You should have..


You should have left me alone.

You should have never picked up my broken heart.

What good did it make to us?

You are cut and

Your drop of blood stains my crystal clear pieces.

I am hurt and

All I can see is the remains of my shards still pierced,

Deep into your skin, craving for your comfort.

Here you are and here I am now,

We both walking away

‘clouded’ in our conscience..

With our sore memories of fruitless encounter,

Threatening us in thinking in our heads

‘Perhaps love was not just meant’


Should have left me alone.


Should have listened, should have known..

The Song.



The song played,

distant in the eerie silence of the night.

It resonated in the walls of the hall

‘The music of melancholy’.

Emerged, the damsels, dancing in its hypnotic tune

swiftly, graciously floating in the blades of the wind.


Their toes only landing soft on the floor almost as feathers

Their skin glowed of selestial beauty

Their lips, filled with charisma


Their eyes, however.. mourned with compassion,

drowned in perpetual grief.


Curtains down,

still so elegantly fell off their veneer..

Applauses and praises drummed thunderously,

words of angels, the roars of the beasts.

In the blanket of the darkness, then, broke the shrill cries of

teethered souls..shreds of shattered dreams.

Still dancing

‘in the melody of melancholy’

the hearts of damsels with hideous scars

carved painfully by long forgiven sins.

Have you felt that way

dark-girl-horror-imagesHave you ever felt so bare that you fear a gentle hush of wind could peel your skin

Have you been afraid to know the limits of insanity and mess you have been holding

Have you felt  a sense of panic yet a surge of freedom rush your veins when you confront this person with all what is left of your darkest soul

Have you been afraid not for broken heart but fears that if you lose this person you will  always feel hollow

Have you felt the worst of you creeping out, like its been suffocating too long ..pretending good

Have you wanted a person to love you, yet not judge you, for not wanting to be with them with unnecessary bondings

Have you loved and wanted it to work all the way to see your happily everafter, even though you think fairytales dosen’t make sense

Have you tried your best to work things out for years and then realized you were never supposed to be working that hard when it’s you missing out on your everyday

Did you have a soulmate not the one you would marry but you can feel with every fibre of muscles in your thumping heart.. know that he/she will be your happily after, like a genie is to tutu is for the prince..even though the concept its self is so sad

Are you ready to suffocate yourself, suffocate this person: the other soul, because you know  what you own if you let may never have again

Are you willing to let your cards on the table and play the vicious witch, waiting to strike one sided bargain..

Are you the one thinking..may be its okay to swim along the seashore as long as you hide your heart back in the could break again and again but you are only fooling.. your heart would be somewhere safe and secure’

Can you imagine married ..smiling for a family picture..with silver lines on your hair..holding hands with your partner and your children who perhaps never knew who you were..and you find yourself  dialing a familial number..who perhaps will never be on the reciever end

But above all, are you willing?? Because its a gamble..gut is all it takes to start the game.

If you do..welcome in..we are only humans after all. Let yourself feel the depths of your pits..only with a little twist’ with more than just a heart at stakes.



Love is more beautiful that way.



I wince with pain

Somewhere inside heart aches

But I won’t allow tears to fall

No..No because

You never wore and you will never be my mistake to regret.


Uncover me, I’ll let you all along

In a hope you wil let me uncover you too

Removing your veil..coming out of you secrets

Out of your blues..


Ah it hurts..i let out a long sigh silently inside

But I smile, feeling pleased knowing you find joy

Dismembering me.. piece by piece

In a want to belong..somewhere safe and at ease.


Why not? Heart asks..Heart whines

Will you not hold the moment by?

No..i say, staring back at my mundane black eyes

Coz love is more beautiful that way..’

I will protect him..i will love him limitlessly..

‘the words I said’ that I will never understand myself.

Your presence.


Faint whispers in the ear, hums a sweet  melody

alluring me to stop and to listen to your footsteps

patiently.. cautiously..

following  me..


Sweet poison..the aroma itself is ecstasy

I hold in to myself, resisting these tempts

to dissolve in..

to fade in this thin air for a moment

and float into nothing..


heart flutters, heart skips

the sounds of the hooves are racing

I am breathing..

The ‘Breath of life’..a moment again

Of your presence,



Pure and unflawed

this magic of moment, let it be

Be frozen my love

In the ageless, the endless

beauty of these feelings..




How can chemicals be reasoned?

How can one stop the rampant thoughts of one’s own mind?

How can heart truly ‘love’ the one

Yet lust for another,in the same time

Late in the night, I wake up divided

Choice is clear but a want to make a mistake leaves me undecided

For to the one, I remain pure

My soul is white

For the other, my blood thrives

a sinner in me gives a wicked smile

How can chemicals be reasoned?

How can one stop the rampant thoughts of one’s own mind?

How can heart truly ‘love’ the one

Yet lust for another,in the same time


by korbox

by korbox

Gentle drizzles of rain

Wakes my sullen heart

Lost somewhere down in the alley

Through the narrow hallways

Yet at peace; that is surreal

Almost blind even light fears to enter these passages

Blood flows down the gutters

Leaving my body drained,under the veil of darkness

Cold, breezy wind caressing my torned out flesh lungs tries to fill in for every breath

Yet my heart thumps today

Awakened in blissfull experience

Pumping to keep life within my veins

In utter silence will I sleep tonight

Let at peace and desolation my soul cry

And then wander off till the ends of world

With peace of heaven engraved in my mind..

With a song..

of gentle rain’s lullaby…