My Favorite Nepalese Foods!! Part 4.

5)Aloo Tamako Tarkari

One of my Favourite! Yes! But, honestly neither I nor my mom, have ever cooked this dish on our own. (You got me. Mom isn’t very big with cookery. And me…I’m a recipe for disaster when i turn on the stove. Might as well say, i’m a ticking bomb on the kitchen 😉 )But again, they say ‘Mustache doesn’t stop an eating mouth’!! Not mine at least.

So, what is Aloo-tama?

Ever eaten any dishes prepared out of bamboo shoot?


Yes, it’s a delicious, soury, a little spicy cuisine made with ‘Bamboo shoot’ as primary ingredient. The recipe, also includes potatoes, black eyed beans, tomatoes, some hot spices with 1/2 chillies and corriander, as a plus/minus, according to how you like it.  Here is how it looks like, when its done.



It’s great to eat with roti (flat bread) or selroti (a round dough like bread). The taste will be even more relishing.. if you are a big fan of mouth watering acidic tang on your me!!

6) Sukuti ko Achar.

In Nepali, the word ‘Sukuti’ means ‘very skinny’. ‘Sukuti’ for girls and ‘Sukutey’ for boys. I’m thinking perhaps that’s how it got it’s name..perhaps? Just a wild guess though. (So Smart!! Amn’t i? ;))   .Anyways, basically for preparing sukuti, meat is chopped into pieces, thin long segments and dried for days out in the heat of the sun (traditionally) or on a fire. Naturally, this will end up giving a ‘dry meat’ product that is denatured, shrunken and rough textured. 

jomson co uk

Guessed it right. That is sukuti!

However, hold your thoughts right there! Surviving these harsh conditions might make it look less appetizing but trust me, put in a recipe together as a achar (side dish in a pickle form with tomatoes) or a soup, it tastes Yum Yum. Some people prefer consuming it directly also (like my mom), from those available in packed forms for commercial purposes. Thes are spiced enough and crispy to grind…Don’t worry, they are put in oven. So, are safe to consume. (Just in case if you are wondering, it’s uncooked..)

My mom is super fan of Sukuti. Especially Sukutiko achar. It makes a great starter and a duo with Alcohol. (Well that’s what she says). Be it tongba/ chhyang/ rakshi (home made liquor) or whisky/ brandy/ wine (whatever that comes in bottle, may be fizzi drinks too).


Tough and chewy, that’s how the local ones are, and that’s how she thinks sukutis should be like. (Sometimes, i can’t help but think, if my mom was a jaguar or a croc in her previous life..Have you seen on the documentaries, the amount of force these killers exert on their jaws? They can crush human skulls and can devour everything down to pieces . Nasty things, i tell you. Of course.. i’m not implying my mom is a predator here..Never..  😉 ).

As for me, and of course Dad, we like our sukuti soft, just enough cooked in a way that it doesn’t lose it’s texture but still manages to release that peculiar taste. And yeah, if you have brittle teeth sets too,  better go for softer ones. You don’t want to chew and chew and chew like 10 times and fall asleep right there, without ever enjoying it. Do you?

(P.S- You can use any meat to prepare sukuti. Red meat. I don’t know if anyone ever has prepared sukuti of chicken. Wonder how would it taste? But, in Nepal, never ask for Beef meat! Never! It’s a National Animal of the country. And prayed as a sacred case you did not kno)  

My Favourite Nepalese Foods!! Part 2.


Yup MOMO!  And as good as the name has a ring to it, believe me, the taste is equally good, infact better.

(My current status and usual status)

It is the most popular dish among kathmandities. And there are no streets in Kathmandu, to my knowledge at least, that won’t serve you a delicious plate, be it a local restaurant, cafeteria, hotels or street vendors. Of course, nothing tastes better than ‘home made momos’. But, for that, you will have to wait for a big gathering or some sorta family reunion, where everyone participates in the cooking process. (The trend is big in Nepal. Invitation to ‘MoMo party’ is  a big YES always! )


And trust me, when i say it, every household in Kathmandu knows the recipe for ‘these dumplings’. However, many of us still prefer eating outdoors or ordering take-aways because  ‘gulping them quick’ is much easier than sitting down and ‘preparing them’. Stating the obvious fact. (No one likes to play chef when one gets to be a customer..Right? Atleast not me :))

So enough of that then. Lets start with, what is momo and how is it prepared? 

‘Momo’ is a basically a ‘steamed dumpling’, made either with vegetables or meat wrapped in  flour. Ones like Chinese dumpling but much smaller in size. That  reminds me to mention, the dish itself may not be a of ‘Nepalese origin’, though’ where and how did it flourish in Nepal is definitely an answer i am looking forward to know.

So, preparation of ‘Momo’ is a two step process. 1) prepare the wrap and 2) Make the filling.

Question is, how do you prepare the wrap? Well, make the dough by usual process, mixing water with flour and kneading till the consistency is right. Do i need to explain more??? Oh well..Pound the flour, squeeze it and press; time and again with your heels firmly on it, back and forth, till the flour is soft, elastic and smooth.. So when you are done, poke it, does it spring back? If it does so, and also maintains it’s shape while you leave it lying on the rolling surface, then bravo! The dough is perfect and ready to be used anytime. Take a small portion  now, and roll it into a small flat disc, gently with a rolling pin. There” the wrapper is ready too.  (Reminder, that portion is just for one dumpling. You have 10 dumplings in a plate for one person.)



The second step is to make the filling. If you are vegetarian, you can prepare fillers with onions, cabbages and neutrellas. Infact anything, you want the fillers to be prepared of. And if you are a non-vegetarian like me, mix meat (any meat of your choice) with onions, cabbages, salt and spices (according to your taste).  And by now, i will have to trust that, when you are putting together the fillers, you were smart enough to grind the ingredients  in the blender.  Because, remember, it’s a STEAMED dumpling, you don’t want under cooked chunks. 

Now, once your wrap is done and fillers are ready. Fill the belly of wrap with the fillers and knot the wrap, gently at top. Make sure it is enclosed from all around the corner while you do so. (Traditional momos are usually cooked closed, other types may be open style like pic below. The openings are to add the sauces). Now steam them for 7-8 minutes. And serve, while the aroma still fills in your senses and the momos are still  hot with juiciness, just boiling over their surface. I suggest something as simple as a  tomato soup to go with it since it blends in perfectly with the taste, trust me. But, if you are thinking otherwise, any other sauce works great too.



Personally, for me, the perfect time to have momo is in ‘Winter’ or a ‘Cold chilly Rainy day’. Imagine, taking a bite through it’s soft supple contours, when the bun finally gives in to your demanding hunger. Imagine that moment, when the steam inside the wrap, puffs into your nostrils as a ‘give away’ sign to you, releasing into your mouth the mixed savouries, the flavors of all, that it was steaming over with. And now, picture yourself, watching  the vapour, escape from it  blending in with the thick winter fog to nothing infront of your own very eyes, while the taste of it lingers in your tongue wanting more and the pits of your stomach gives  the deepest gratifying nod..



Nepal is a very small country. Now imagine how big is the capital city!! Yes, I was raised there. But unfortunately, like you folks who travel around majority of time and know every inch of your land from north-south, i don’t know. Lets just say, I was brought up like a ‘frog in a pond’, you might as well put it as a ‘frog in a bucket’ because, that is how limited my knowledge of geography about Nepal is.

i colori del Nepal

i colori del Nepal

But i sure can flash a torch light on things, i found interesting about living in Nepal. Of course, being one of the poorest countries, you do not have all the privileges available. And for a non-Nepali citizen, living in Nepal can be next to torture. Talk about pollution, crowded and dangerous transports, load shedding and etc etc. There are lot of issues!!

However, as i was raised there in such circumstances..i pulled through pretty well. I do not mean ‘such circumstances’ as in we are ancient, too backward on development and cut out from world. i mean is ‘Modernisation’ is patchy. Like geography itself,  lifestyles widely differs.

Here is my own personal list about ‘what i love about living in Nepal’. Hope you will like it.

1)The Scenery-Nepal has complex geographical structure. The valley itself, is actually shaped like a ‘saucer‘ with hills surrounding it from ‘all around’. Can you imagine looking at the hills from your terrace while you bid the sunset goodbye? Yeah that is how it feels 🙂 Its especially amazing in  september,october with Himalayas in clear view.


2) Great places to escape within miles from valley- Tired of everyday routine? Frustrated? Want a fresh breath of air. No worries. Just a little outskirts from city, half an hour ride around, are amazing places to chill. Want to go trekking/ sight seeing or just a peaceful place to have deep conversations with. There are plenty of those. Just make sure,you have  a right friend so you don’t get too carried away in peacefulness though 😉



3) Adventure in an affordable budget- Yes you read it right!! If you still want to go further than the valley? No problem. I tell you, you don’t even need to be loaded with cash to travel around Nepal. Just get one of those schemes with friends and go safari on chitwan or boating on pokhara or hiking to Rara or on a jeep ride to Mustang! Those places are amazing!          (Honestly,I have only been to few of those places 😦 But i plan to start my world travel tour from there ^_^!  )



Still feel more adventurous? Then you can go ABC camp or even climb the Everest! What do you think? But then, that’s gonna cost..


Sagar Bhandari

4)Always something to learn– One of the most appealing thing for me about Nepal is cultural diversity. As you travel along, you get to meet people from different ethnicity and culture and traditions. For me,it’s like meeting a whole new person from a different country,every time i meet someone outside my ethnicity. There is so much to talk about starting from food to dresses to cultural beliefs..and many more.


5) Candle light date- This 5th on the list is definitely different than all i have mentioned above.  And yes, it is kind of irony, that we have so much load shedding 14-16 hours a day sometimes in Nepal, despite it being the second richest country in water resources. But, it is how it is. And yes we did have to survive without internet and fully charged cellphones many times.  However..for many of us, it actually gave us good memories.  How many times do you have a candle light date? Ask us and we will tell you ‘Countless’. hehehe.

annapurna post


What i love about Nepal..

You should have..


You should have left me alone.

You should have never picked up my broken heart.

What good did it make to us?

You are cut and

Your drop of blood stains my crystal clear pieces.

I am hurt and

All I can see is the remains of my shards still pierced,

Deep into your skin, craving for your comfort.

Here you are and here I am now,

We both walking away

‘clouded’ in our conscience..

With our sore memories of fruitless encounter,

Threatening us in thinking in our heads

‘Perhaps love was not just meant’


Should have left me alone.


Should have listened, should have known..

Rainy thoughts..


Its amazing how human beings can bond and break. One moment they are everything to you and the next moment they don’t even matter. One moment you are holding hands together and the next moment,even being in close proximity is suffocating..fuming with toxic air. 😤😤

But, i suppose that is not always the case. Some relations regardless ‘what you name them’ are ageless, spaceless and boundless.

Have you ever had one like that? May be it’s the one with your bestfriend or with that oh-so-special person of yours. A type of relation where you fight, you swear on, where you get hurt but you forget and forgive. May be not forget entirely but forgive ‘Yes’. Why?? Because, at the end of the day, you know it’s you who needs them and without them, you would be lost.



Our feelings have changed now. We aren’t what we used to be..I remember excatly what he used to say ‘ you show up late L, but i know, you will always show up’..

(Sigh…) He will never say that to me again. He will never be hurt now when i don’t show up or if i show up late. But deep within me, i still know we are connected. When i cry, he’s still the first person i call. Not that i plan to..but i do always, to hear him explain to me that things will be alright. He soothes me. When i am happy, i still want him to be happy for me, to participate in my victory. Not that i plan to, but it’s a reflex. He adds so much more to my happiness. And because i know, no matter what my achievements are, he will always be genuinely happy for me.

My friends say what we have is ‘nameless’ after all what we couldnot have. And it is selfish of me, to not let him go. But they don’t understand ‘I can’t’. Despite how we ended, what we had was, what we will never lose.  There was more than love for us in those moments, there was respect, understanding and an unshakeable friendship. The remains of which i still want to preserve. Because, he was and still  is my family.No matter where we end up, he is still home for me. And i will always have my open arms for him.


I don’t know..what is right and what is wrong. Do i feel like i am tying him up with my insanity. May be yes. But all i know, at the moment is, relations like what we have and what we are is  ‘one in million’. I will never let go, no-one can make me, and i will never let him ‘let go’.(( Can’t always reason feelings can you??May be that’s a beauty of being human. We are so complex 😋😋))

Regardless, What we have is ‘Ageless, timeless and boundless’. I will fight to keep it. Will you fight to keep yours?? 😊😊😊

xo xo.

Late night thought



Sometimes in life, even though we wish and we want something to really work, we have to call it quits. Because..reality is cruel. And reality is, we can’t budge a step forward unless we close the old doors behind. Whether it is giving up on an abusive relationship with a husband with whom you are still madly in love with or leaving that job, that you never got good at. ‘Calling quits’ is ‘not failing’, it’s just a smart choice.

Yes.’What if?’ will always be there. Either you take a chance or leave it. But taking many chances on the ‘same thing’ and getting still stuck with taking more.. is foolishness.
You can help a baby make a decision, but for an adult ‘ you are rational enough and liable enough for your own actions. So, If you are chosing to be the victim, it’s your call. It’s your life.People have individual traits sadistic, masochistic all sorts of.May be you got one in you.

But If you are chosing to live, live it simple and be happy ..close one in one quit and open yourself to the door of many uncertainities.

Nobody said life is easy’ it will never be easy to call in ‘quits’ but sometimes in life you have to. Some stories make to pages some get lost along with sealed lips. But if you make it less will be more happy than sad,this  i can promise to you.

Keep it simple.
Xo xo.

Mid Life Crisis!

My mother is on her late 40s and she is experiencing what we term medically as ‘perimenopausal symptoms’. This basically means, she is approaching a time of having permanent cessation of her monthly cycle. Now, for many of us ‘the women, of course’, an idea of having years free of those crampy abdominal days would mean ‘YUPIEEEE‘ BUT unfortunately, truth is, getting rid of those hormonal days is  more bothersome than living with it.


keyword suggestion


When menstruation ceases, you are kissing goodbye to your beauty hormone ‘estrogen’. And with estrogen, you are saying farewell to soft supple skin and all the youth glow you are now enjoying. On top of that, you are also losing  it’s protective effect on your bones leaving you prone to suffer from a condition called ‘osteoporosis‘. (weakening of bones then resulting to fractures)

No wonder, everyone is panicky when they reach that point.

We are a chaos at home now. Like all peri-menopausal women, my mom is  having Mood Swings. She is constantly irritated and bombarding at us at petty things and emotionally labile, crying for no reason. For me, i understand she is having hot flushes and all those frustrating physical symptoms but for Dad it is taking a toll.



Women will cope their ways. I don’t know how men cope when that happens.

Personally for my future husband i advise, stay away from me before we wreck the house. Take extra shifts on job, go to fishing whatever you have to on the weekends, to avoid the tension. Better take night shifts on the week days too, so when you get home you are tired and sleepy at day. That way we will probably have a chance for saving our family till the tide crosses over. what do you think??




My mom is lucky, she got a patient husband 🙂


3 Day Challange (Quote 3) :)

Long ago, i was nominated by Miss  Irish  for  3 day challenge (Her link Gone with wind.  ), in which i was supposed to be posting 3 of my favourite quotes for continuous 3 days. But…the third one took me a long time to post (secret-i forgot..sshhhh hahha) because, obviously getting a right quote is difficult. 😉

So here is the third one, coming after months and months.. which will be followed next week by a fourth quote. (The one that got selected to be postponed for now. And i tell you, it was  ‘tough decision’ to  decide among these two which was better..)


Great! Isn’t it?

Many times in life, we are drowned with guilt and self accusations. ‘Why did i do this and why did i not do that?’ These endless questions never seem to go away, no matter how far we run. Because where can we possibly run from ourselves?

Would it help to know..Things happened, because that is what we exactly wanted at that moment of our life? Whether, we had an idea that this would happen or  we didn’t, because we were too oblivious of the future. It was always up to us to make our choices and we made  our pick.

So, to think now, it didn’t work out doesn’t mean ‘we weren’t happy or we didn’t make the most out of it or we didn’t try to stand up for our picks’. It just wasn’t meant.  Hold your head up..And  Never blame, Never Regret.  ”Be proud, you made a choice. And you stood up for what you wanted.”

P.S- link to my 1st( Quote 1.) and 2nd quote (Quote 2.  ) 🙂

Love what you have.

You know some people are just.. so annoying. Like me! 🙂

Given there is a leak in the roof, i will start assuming the whole grumpy cloud is following ‘just me’ everywhere because God has planned it that way   and has decided to make my life miserable..suddenly somehow.  And so i slouch on couch firmly believeing  ‘i shouldn’t go out because i am having a bad day’..And i complain the whole time that i am wasting, sitting on it, telling on couch to whoever that passes by, about how it too.. is being against me today by not being comfortable enough… YUP. STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE ME. 😉   



So, you got me..  i am a complainer. I like having one to one conversation with God, where obviously he is the silent partner and has to hear everything i have to say. I can be preety mean with my words but he made me say there ‘I am forgiven’. (I read God controls everything..apparently not my mouth). hehe

What were we talking one and one about then? well you know basically rantings like, how i am the only one helping dad with hospital visits and coping mom’s  mood swings while rest of my siblings are just stuck on popping their eyes on iphones and being careless about their future ahead. And how stupid and retarded i am and how emotionally freak i can be sometimes ..and idk all the things  basically girls complain about i guess. And, YES,  it was going smoothly..God was not complaining back at me and i was going as  fluently as possible .



Then, i got a call from my cousin. She told me, that her only sister had committed  suicide leaving behind her 2 year old son and she was really depressed at the moment. And that she felt alone now and  didnot have any faith on having good days ahead or  God.  I was shaken. ‘Not to her again’ i thought. Her only sister was now gone, she had  lost her mother when she was really young and her father had died like just 5 years ago due to brain tumor. What could go worse?

I couldn’t say anything, except that it would be alright. And even though i don’t know what God is because  i just complain to him like chatterbox, i asked her ‘to have faith and that better days are yet to come for her’. Nothing else, because.. in that moment i realized how blessed i am. I just wanted to say to God if he was still listening to me, that ‘I am grateful of what i have. I may not have a perfect family  but it’s all that i ever wanted and all i will ever wish to have in my life.’ Although, i did have lots of questions like ‘why is it that always good people suffer? And murderers, rapist and all those criminals are making their life,living fly till 80s and 90s?’



But that will have to wait. Tonight, all i want to say to him  is ‘I lOVE AND  I WILL ALWAYS LOVE WHAT I HAVE. THANK YOU’. 🙂

Live to the fullest!

Watch this inspirational video with Nicholas James ‘a man without hands and limbs’. This made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. While being more motivated and appreciative of what i always had and have all along ‘A good health and a normal life’. How many of us has taken these for granted ?  Hats off to the amazing man!!

It’s a great speech to start the new year with..What do you think?

Watch, listen and learn from struggles of people who had been to the pit,yet survived and are making through life with FIREWORKS. 🙂

Nicholas James Vujicic ‘man without limbs’