often go back to read to inspire myself. It actually took me sometime to get the ones i like the most from 100 of these.

Please follow miss Irish  ‘to view beauty of life through teen agers eyes :)’

i’m not nominating anyone in particular  because everyone is nominated. It would be then a lengthy post posting everyone’s name. So please free. i would love to read more of inspiring quotes.. 🙂

Quote 1


‘Everytime i feel  like being pulled to that robotic life of mine, i remember this quote.’

Don’t you think it is indeed true that we are only given that little spark…



Aim is to live,

Not just to breathe but to be alive

To pursue, not just goals

But the essence inside

Aim is to walk, untangled in free will

Wandering but not lost

To discover more and more

But  never to lose sight of what was there


Aim is to laugh, recalling the good old bygone days

Never regretting what was gone and what has been done and made

Aim is to chase happiness, forgetting  compromise

learning to live in a want to find joy that reflect us and not just me.. alone

Loving effortlessly till the end

knowing  this will be the very same till the last of the days


yes, aim is to live, not just to  breathe but to be alive

Aim is to appreciate, every little things in life

And to be grateful enough full heartedly,openly

before time flies.. with life in it.

Time and Tide waits for None.

Time and Tide waits for None.


Many years ago I read an article , unfortunately I don’t recall the writer but to this day I can still recall what he wrote, how he wrote and it continues to inspire me.

The article read “If you had 86,400 dollars being deposited on your account everyday but on a term that what left of your money on account will vanish to nil at the end of the day. Wouldn’t you want to spend every cent of that dollar than to just let it vanish into nothing? Now imagine those 86,400 dollars are the seconds of your life in 24 hrs. Each dollar is equal to 1second. Cashed into your account as 86,400 at beginning of day and nils at the end.”

Now, did it strike to your head like it did to me? Believe me, my peasized blind little brain started running amock bumping all around the walls of my thick skull after I read that. Why? Here is the simplest way I can possibly explain to you.

On average perhaps we have 70 years to live..ok 80s, 90s, 100s too whichever you wish. But some parts of the years were gone, like those 6-7 years of early childhood, that we can’t recall what we did or all those hours of our lives spent on ‘trying to adjust’ socially, more hours waiting for ‘something to happen’ or ‘someone to become’ and finally if you are  a sleepybear like me ‘a lot of time spent on hibernation’.

When I say some part of the years were gone it means quality time. The time you will remember, recall and the time that defines your life. Ofcourse the whole crap of numbers on your account 86,400 gone without even realizing!

God knows what was the amount deposited to you specifically..maybe more, maybe less than your friends but while you have 86,400 cashed into your account, you  are still rich! And if you don’t use it even after you have realized just now I don’t know what you are then, either you are dumb or weird like!

May be that is why they say “Life is Precious”.

With every passing time, your seconds of life are disappearing. Thousands of your cells are dying, thousands are regenerating, changes are constantly taking place, day by day you are ageing, the hour glass is filling..  and a part of the total amount assigned to you, whether you want it or not, is being credited on YOUR on account everyday, then being deleted again. The number is moving, will it be loss or gain is upto you.

So spend your TIME on the people you want, Live the life you want and live the way you want.

One time, One shot, One life! Live! You are the boss!

Get your best deals!! Don’t ask me what that is?

Even I don’t know. But I know where to start, My Bucket List! What about you?

🙂 🙂

Let me live again’

Let me live again


Let me live again love

Fresh and green like a little sapling

With dew drops on its leaves

Just spurted out from its seed

Let me live again love

Beautiful and free

Like a butterfly just hatched from cocoon

Hovering around countless white roses and daisies

On its bloom

Let me live again,love

Selfless and unbound in pure joy

Let me live again love

With faith and trust of a newborn child

Take me in, and let me live love

Again and again in sheer bliss

Take me in and let me live love

Cleansing my soul of the “past me”

Inside your arms, listening to your heartbeat

Inside your world and to “the infinity…”