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Ok i will.’laira jumps out with excitement, reaching out  for the drawer.

‘Before you say anything. I don’t want you getting out of your bed till you are completely fine. And definitely not making any plans with her for going out and staying over’. Her mom makes her statement ahead, lifting the empty mugs while preparing to leave the room, sure that ‘going out’ was what her daughter had in her head at the moment.

‘But Mom, i am done with high school. I want to relax  and hang out with friends for few days’

‘I am not saying you can’t. But not now, while you look like this.Wait a few days. I don’t want you catching flu again. And laira’ even though you are done with high school, house rules will still stand. You cannot stay out late after 8pm

‘Why not? It’s not like i am going to be staying out late everyday. Just sometimes’.laira protests, disbelieving, how her mom was still aiming to keep her house bounded for rest of her life.

‘ I am sorry, i am not as cool  parent as your friend keisha’s mom is but that’s how it is. Live  with it’.

Laira rolls her eyes and frowns. She stomps back to the sofa, throwing her jumper  at the bed, trying to make her own non-verbal statement.  ‘Manners please!’ her mother hisses,giving  her a concerned look one last  time before she leaves for  work.

‘Oh well, surely the crow was a bad news in the morning’ laira rants, looking out the window, as a raven flys by to the gray gloomy sky of london.




‘Laira!!! Where were you??’ keisha’s high pitched cry almost makes laira jump out of her bed in panic.

‘Damn my reflex..’ laira curses herself, picking up the phone from floor.

‘Where have you been?I have been trying to get to you for three days now! Do you know how worried i was?’ keisha fires, with no intent of stopping for her breath.

‘Oh..i was down with flu’ laira mumbles, trying to fill in the pause, keisha had graciously provided,for her to  make a reply.



‘Down with flu? Can’t believe you didn’t tell me..i wanted to come and visit but i am scared of Mrs Nelumboo. She doesn’t seem to like me very  much.’

‘That’s not true Keisha. She likes you.’

She would, if i cover all my skin and walk with sweaters and pants’ keisha remarks. Then giggles on other end of the phone, knowing that what laira was telling, was an impossible lie to fake.

‘May be then she would like you more..’ laira chuckles too. Keisha was her best friend and none’s opinion counted when it came to Keisha, not even her Mom’s..

‘So everything aside. I got a very important thing to do for you laira’ Keisha adds.  I know you just got back from flu and stuffs. But you are not sick anymore. So you got to do this for me and for everyone’s sake ok? I am depending on you for this party to be a big sucess.’

Do what? What party? And how many times do i have to tell you keisha, breath in between, when you talk. It’s hard to catch up with you’.


Oh Sorry sweetie. I just got too  excited. I have so much to do and with you down and noone around to help me much with great ideas. I am having anxiety attacks. Wait a minute!!what??? Don’t tell me you don’t know about the party. What party? As in? You do know, i have a birthday next week? Don’t you?’ Keisha lashes over the phone.




‘Er..Yes’ laira replies, hesitantly after a moment , unsure, scratching her head.

I can’t believe you forgot your best friend’s birthday again? How could you?Anyways the main point is. I am throwing a party next week. And i want you to invite your two hunky friends.’ Keisha throws in bluntly.

‘What? Who hunky friends?’ laira asks, puzzled.

‘The one on white and the one on black. Ofcourse! Who would i be talking about?’ keisha frowns. ‘Do you see any hunky guys around worth my time?’

‘ I can’t’ laira answers instant. ‘What would they think of me Keisha?’

‘They are gonna think, you are much cooler person to hang out with, then what they thought of you initially!!’. Keisha exclaims in reply. ‘Come on laira. You have been hiding them to yourself for too long. We need to know them too. Especially me. I am your best friend. Beside,lets be honest,  your into Yanjas.  There isn’t any possibility you will date either of them, is there?’

‘Surely Not’. laira blushes.

‘Good. In fact, it’s better. So have you been seeing them often lately? Because we need to come up with a plan to invite them in my party. Knowing you, i know you can’t just ask?’

‘Who said we? And why will i do that keisha? It’s absurd.’ laira tries to reason her insane friend.



‘Hm. You are right. Better to be anonymous for my exquisite first impression huh?  Good idea! You do the invitation’.

‘What? No….’

‘I am your best friend Laira. You are suppose to drink a bottle of poison for me if i asked you to. Like i will for you’ Keisha answers disappointed to her reaction.

‘What? Are you crazy?’ Laira shrieks, startled.

‘Ok.. Ok.. May be i over exaggerated. But you got to bring them to my party laira. I have a thing for Sebastian. Help me. PLease’.

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A Raven perches in the balcony of laira’s room.

‘Soosh..soosh, fly away’ laira’s mother Mrs Nelumboo makes an annoying noise clapping both her hands to scare the bird.  ‘kaw kaw’,it makes an angry sound, hovering above her head making 2-3 circles before it leaves.

‘Why are you making so much noise early in the morning mom?’  laira asks, waking up lazily, covering her ears with the pillows.

‘Nothing dear. Just that bird. Been seeing it, perched on this  balcony for quite a few days now. So, I was trying to drive it off’.

Why? It’s just a bird. Must have a nest near mom.‘ Laira questions,yawning, pulling up her hair to make a messy bun.

‘True. But not just any bird laira. It’s a crow. You know, how i feel about crows..’ Her mother answers in a concerned tone, handing her a mug of hot chocolate drink.

‘They bring ominous news. Beside, they live in flocks. It’s rather unusual to be seeing one out of it’s roost at this season. And nesting here, that also alone.’

‘Seriously’ laira throws her mother a disbelieving look.

‘Why are we having a talk about some bird early in this morning?  So what if it is a crow? Don’t be so superstitious Mom. They are birds. They have wings, they can fly and be anywhere they want to be at’

‘Beside i don’t suppose English crows bring ominous news ’. She giggles.

‘I suppose’ her mother smiles too.  ‘May be i am overthinking..’

‘But from where i come, crows were called the  messengers of death and bad news. I grew up believing the tales your grand mother told me about them. So don’t blame an old school for believing in stuffs she was taught to believe in’.

‘Nope. I don’t blame you. I blame grand-ma, for all her scary stories.’ laira responds instant, remembering that, she had to be in good terms with her mom today no matter what.

Dosen’t matter what she says, my answer has to be  yes..Make her happy and you will get to be happy when you step outside of this suffocating apartment’ she adds in to her mental note.


‘Thank you’ Mrs Nelumboo pats her head with delight.

While laira sips in her hot chocolate drink eagerly, Mrs Nelumboo watches her daughter eat a proper food after long time. Quite relieved to see her appetite back to normal after back and forth periods of ill helath, she questions.

‘ I am concerned  about you laira. Are you okay? You seem so tired and drained of energy all the time nowdays. Is it about the gap year dear?’

‘No Mom’ laira replies, still busy, slurping on her drink and taking a large bite of her morning sandwich, simultaneously.

‘If it is dear,then i  don’t want you to  worry. I promise you, it’s just this year. Next year, we will have enough saving for you to start on your university. Your Dad and i have talked about it’. Her mother adds again

‘I promise it’s not that’ Laira reassures her, this time more clearer. ‘ I ‘m actually glad i am taking a gap year.That way, I will have enough time to think which sub i want to pursue with’

‘Then what is it? There is definately something wrong with you nowdays’

‘I don’t know. But.. I feel all right. I just had a bad flu. Nothing to be worried about’.

‘All right. If that’s what you say’ Mrs Nelumboo finally gives in.

‘Oh that reminds me. Your friend Keisha called in last night. I didn’t want to wake you up, so i told her i will make sure you call her back after you are up. Your cellphone is in the drawer. Check there if she left you any messages.’

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my candylove

‘You are more of human than you are of us’ Sebastian recalls Devin’s spiteful words, as he tries to maintain a firm eye contact with his image on the glass. Although this was one thing he never commented on, Sebastian knew deep inside, this was his truth. Like he knew, given an option he would have preferred the other way around. But, this  did not mean he hated his human self nor loathed the race. He rather preferred  being on the neutral ground, in a balance which however was proving too difficult for him  to obtain..  And of course, there were those bits of tight knots he had never opened to anyone. The seed that had planted the disparity he felt on his chest on the first place. Those clutters of  baggage of his own he had been carrying for long.  And to add to that, tales of human’s thrive for power,greed and absurdity of their decisions  never felt too impressive to brag about.

Slowly, the reflection  starts dissolving and an entire different scenario appears infront of Sebastian. The mirror now,  reveals to him, a familiar cosy looking room, with a white flowery wallpaper on it.  A jingling of the   windcharm  by nearby window,gently sways  to welcome his accustomed peer. Lying  in front, fast asleep in comforts of her bed snuggles laira. One reason, his  weak human self was beating him for.

Sebastian leans his face against the mirror, knocking his head gently to it, to and fro. His mind playing and replaying to him, the scene with laira and Raven sitting by the roadside, on the rain. Their first kiss he had witnessed. The thought of it flooding in his mental anguish..the feeling of a third wheel, an unseen unwanted individual desperately wishing to be seen.  

The site of  iv cannula on one hand now, starts dripping  blood on the white carpet, fully soaking it red. Unaware, Sebastian slowly starts tumbling  down to the floor,  his thoughts still venturing on deserts lost.  A weak painful smile spreads across, before his eyes closes in, hiding away his crimson lens that were lightly  blurred by the hue of sadness.  ‘Goodnight’ a painful effort escapes his lips, before being knocked  out cold on the floor. A fighting breath that wanted to assure, laira will be on his side no matter whose path she decided to choose to be with.

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Sebastian shakes his head in agony, at the thought of what he had witnessed. He pulls off his thick iv sets that nourished him with fresh blood from both the arms carelessly and then, weakly standing on his feet reaches out to the opposite corner of the room. His gait still unsteady, his feet trembles on touching the floor, almost giving away to his balance. Finally, upon standing in front of the  large antique mirror, he gives in, pressing himself on the mirror for the support and sitting down.

While he does so, his reflection looks at him scowling,as if  he had never seen the man who was staring back.

Vampires never had their own reflection and Sebastian always found funny that he had one. His father often said ‘this made him special from others’ but to Sebastian it made him feel more like an outcast. Nevertheless, he had his wing constructed with more than handful of mirrors, for it reminded him of his weakness, his flaws and kept him checked of his actions. The mirrors grind ed on to his senses the truth,  that he was born different..he was never going to have complete control of his thirst.

Sebastian sighs remembering the last incident where his demons might have snapped. Reminding himself it should never happen again, at least not for real, he focuses his stare back at the mirror.  The reflection continues to scowl at him, fixing his hawk eyes on his blue lens, furrowed forehead and pale skin. Oh.. how he hated his papery pale white..bloodless and lifeless skin.

However, having reflection did not always mean disadvantages to Sebastian. It had advantages. And he purely enjoyed showing off these  traits. Unlike other vampires, who depended on those around them to tell,  how they looked. Sebastian never had this problem. He would often check out himself in the mirror and made sure his complements to self was heard, loud and clear, till one of his cousin twins  ‘Devin’ or ‘Vincent’ let out an annoying roar and smirked at him.This was his secret pleasure. Also that, having reflection meant, he could blend in among humans anytime. And it was far more helpful than any skills he had, to feed his curious mind.

‘Half-blood’ was Sebastian’s category. In common word ‘Muddy blood’, that’s what vampires called when they met a mix like him. Not to his face of course, except for his own two hate-loaded cousins he had (Devin and Vincent), whose hatred  was open and out, like their father Zeroch’s was..  

The truth was, Sebastian was not an exception either with reflection. There were thousands half bloods in his land and many more across the realms. All, had their own reflection and all were every bit similar to Sebastian, as he was with them. Only difference was, Sebastian had a royal blood and he lived far more privileged than those that were born like him. Half bloods,  otherwise, served for military and as labourers on fields, exploited for their  strength and often kept under surveillance like prisoners for their fear of  uncontrolled animal instincts. An instinct, Sebastian now too was very well aware of.

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‘Get out of my head!’ Raven shouts thunderously, pushing Sebastian away,forcing his  palms against his chest.  Thrown out in the midair, Sebastian lands painfully with a thud, his back  against the wall, with  the wall  crumbling down to rubbles because of the sheer force he exerted on it. ‘Shit’ he moans, coughing out blood, before passing out.

Bright beam of white day light gleamed over his face when Sebastian opened his eyes. Lazily, he rubs his heavy eyelids for a clear view and finds himself staring at a familiar ceiling, the one that always brought him comfort to look at. It displayed painting of a woman in a white floating gown amongst a garden of beautiful colored roses  with white clouds on the background of clear blue sky. Sorrunding the potrait, were statues of angels carrying harps and baby cherubs on plays, almost like floating gliding out from their  vault. This was the painting of his mother, his father had worked on for many years, an exact replica of which he had made on Sebastian’s wing as well.

Every muscles on Sebastian’s  body now ached, drained to last drop of their energy in the ‘memory travelling’ phenomenon, that had occured. His bones were broken at many places and judging by the pain he was now suffering from  on his chest, his heart had barely survived the impact. He might have pierced it with one of his broken ribs and ended his ‘forever’ in the mercy of few minutes, hadn’t the chips of bones missed, impaling the whole length of his muscles. But here he was, alive.

Tightly shutting his eyes, Sebastian tries to recall the events that he had witnessed. He had no excuse to ask of Raven who he knew was certainly very furious of  his insolence behaviour. Why would he not be? Secrets were secrets for a reason. And now he knew Raven’s, although he had never intended to forcefully learn out of him in the first place. He did not have a clue how he got there even..how was he going to explain? Raven would never understand. All he rememberd now was that scene ‘that painful last memory’ of Raven as a human. A body of flesh and scars. Vulnerable, weak, lost and alone. Drenched out in the rain, soaked, casted out like a street dog, holding a gun in his hand and lying lifeless near the sewers.


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Ok children dinner is set ‘ Amberine calls out , once she  has cleared the cake and replaced the space with eloquent silver dishes. ‘Roasted chicken, bacon, potatoes..crispy ones, chicken soup and strawberry pie!!’Rose screams with delight after smelling the aroma in the air, stressing at the pie in the end. ‘All correct my dear. You love the pie, don’t you? Well today is special day for our special family pie‘ Amberine chuckles.

The family then, join their hands together to say their prayers. ‘Clitter clatter’ the sound of forks on plates occupies the stillness of the room for next few minutes. Then, ‘Ah..’ a cry of agony from Raven’s father makes it stop. With his face flushed, he immediately reaches out for napkin and dabs it over his shirt, where he had accidently spilled over his soup. ‘Are you alright honey?’ Amberine asks aloud, when she sees him leave in haste to the kitchen. ‘Yes , back in a moment love’ Raymond replies.

It’s ok. Have your soup Rose. You know it’s our family recipe too. There are more than 10 herbs in it‘ Amberine assures her daughter, who now sat still, with a corncerned look, trying to figure out the commotion in the room. Once assured, Rose lightens up and remarks ‘I love the soup!’ with excitement gleaming in her eyes, holding the spoon up on the  air.  Hearing her, Raven forrows his eyebrows with disgust on his face. ‘How can you even drink this thing Rose?’ He pinches his nose.

Because it smells good brother‘ she replies, slurping another spoon again. ‘Take yours too, before it gets cold Raven‘ Amberine cuts the conversation sternly. ‘It’s our tradition to drink it. Beside it’s good for your health .I am waiting for your father, once he comes we will drink too.’she adds. Raven frowns looking at the soup,gulping his throat. Then he  stares at Rose unbelivingly, when she asks for another serving, having readily gulped the whole soup while still hot.

Fine‘ he mutters unpleased after a while. ‘I will go check on father first’.

Sebastian who had been a passive companion all the while,listening to their conversations, stands up too. A strange feeling kicks him in, urging him to follow Raven, like something ominous was about to happen . An eeirie feeling..

What is that?‘Raven asks spotting his father holding a small brown bottle, that looked like a medication container once in the kitchen. ‘What??’ Raven’s father, turns around looking horrified to his son. ‘i mean that’ Raven asks again, pointing at the bottle innociently. ‘Are you taking medication for something?’

Raymond stands frozen and looks at his son vacantly, as though he is in trance for a while. Then slowely kneeling infront of him, his expression now changed to that of grief stricken old man, he answers ‘It’s poison son. And i was thinking what it is doing in our kitchen’ rolling the bottle on his fingers.

Raymond, Raven’  a shrill cry of Amberine from the dining room alerts their senses before Raven could reply anything. ‘It’s Rose..she is not breathing’ she  wails frantically,, shaking her daughter vigorously in her hands, upon seeing them. ‘What happened?‘ Raven hears a sound, his father made asking his mother, but everything then blurrs . He couldn’t tell what she replied or what they were talking about now.. He couldn’t hear a thing, neither could he see what they were doing to Rose. All he knew was his sister was not moving, not breathing and his tears were blurring his vision, his heart was pounding like they would give in any moment now and his legs were shaking..’What did i tell you? Get the ambulance!!’ his father’s firm grasp on his shoulder jolts him off his thoughts, off the darkness that was shallowing him. ‘Yes‘ he replies sullen, before mechanically running for a dialer, like this was a race  he must win.

Sebastian stands astonished. Even he had not seen it coming..although his hunches were giving him directions all the while. Nothing was unexpected. He knew the story to some extent, he just hadn’t witnessed it first hand. There was a diffrence on hearing and experiencing it.. A sharp twang in his heart made him feel so. He wasn’t sorry for Raven, he wanted to cry for him..He was feeling every bit of pain, his little heart was feeling now. It was hurt, it was hurting him and nothing in the world was going to make it go away. No today he was not sorry,  feeling sorry was never going to heal him.

Sebastian stares at Rose who laid still, tightly gripped on her mother’s arm. Her lips were tinged bluish, aside that, she looked  very much alive, like she was sleeping warm, fooling everyone around her. But, it was fact that she was dead. The realization hits the painful string in him again. He couldn’t hear her heart beat anymore, not even at the arms length distance he was sitting at. This was the last of Rose and how he wished they had met at other circumstances.


















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A flash of uncle Zeroch’s face displays , forced out of his own memories, in front of Sebastian. Half his face severly damaged by fire, the poor man always wore a mask to hide his unsightly side. A great deal of his misfortune and the incidence of the castle, he openly blamed on his only nephew without hesiation. ‘Its because of you and your human heritage’ he hissed, often with no motive to hide  his hatred  for him. And although it was just one eye that Sebastian needed to worry about, the other eye being a false one on replacement for the lost eye..the stare he gave was enough to make Sebastian’s heart shiver .  A half, completely destroyed, with  large popping doll’s eye that moved around in all directions even while he slept; the man looked as frightening as the character out of the horror movie. And, the white fibrous edges of his muscles randomly bridging his frontal bone to cheek bones and to the jaw bones with hollow depression inbetween them, added to his repulsive features. Just by grinning, his appearnce ensured, nightmares would follow.

Sebastian slowely unlocks his fingers from the pole at the thought of that terrible Rrmishap happening to him.And if this was going to occur and he was going to die somehow here, he wasn’t planning to  go easy without a fight as well. ‘ A death of honour ‘,was a prestigious decree that he didnot want to be robbed of..  Infact, for creatures like him, who had limitless time to dwell in their hands, nothing mattered more than ‘honour’ and above all honours, an honour of death’ was the most valued. It was a pride they boasted for generations. So, for Sebastian to embrace death, it would have been nowhere, except for a battlefield, fighting for a cause or at the end of his silver jubilee century, embracing the morning Sun.

Called as ‘kiss to death, only The Count’himself, his great great grandfather had survived that long to make it to the history among all the immortals that walked on the realms. With noone to challange his throne and no one standing up victorious on  one-one combat with him, he had lived for ages and ages, a time scale perhaps no historians death or alive could have traced back to.This was his heritage of birth in ‘The Royal Blue’ family. And as a half blood, he was expected to atleast follow the age old  pursuit of honourable death.

Sebastian takes cautious steps to the window inside the coach again, exhaling a long breath. Beads of sweat leaves his forehead and his heart starts pounding back to the annoying noise. Carefully examining around, he lets his cat’s eye glow in the dark, one more time and magnifies his binocular vision.  What?? he exclaims.  Was his brain playing tricks on him? Was he finally going insane? Because, what he was seeing now was entirely different to what he saw then. He was sure there were barbed wires and the sparks of fire hitting the ground but now, it looked as though his fears had been for nothing. He adjusts his binocular vision to get a clearer view. This wasn’t an ordinary train and those weren’t the bare electric lines…Those were neurons ‘the brain nerves’.  Thousands of  them bundled together, firing electric impulses..recalling, reprocessing and rearranging slates of memories in Raven’s brain. The very  fuel,charging his  travel now to the deepest storage section of memory files, perhaps, back to the origin of the reaper himself. Sebastian stands shocked.

No sooner had he discovered it, the train comes to a stop with screeching cry of it’s tires against the metal tracks. Unsure what to do, he stands still while the floor beneath him moves around slowely. Within minutes , the metal platform is replaced  by a thick red antique carpet and the walls of dimly lit coach is substituted by brightly lit white walls.  Infront of him, he sees a dining table neatly set. The beautiful china clayed plates are out, forks and knives are placed on sides. A double layered white forest cake with fully riped cherries on top sticks out in the middle, holding a  card on its base.  Curious, Sebastian picks the colorful card. Inside, tiny dots raised together compactly and haphazardly filled the whole length. It didn’t take long for him to guess who the card was from and why.  The person despite his amateur effort to print the braille neatly had spent hours on drawing the cake so meticulously detailed that any blind could hav excatly described the cake infront him, without having seen it.

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This time, Sebastian finds himself trapped inside a  locked compartment. A box like compartment what looked like a coach of a very  fast moving underground train to him, only that he was travelling alone.  Confused, he  adjusts  his night vision allowing it to glow like a cat’s eye in the dull light and  looks out of the windows. Nothing.  All he sees are the inside walls of dimly lit tunnel  wired on either sides with high volt bare electric lines emiting blue rays.

Noticing one of those  wires  now producing  a bright yellow spark, Sebastian backs off the window alarmed . One minute, he was surfing in Raven’s memory and the next, he had somehow  teleported himself inside an underground tunnel  that was  ‘in a verge of explosion’ any moment.

Nervous , he feels his legs go limp and throw him out of the balance before  grabbing the pole for safety. Then he roughly runs  his fingers across his hair and finds himself staring at the windowpane in disbelief. An image of a man dressed in white suit with a  blue handkerchief neatly tucked on his front pocket stared back at him, petrified, knowing his worst nightmare was coming to life.

Vampires had always been scared of sparks. Spark meant fire. Whether it was a cable spark or a spark by thunderstorm or a spark as simple as those produced by humans by rubbing  two stones together. They were afraid.  A notorious tale of an old vampire castle being set on fire and killing thousands of their kinds  still circulated around after a century. It haunted dreams of many who had survived the tragedy. And Sebastian was also one.

Why were they scared of fire? Sebastian never had to ask. He knew the answer himself. It was to do with inability to regenerate once you had been burnt. Fire was known to  denature the proteins inside vampire’s cells as much as it did to human beings and other warm bloods. Once the cells were fixed their capacity to mould was limited. ‘Moulding’ was the  principle of regeneration of body parts in vampires, ‘a secret to their Immortality’. No moulding cells meant, death was better outcome than to be alive. There was no worser faith than living eternity with a crooked deformed body like a half melted  plastic bottle. ‘Good at nothing’ as vampires said. Therefore, bullying wasn’t just limited  to school or a few years, it was for life.

Ofcourse, fire did not completely restrict the ability to regenerate. The regeneration  was there but often  incomplete and was known to  leave ugly scars on the survivor. Sebastian carried his mark, a charcoal black charred back.. between his scapulas extending a palm length below and at sides that often reminded him of  his narrow escape. His father, who had saved him from the fire had also endured a burn but much severe on his left hand. The regeneration attempts for him had  terribly gone wrong, unlike Sebastian who had miraculously managed to  heal almost completely. However at the end, the claw like hideous hand had brought major advantages  on close combats to Sebastian’s father, being used as an armor shield, popularly called ‘the claw beasted king’ among the peasants.

Sebastian dreaded the thought of being trapped in the fire. Being blessed with supernatural strengths, the limit of pain for him was indeed  far below than that of regular humans. And should the train  explode and it promised him quick exit he had almost nothing to worry about. He didn’t care if his guts and flesh scattered, got burnt and deep fried even. What scared him was,  Vampires rarely died. Their blessing was their curse.

Because, as long as a vampire had a beating heart intact in his body, every cell made an attempt to regenerate even to the most extreme forms. Sometimes,  only to break away in midway,  leaving gaps between the arranging muscle fibres, exposing their inner organs or the bones . And other times worser than that, a creature so different that looked anything other than the beautiful supernatural creatures they were.  And this was an unacceptable faith to Sebastian.

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Laira had come to a stop infront of familiar figure now. Raven sat infront of her on white half sleeved shirt and navy blue pants with a head  buried inside his arms in the side walk.

‘Don’t cry’  she says with caring soft voice, reaching out to him with an umbrella, protecting him from the heavy rain that was suddenly downpouring.

Sebastian  dashes under the tree to take  a shade. He sits down uncomfortably on the wet ground, stretching his long legs with his sore muscles against the concrete road  before leaning his back  on the tree trunk , only a distance away from them.

He then looks at the boy who still  buried inside his frail arms, oblivious to presence of his company and lovingly throws another glance to the  girl  sitting next to him, corncerned and patient. This was laira, the girl Raven was in love with..

The girl I am in love with..something inside him whispers.

The angry drops of falling rain beats the ground as the two souls silently observe it throwing tantrums . Sebastian watches  the rain dig the puddles in the frail earth beside him while cleaning away the black topped road infront of him.

Its only matter of own’s will to let someone break you. Isn’t it?  what are the possibilities that these rain drops  will break the concrete?’

The hissy fits of  heavy rain continues. It masks away  occasional sobs of Raven’s with its own unpleasant rantings.

Finally the clouds clear away leaving behind an open blue sky. Warm beam of white light penetrates through, casting its spell on just rejuvenated petals of flowers and the leaves.

‘Why are you here?’ Raven asks once his storm had settled, nervously, his head still refusing to leave away protection of his arms.

‘Because, you were crying’  laira replies in a caring but hesitant tone.

‘No I was not!’ Raven retorts instant like a snob he was. Then he hastily turns around, reaching out  to pick up a handful of pebbles from the flower pots across the white wooden fence lining the playground. One by one he tosses them angrily  to the other side of the road. After emptying  more than half, his anger gives away, his face softens  and he starts feeling guilty . ‘Sorry’ he breathes out in  a low murmur.

Taken by his sudden apology, laira sits still staring at his puffed eyes and flushed cheeks with imprints of fingers  running across them extending all the way back to his ears, before replying ‘Its all right’ in a soft voice.

‘You are the last person I would have wanted to see me that way’ Raven adds, avoiding her eye contact realizing that she was tracing the imprints that shamed him..

‘You don’t have to be, not with me atleast’ laira replies. Raven  manages to throw a weak smile at her.

‘Where were you last night and day before that?’ ‘What were you doing?’ ‘Were you spending your time with your bestfriend?’ Raven had asked, when his mother had showed up infront of the gate, supposedly after two nights away.

‘I was in a buissness trip. I called home but the phone line was dead. It was an emergency meeting so I had to leave  Raven. What’s wrong with you? Why are you speaking like this?’ his mother had answered in a worried tone.

‘No the phone line is not dead. You are lying on my face. Why don’t you admit it you were away with that man. You humiliate us! I am ashamed to call you my mother!’ Raven had lashed out, mean words shooting out of his mind without a second thought.

‘Pat’ ‘Pat’ ‘Pat’ She had snapped. All her suppressed anger inflicted upon her son in those momentum of seconds.

Then Raven had stood frozen. His mother too had fled the scene disturbed by her own response.

‘Raven’, ‘Raven’ Laira had to  shake him vigorously clutching his arms tightly till he was back to the conscious. However, as soon as he was back to himself, he had jolted away flashing her a traumatised look with his tears running endlessly down his cheeks.

‘Don’t worry Raven. Your secret is safe with me’ Laira makes a promise, recalling the incidence trying to assure Raven, the whole event was only between them and there was nothing to worry about. Raven barely flinches. He looks sceptic, lost inside his depth of thoughts. She could tell he was embarrassed and wished she was never there on the first place.

if only you knew it dosen’t matter..’.       She pecks on his cheek.

Its catches Raven by surprise who runs his slender fingers on his cheeks to feel the wet skin and throws Sebastian off his thoughts. He blushes and  smiles nervously  before pecking her back softly  in her blushing cheek and replies ‘Thank you’.

Sebastian stands abruptly after pulling off his head out of Raven’s thought. They were getting as erratic as his thoughts were now. He was surprised, he was pleased, there were hundred of thoughts that were flooding into Raven’s brain but so was in his. A part of him was genuinely happy for what  had just happened but a part of him just wanted to run away from where he was standing. He felt unsettled and on the edge.

This was their first kiss and he would never forget it, no matter how much he wanted to.


Entwined 22 :)



(Noisy long breaths..)

Sebastian gasps, his face flushes to red with agony. Who knew a vampire as pale as him could afford rosy red  cheeks.

He reaches out to his neck desperately trying to remove the object  that was suffocating him. To his surprise, there are none. He breathes harder and swallower, heavy gushes of wind driven forcibly in and out from his mouth, feeling like being hauled over by plastic bag.  All in vain.

The room starts spinning round and round like a whirlpool, once again. The objects in the room including the bed, the table and the chair join him. The pages in the notebook he stacked sometime ago, flies in close, missing his forehead by an inch. It separates and releases hundreds of  images of black crows flying like an angry flock freed from a cage, crowing relentlessly around him.

Meanwhile, Young  Raven’s voice resonates in the hall,  repeating  ‘my mother is evil’ like a mind controlled puppet,  in the background.

One by one, big screens of Raven’s memory appears infront of Sebastian. Scenes of his conversations  with  his father plays  like an  old cassettes of movies.  Similar scenes follow,thousands,  countless, floating..

Sudden stop with a strong jerk on his body. Nauseaus. Weak.


Sebastian now finds himself standing on a black pitched empty road.

He lays out his hand to feel the gentle drizzles of rain on his palms .  The drops hits his skin before they pass through invisibly on it. Feeling amused how he could still perceive the cold drops on his transparent hands, Sebastian chuckles in irony.

Then, mustering all the little energy he could afford, he takes a step forward, grunting at spasmodic pain, his hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscles were enjoying inflicting on him.

‘Could this get any worse? Talk about badly choreographed movie..’ he mumbles, straining again for another effort to pull himself out of the road.

‘Raven…’. A voice calls.

Sebastian knew this voice. He holds his marching step with only his front heel touching the ground and turns. The mere sound alone made the depths of his soul feel at ease and  jump with excitement.

Wearing a frilly frock  stood  Laira with an umbrella, a  few feet away from him. Excat copy that she was now, although a lot fairer.

‘Something about that red…’ Sebastian remarks, pausing to stare at laira for a while.

‘oh yes..It pairs perfectly with her pink cheeks..’he monologues in admiral. His joy flashing visibly in his wide grin.

However, as Sebastian continues to fix his looks in adoration at laira, the vibrant red of her umbrella changes its image to satin red scarf in his pupils. It floats on air above her head , gradually replacing its reflection on his blue lens with bright blood red flare .

Pupils now contracted, yet still  maintaining their crimson blaze , Sebastian’s gaze follows  laira walking across the road, to the pavement then coming to a halt.


He stands stiff for a while, barely breathing himself, aroused by the heightened senses he was suddenly experiencing..like a kick to his system. A kick of ‘primal instinct’.

He  twitches his ears now attentive to the sound, like a hound on a trail and listens carefully to the  lure of inhaling and exhaling of laira’s breath, (Thump..thump..thump..)her  heartbeat and    (Swish.. Swish..Swish….) the soft rumbling of flowing blood in her system….all that he could perceive, crystal clear like never before.

Giving in to euphoric trance he was now in, Sebastian lets out a pleasant moan escape his breath. ‘Hush…..’ . The surge of power was a bliss to feel.

‘Go..!!’  He opens his eyes and tenses his muscles, clenching  his teeth to make a sprint.

‘Ah..’ . A painful prick   and he snaps.

Blood had now started dripping from corner of Sebastian’s lips into his white shirt. His fangs had ejected themselves to a pointy hypodermic needles from his canine sockets, piercing it.

Running his fingers across it hastily, Sebastian stares at horror seeing them stained with blood. He then widens his jaw exposing his fangs , slowely  retracting them back to his  canines. Once back to their sockets, he runs his tongue across his lips, sealing his wound as he does so, tasting the saltiness in his blood. Then confused, he  locks his eyes at laira’s face, who had now come to a stop infront of a familiar figure he knew.