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‘You are more of human than you are of us’ Sebastian recalls Devin’s spiteful words, as he tries to maintain a firm eye contact with his image on the glass. Although this was one thing he never commented on, Sebastian knew deep inside, this was his truth. Like he knew, given an option he would have preferred the other way around. But, this  did not mean he hated his human self nor loathed the race. He rather preferred  being on the neutral ground, in a balance which however was proving too difficult for him  to obtain..  And of course, there were those bits of tight knots he had never opened to anyone. The seed that had planted the disparity he felt on his chest on the first place. Those clutters of  baggage of his own he had been carrying for long.  And to add to that, tales of human’s thrive for power,greed and absurdity of their decisions  never felt too impressive to brag about.

Slowly, the reflection  starts dissolving and an entire different scenario appears infront of Sebastian. The mirror now,  reveals to him, a familiar cosy looking room, with a white flowery wallpaper on it.  A jingling of the   windcharm  by nearby window,gently sways  to welcome his accustomed peer. Lying  in front, fast asleep in comforts of her bed snuggles laira. One reason, his  weak human self was beating him for.

Sebastian leans his face against the mirror, knocking his head gently to it, to and fro. His mind playing and replaying to him, the scene with laira and Raven sitting by the roadside, on the rain. Their first kiss he had witnessed. The thought of it flooding in his mental anguish..the feeling of a third wheel, an unseen unwanted individual desperately wishing to be seen.  

The site of  iv cannula on one hand now, starts dripping  blood on the white carpet, fully soaking it red. Unaware, Sebastian slowly starts tumbling  down to the floor,  his thoughts still venturing on deserts lost.  A weak painful smile spreads across, before his eyes closes in, hiding away his crimson lens that were lightly  blurred by the hue of sadness.  ‘Goodnight’ a painful effort escapes his lips, before being knocked  out cold on the floor. A fighting breath that wanted to assure, laira will be on his side no matter whose path she decided to choose to be with.

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‘Get out of my head!’ Raven shouts thunderously, pushing Sebastian away,forcing his  palms against his chest.  Thrown out in the midair, Sebastian lands painfully with a thud, his back  against the wall, with  the wall  crumbling down to rubbles because of the sheer force he exerted on it. ‘Shit’ he moans, coughing out blood, before passing out.

Bright beam of white day light gleamed over his face when Sebastian opened his eyes. Lazily, he rubs his heavy eyelids for a clear view and finds himself staring at a familiar ceiling, the one that always brought him comfort to look at. It displayed painting of a woman in a white floating gown amongst a garden of beautiful colored roses  with white clouds on the background of clear blue sky. Sorrunding the potrait, were statues of angels carrying harps and baby cherubs on plays, almost like floating gliding out from their  vault. This was the painting of his mother, his father had worked on for many years, an exact replica of which he had made on Sebastian’s wing as well.

Every muscles on Sebastian’s  body now ached, drained to last drop of their energy in the ‘memory travelling’ phenomenon, that had occured. His bones were broken at many places and judging by the pain he was now suffering from  on his chest, his heart had barely survived the impact. He might have pierced it with one of his broken ribs and ended his ‘forever’ in the mercy of few minutes, hadn’t the chips of bones missed, impaling the whole length of his muscles. But here he was, alive.

Tightly shutting his eyes, Sebastian tries to recall the events that he had witnessed. He had no excuse to ask of Raven who he knew was certainly very furious of  his insolence behaviour. Why would he not be? Secrets were secrets for a reason. And now he knew Raven’s, although he had never intended to forcefully learn out of him in the first place. He did not have a clue how he got there even..how was he going to explain? Raven would never understand. All he rememberd now was that scene ‘that painful last memory’ of Raven as a human. A body of flesh and scars. Vulnerable, weak, lost and alone. Drenched out in the rain, soaked, casted out like a street dog, holding a gun in his hand and lying lifeless near the sewers.


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Ok children dinner is set ‘ Amberine calls out , once she  has cleared the cake and replaced the space with eloquent silver dishes. ‘Roasted chicken, bacon, potatoes..crispy ones, chicken soup and strawberry pie!!’Rose screams with delight after smelling the aroma in the air, stressing at the pie in the end. ‘All correct my dear. You love the pie, don’t you? Well today is special day for our special family pie‘ Amberine chuckles.

The family then, join their hands together to say their prayers. ‘Clitter clatter’ the sound of forks on plates occupies the stillness of the room for next few minutes. Then, ‘Ah..’ a cry of agony from Raven’s father makes it stop. With his face flushed, he immediately reaches out for napkin and dabs it over his shirt, where he had accidently spilled over his soup. ‘Are you alright honey?’ Amberine asks aloud, when she sees him leave in haste to the kitchen. ‘Yes , back in a moment love’ Raymond replies.

It’s ok. Have your soup Rose. You know it’s our family recipe too. There are more than 10 herbs in it‘ Amberine assures her daughter, who now sat still, with a corncerned look, trying to figure out the commotion in the room. Once assured, Rose lightens up and remarks ‘I love the soup!’ with excitement gleaming in her eyes, holding the spoon up on the  air.  Hearing her, Raven forrows his eyebrows with disgust on his face. ‘How can you even drink this thing Rose?’ He pinches his nose.

Because it smells good brother‘ she replies, slurping another spoon again. ‘Take yours too, before it gets cold Raven‘ Amberine cuts the conversation sternly. ‘It’s our tradition to drink it. Beside it’s good for your health .I am waiting for your father, once he comes we will drink too.’she adds. Raven frowns looking at the soup,gulping his throat. Then he  stares at Rose unbelivingly, when she asks for another serving, having readily gulped the whole soup while still hot.

Fine‘ he mutters unpleased after a while. ‘I will go check on father first’.

Sebastian who had been a passive companion all the while,listening to their conversations, stands up too. A strange feeling kicks him in, urging him to follow Raven, like something ominous was about to happen . An eeirie feeling..

What is that?‘Raven asks spotting his father holding a small brown bottle, that looked like a medication container once in the kitchen. ‘What??’ Raven’s father, turns around looking horrified to his son. ‘i mean that’ Raven asks again, pointing at the bottle innociently. ‘Are you taking medication for something?’

Raymond stands frozen and looks at his son vacantly, as though he is in trance for a while. Then slowely kneeling infront of him, his expression now changed to that of grief stricken old man, he answers ‘It’s poison son. And i was thinking what it is doing in our kitchen’ rolling the bottle on his fingers.

Raymond, Raven’  a shrill cry of Amberine from the dining room alerts their senses before Raven could reply anything. ‘It’s Rose..she is not breathing’ she  wails frantically,, shaking her daughter vigorously in her hands, upon seeing them. ‘What happened?‘ Raven hears a sound, his father made asking his mother, but everything then blurrs . He couldn’t tell what she replied or what they were talking about now.. He couldn’t hear a thing, neither could he see what they were doing to Rose. All he knew was his sister was not moving, not breathing and his tears were blurring his vision, his heart was pounding like they would give in any moment now and his legs were shaking..’What did i tell you? Get the ambulance!!’ his father’s firm grasp on his shoulder jolts him off his thoughts, off the darkness that was shallowing him. ‘Yes‘ he replies sullen, before mechanically running for a dialer, like this was a race  he must win.

Sebastian stands astonished. Even he had not seen it coming..although his hunches were giving him directions all the while. Nothing was unexpected. He knew the story to some extent, he just hadn’t witnessed it first hand. There was a diffrence on hearing and experiencing it.. A sharp twang in his heart made him feel so. He wasn’t sorry for Raven, he wanted to cry for him..He was feeling every bit of pain, his little heart was feeling now. It was hurt, it was hurting him and nothing in the world was going to make it go away. No today he was not sorry,  feeling sorry was never going to heal him.

Sebastian stares at Rose who laid still, tightly gripped on her mother’s arm. Her lips were tinged bluish, aside that, she looked  very much alive, like she was sleeping warm, fooling everyone around her. But, it was fact that she was dead. The realization hits the painful string in him again. He couldn’t hear her heart beat anymore, not even at the arms length distance he was sitting at. This was the last of Rose and how he wished they had met at other circumstances.


















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This time, Sebastian finds himself trapped inside a  locked compartment. A box like compartment what looked like a coach of a very  fast moving underground train to him, only that he was travelling alone.  Confused, he  adjusts  his night vision allowing it to glow like a cat’s eye in the dull light and  looks out of the windows. Nothing.  All he sees are the inside walls of dimly lit tunnel  wired on either sides with high volt bare electric lines emiting blue rays.

Noticing one of those  wires  now producing  a bright yellow spark, Sebastian backs off the window alarmed . One minute, he was surfing in Raven’s memory and the next, he had somehow  teleported himself inside an underground tunnel  that was  ‘in a verge of explosion’ any moment.

Nervous , he feels his legs go limp and throw him out of the balance before  grabbing the pole for safety. Then he roughly runs  his fingers across his hair and finds himself staring at the windowpane in disbelief. An image of a man dressed in white suit with a  blue handkerchief neatly tucked on his front pocket stared back at him, petrified, knowing his worst nightmare was coming to life.

Vampires had always been scared of sparks. Spark meant fire. Whether it was a cable spark or a spark by thunderstorm or a spark as simple as those produced by humans by rubbing  two stones together. They were afraid.  A notorious tale of an old vampire castle being set on fire and killing thousands of their kinds  still circulated around after a century. It haunted dreams of many who had survived the tragedy. And Sebastian was also one.

Why were they scared of fire? Sebastian never had to ask. He knew the answer himself. It was to do with inability to regenerate once you had been burnt. Fire was known to  denature the proteins inside vampire’s cells as much as it did to human beings and other warm bloods. Once the cells were fixed their capacity to mould was limited. ‘Moulding’ was the  principle of regeneration of body parts in vampires, ‘a secret to their Immortality’. No moulding cells meant, death was better outcome than to be alive. There was no worser faith than living eternity with a crooked deformed body like a half melted  plastic bottle. ‘Good at nothing’ as vampires said. Therefore, bullying wasn’t just limited  to school or a few years, it was for life.

Ofcourse, fire did not completely restrict the ability to regenerate. The regeneration  was there but often  incomplete and was known to  leave ugly scars on the survivor. Sebastian carried his mark, a charcoal black charred back.. between his scapulas extending a palm length below and at sides that often reminded him of  his narrow escape. His father, who had saved him from the fire had also endured a burn but much severe on his left hand. The regeneration attempts for him had  terribly gone wrong, unlike Sebastian who had miraculously managed to  heal almost completely. However at the end, the claw like hideous hand had brought major advantages  on close combats to Sebastian’s father, being used as an armor shield, popularly called ‘the claw beasted king’ among the peasants.

Sebastian dreaded the thought of being trapped in the fire. Being blessed with supernatural strengths, the limit of pain for him was indeed  far below than that of regular humans. And should the train  explode and it promised him quick exit he had almost nothing to worry about. He didn’t care if his guts and flesh scattered, got burnt and deep fried even. What scared him was,  Vampires rarely died. Their blessing was their curse.

Because, as long as a vampire had a beating heart intact in his body, every cell made an attempt to regenerate even to the most extreme forms. Sometimes,  only to break away in midway,  leaving gaps between the arranging muscle fibres, exposing their inner organs or the bones . And other times worser than that, a creature so different that looked anything other than the beautiful supernatural creatures they were.  And this was an unacceptable faith to Sebastian.

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(Noisy long breaths..)

Sebastian gasps, his face flushes to red with agony. Who knew a vampire as pale as him could afford rosy red  cheeks.

He reaches out to his neck desperately trying to remove the object  that was suffocating him. To his surprise, there are none. He breathes harder and swallower, heavy gushes of wind driven forcibly in and out from his mouth, feeling like being hauled over by plastic bag.  All in vain.

The room starts spinning round and round like a whirlpool, once again. The objects in the room including the bed, the table and the chair join him. The pages in the notebook he stacked sometime ago, flies in close, missing his forehead by an inch. It separates and releases hundreds of  images of black crows flying like an angry flock freed from a cage, crowing relentlessly around him.

Meanwhile, Young  Raven’s voice resonates in the hall,  repeating  ‘my mother is evil’ like a mind controlled puppet,  in the background.

One by one, big screens of Raven’s memory appears infront of Sebastian. Scenes of his conversations  with  his father plays  like an  old cassettes of movies.  Similar scenes follow,thousands,  countless, floating..

Sudden stop with a strong jerk on his body. Nauseaus. Weak.


Sebastian now finds himself standing on a black pitched empty road.

He lays out his hand to feel the gentle drizzles of rain on his palms .  The drops hits his skin before they pass through invisibly on it. Feeling amused how he could still perceive the cold drops on his transparent hands, Sebastian chuckles in irony.

Then, mustering all the little energy he could afford, he takes a step forward, grunting at spasmodic pain, his hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscles were enjoying inflicting on him.

‘Could this get any worse? Talk about badly choreographed movie..’ he mumbles, straining again for another effort to pull himself out of the road.

‘Raven…’. A voice calls.

Sebastian knew this voice. He holds his marching step with only his front heel touching the ground and turns. The mere sound alone made the depths of his soul feel at ease and  jump with excitement.

Wearing a frilly frock  stood  Laira with an umbrella, a  few feet away from him. Excat copy that she was now, although a lot fairer.

‘Something about that red…’ Sebastian remarks, pausing to stare at laira for a while.

‘oh yes..It pairs perfectly with her pink cheeks..’he monologues in admiral. His joy flashing visibly in his wide grin.

However, as Sebastian continues to fix his looks in adoration at laira, the vibrant red of her umbrella changes its image to satin red scarf in his pupils. It floats on air above her head , gradually replacing its reflection on his blue lens with bright blood red flare .

Pupils now contracted, yet still  maintaining their crimson blaze , Sebastian’s gaze follows  laira walking across the road, to the pavement then coming to a halt.


He stands stiff for a while, barely breathing himself, aroused by the heightened senses he was suddenly experiencing..like a kick to his system. A kick of ‘primal instinct’.

He  twitches his ears now attentive to the sound, like a hound on a trail and listens carefully to the  lure of inhaling and exhaling of laira’s breath, (Thump..thump..thump..)her  heartbeat and    (Swish.. Swish..Swish….) the soft rumbling of flowing blood in her system….all that he could perceive, crystal clear like never before.

Giving in to euphoric trance he was now in, Sebastian lets out a pleasant moan escape his breath. ‘Hush…..’ . The surge of power was a bliss to feel.

‘Go..!!’  He opens his eyes and tenses his muscles, clenching  his teeth to make a sprint.

‘Ah..’ . A painful prick   and he snaps.

Blood had now started dripping from corner of Sebastian’s lips into his white shirt. His fangs had ejected themselves to a pointy hypodermic needles from his canine sockets, piercing it.

Running his fingers across it hastily, Sebastian stares at horror seeing them stained with blood. He then widens his jaw exposing his fangs , slowely  retracting them back to his  canines. Once back to their sockets, he runs his tongue across his lips, sealing his wound as he does so, tasting the saltiness in his blood. Then confused, he  locks his eyes at laira’s face, who had now come to a stop infront of a familiar figure he knew.


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A sharp burning smell pricks Sebastian’s nose.

He quickely throws a glance at the fireplace worried, something must have caught fire. However, the fire blazes contained within the metal frame.

It dosen’t take him long to realize, what gave that peculiar odor. A  cloud of myst like before, was gradually enveloping him from below. He kicks off his feet but they wouldn’t move. Soon  they start feeling numb and  his whole body goes limp. The dreadful experience  returns , his vision gets dimmer and he starts swirling with everything around him..

Round..round..round..Sebastian closes his eyes tired and nauseasus.

The motion comes to a halt, like his freefall was suddenly  being caught midway in the air by the invisible ropes tied to his body. It jerks him with a strong force and vanishes abruptly, leaving him obnoxious and drained.

He now stood on a large  room with a bed placed on its centre, book shelves in one corner,a  closet on the other and  a table with  a chair arranged near its window overlooking a large beautiful garden.  Like other rooms on the mansion this too was empty. Only occasional chirps of birds from nearby tree  soothed its desolation.

Tightly closing his lips, Sebastian immediately pushes his fingers on his mouth to stop  from vomiting.

Wouldn’t want to do memory travel anytime soon..i feel sick..

Another sour water brass. His stomach does a painful flip. Making  a quick run for open window,he throws himself  against the wooden table.

‘Much better…’

The gentle hush of cold fresh wind hits his face, his nostrils and  calms his insides.

After a while, waking up from a short nap, Sebastian rubs his eyes. How long had he been asleep he had no idea. The sun was almost down now and was  casting his shadows unusually longer and impressively on the floor. But he felt refreshed, relieved his body was back to health, quicker and  faster to response like he was used to.

He lays back on his torso and reaches out for a hard cover notebook,  from  the stack of books arranged side by side neatly on the corner of table. Holding it over to his face, he  flips on the pages. All sorts of pencil sketched drawings of black Ravens birds stare at him with mean penetrating eyes from it.

‘Raven…’ Sebastian sighs , gently closing the notebook.



‘Your mother dosen’t love you’…

Sebastian  hears a firm voice of a man speak on corridor, behind the half open door, shortly after.He knew  it was Raven’s father. He had heard the man scream of fright and curse more than hundred times. Slowely tiptoeing to the direction  the noise was coming from, he peeks out from the door.

Standing next to his father he sees Raven, almost half his height, intimidated by the man’s presence with his head held low staring  into nothingness of floor. Sadness clearly  surfaced  on his innocent face.

‘She will leave us all alone and marry that man she calls her friend. She will take all of what we have and leave us to suffer.’

‘I tell you, she will be walking out on us anytime soon’

The bombarding of words and accuses  goes on and on..

‘Mother won’t do anything of that to us!’ he hears  Raven finally defend on a strong voice. But, somehow it didn’t feel right to Sebastian because he knew  Raven did not believe what he said when he said that. He was so used to Raven’s nature by now that he recognized  the tone Raven spoke with in  confidence but this statement surely did not sound like Ravens.

‘Tell me where she was yesterday and day before yesterday. Did she tell you where she went?’ Raven’s father  hammers,  flustering with anger now.

‘She is getting divorce from me. She will take both of your custody and force you and your sister  to live with your stepdad. And that won’t be good because I wouldn’t be able to do anything then’ he smirks.

Raven doesnot say a word.

He faces away from his father, diverting his attention to the closed door nearby. Judging by the corncerned look he gave, Sebastian was sure the room belonged to Rose.  He could see Raven was worried if Rose heard their conversation or not. If she did, it wouldn’t have surprised him because Rose had developed extraordinary sense of hearing and smell to compensate for her blindness. She could even hear Raven tear the the pages of his notebook from her room.

After a long while of one sided argument, Raven’s father finally rests his heavy hands on his son’s fragile shoulders and speaks. This time his tone much lower and more affectionate   ‘Son, I am not worried about you. You will get through, you always do but what about Rose?’

Sebastian on hearing that, grimaces with disgusted face.

Clearly the wicked man  was tormenting the child mentally and driving him against his own mother. It was on his nature to spot a wolf under the sheep’s skin. He knew by the look of the man’s face, that he triumphed over the control he owned on his son’s thoughts. If only he could get his hands into his throat and severe his foul speaking tongue..Sebastian grits his teeth.

Raven however stands frozen, speechless even  long after his father leaves, alone on the corridor. He continues to stare on his sister’s closed door, lost again on his thoughts.  Then  and there at the moment, Sebastian sees a flicker of what looked like a malicious beast on his eyes that was now  aroused after a long,long  slumber.

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It catches Sebastian by surprise on hearing Raven’s thought. Not the fact that he could hear whatever Raven was thinking but that his sister who had peculiarly beautiful eyes, was blind. It made him  wonder,  if he could have ever guessed that, had he not listened to his thoughts. This finally made sense, why the hall was empty and so spacious.

‘Rose’ he hears Raven call her, after a long  silence.

‘Have I ever described you what fire looks like?’he asks.

‘Yes. Brother you said, mostly it was warm like yellow but more  passionate like red..but sometimes its fiery red and extremely bright  yellow like anger is,  if I remember correct’ she replies gleefully looking at his direction.

‘oh did I say that?I must have forgotten then’

‘yes. You did.’

Sebastian senses the enthusiasm in her words as she spoke. He did not have to guess, to know, how she depended on her brother’s words, to draw images of an object into her own mind. His words alone were the bricks to a castle she was building in the air.

‘Donot ever hesistate  to ask me, whatever you want to know about. I can describe you..i will try my best. ok?’ says Raven, more corncerned now. His gaze fixed, with scrupulous attention to her eyes.

A soft side of Sebastian’s jeykll and hyde heart melts at that time. He bends forward curiously. Crossing his long fingers together with  elbows resting on his knees, he positions himself face to face with the boy.   Ofcourse  this boy did not have a sharper nosebridge and well defined jawlines. His chubby flushed cheeks and heart shaped face with plump lips made him look anything other than a full fledged  predator Raven was.  But, there was no doubt he was  Raven. As innocient as he looked he was going to be  a reaper, a cold soul who never forgave, never forgot and  perhaps never loved. A wave of sadness surges over Sebastian as he lets the grim thoughts overflow him, how he hated a part of his human heart that felt all these petty emotions.


‘How different is love from hate? Isn’t it a very thin line?’ Sebastian hears himself asking the boy ,who stood frozen infront of him, in the seconds of time, that Raven’s memory had preserved.

‘Resurrecting your father to punish..i understand.. but why laira?’

No answer, his words  drifts away unwanted  in the silence of the hall.



‘Brother’ the little girl’s voice interrupts Sebastian’s flowing thoughts.

‘ You have said that to me more than hundred times. You know I will ask you when I need to..’ her soft voice jingles with reassuring tone.

Raven smiles. His tearful eyes gives away a glimpse of his painful heart. She was his precious. No one in the world mattered. He would forever be there to protect her, to describe her colors, rainbows and butterflies that she would never see on her own.


‘However..’  Rose  pauses, narrowing her eye brows, looking closely on the fire.

‘The next door neighbour…You never describe me anything about her.I am curious’.

She pokes the dying  fire with metal rod, that pierces through one of the holes in the net like metal frame kept infront of it and blows a few times. Once the fire is settled and burning into flame again, she turns her head to Raven and casts him a questioning look.

‘Did words finally fail you brother?’

Raven coughs instinctively.

He coughs again  and  coughs even harder ,desperate to avoid the question. And strangely enough, to avoid the stare his sister was giving him, he takes a step back, stumbles and  falls to the cold floor with a loud thud.

‘Did you fall that hard on love, huh?’Rose teases.

‘I may be blind but I am no fool’ she adds chuckling, pointing her little forefinger on him.

‘Damn it!!’ Raven hits his fist into the palm of his hand, embarrassed and flushed. ‘Just tell me you like pretending blind..’. He laughs

‘I wish I could.’ She pulls her lower lids of both eyes, cupps  her cheeks with little hands making them look  protruding,then  sticks out her tongue and laughs too.

Sebastian listens to their conversation joyfully. Their heartful laughs,  echoes to him like wind charms in the emptiness of the room while  his lonely bystanding soul  soaks in  Euphoria, to have witnessed purity of love  in a form  that   he never experienced.

‘If only i had some one like that….’

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Standing  infront of the large family picture with a golden frame , hanging on  the middle of the wall, Sebastian finds himself  tracing the potraits of familiar faces of  a genuinely happy couple and  their children.

He recognizes the man as Raven’s father. It was no surprise,the man, now had the same face he had  at the time the portrait was made, despite being reborn several times. That was a perk of being reborn. Having same soul meant being the same person in every aspects..unlike reincarnation where ones  soul is free and one is born a complete new individual.

His hair jet black, combed to perfection with neat side parting that high lighted his strong browlines and sharp features, Raven’s father looked like a gentleman of means and appeal.  The man distinctly had some of the his son’s  looks and a smile that was hard not to fall for. Although, now much older than what he looked in potrait, age had been still been kind . For,  even with wrinkles,terrible bags under his eyes and white hair with patches of baldness, the man undeniably  looked good on his 60s .

He made Raven who he is..

‘How can one possibly know what changes a person? Could this man who looks so contended and happy enough to be with his family be so viscious so as to be a murderer himself?’ Sebastian questions.

But again, years of life near these beings called humans had taught Sebastian many things.. With them change was ineveitable. They always pursued what was unattainable, neglected what they owned and wandered in nothingness for pursuit of greed, lust and desires. ‘I want more’ had always been their universal motto for generation and generations since the cave man first appeared, he had read somewhere along the pages in his father’s observation notebook of humans.

‘Scums. No better than animals with useless brains. Can’t tame them..they wont be loyal, can’t love them..they can’t love. So just think and treat them as food ’ was what aunt phili always said to him, worried he might follow the footsteps his father followed.

Raven is not bad..he had argued once.

‘That’s because he is not  a human. He was born a demon’ she had snapped back .

He lets out a long sigh, steering away his eyes from the portrait of smiling man  to  the boy and to his little sister sitting near the fire place.

If only they knew what was coming in future..

Sebastian then  paces back slowely  and  glides to sit on a sofa nearest to Raven, he watches as  Raven’s memories slowely starts unfolding  themselves to him.

‘Brother, is not mom coming back home?’ Raven’s  sister asks, looking at the flames burning on the fire place.

‘No’ he replies. ‘She called in to say she has a important meeting with a client’

Raven stares at his sister’s preety angelic face and into her eyes. He could tell, she was sad and lost in deep thoughts  now, after hearing that, judging by  the patterns of light reflection  inside her large pupils, even though he could only see little from a distance where he was standing. It was integrated to Raven like a instinctive behaviour, to look into his sister’s eyes and  assess her thoughts  before he could say anything. Strange enough this  behavior he developed had helped him to cater to Rose needs even when she was a little baby and couldn’t communicate, while their own mother felt frustrated of trying hard to understand.

They were colored  light blue or perhaps light green, her eyes, no one could tell. But they were mysteriously beautiful and made Rose stick out in the crowd. ‘Feels like looking into stars when I see you smile’ Raven would often tell her,which were indeed true, for they sparkled like thousand fireflies kept together, bottled ,in the small world she saw.

‘If only Rose could see what fire looks like. If only she was not blind’

 Raven monologues sadly, watching her stare, vacantly at the fire with eyes that were blinking only a few times, seeing nothing but black all around her.     

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Sebastian stirs uncomfortably.

There is a mysterious aura around Raven, who is absorbed completely enjoying in watching his father moan of pain, without moving a flinch.  His aura, suddenly builds in stronger and takes a form of a fog that rapidly spreads. Sebastian takes a step back  unsure of the entity that was now rapidly evolving. However,  it soon engulfs him, trapping him inside the dark haziness. The myst burns his nostrils and stings his eyes. Soon after, his vision gets dimmer,  feets become numb and he starts to  swirl..like being caught in middle of hurricane.

Sebastian opens his eyes finally, what seemed like hours  later and finds himself standing in an elegant hall.

The moonlight that penetrates through the  large glass window casts his shadow on the thick red carpet placed over its well furnished wooden floor. In the far corner to the right where the moon beam refuses to reach, he sees a fireplace, with an orange red hue of bright flames burning . There on that corner , a shadow moves on the wall  with ocassional noise of clinking metals.

A girl’ Sebastian says to himself, noticing her long hair in the back.

He  quickly takes long strides to her, in a hope she might have some answers to his puzzle  but suddenly stops by the noise of approaching footsteps..

Sebastian gasps at what he sees next.

Infront of him stood a boy in his early teens with black hair and black eyes dressed in blue pajamas. Undoubtedly this boy, was  Raven ‘the traveller’ for Sebastian couldn’t  have mistaken those eyes, not even if he was placed in a class room of boys who looked similar.

‘Raven what happened?’he whispers bending low.

The boy however dosen’t answer. He looks at him straight, ignores his question and walks forward ,passing him through.

Sebastian flinches.

Something had happened to him. The realization now, gives him an unpleasant feeling  in the pit of his stomach. Because whatever that had happened, had made  him look transparent than a glass and weigh lesser than the air itself. In other words,he was invisible like a ghost.

He takes a long breath and moves uncomfortably pacing back and forth in the room.

‘Did I time travel? Or did I enter into Raven’s memories?’

It must be his memories because vampires can’t time travel into past..we have eternity ahead..he reasons.

The curse was to live endless tommorrows not to dwell into yesterday..he recalls the words his father said.

Finally pulling himself up together, after reaching a conclusion he was in Raven’s memories and not in his past, he reaches out to the girl, the boy Raven stood next to.

Upon coming close to the little girl,he examines her carefully.

The girl looked  like she was half the age younger than litte Raven was. She had white complexion with hair that was dark brown  and eyes light blue like that of Raven’s mother ‘the priestess’ unlike Raven himself, who had inherited most of his appearance from his father.

Siblings..he exclaims.

But what does this mean??

It still didnot answer why he was inside Raven’s head, where surely Raven would have never wanted him to be wondering around..

Sebastian scans the room like a hawk with his keen eyes from massive chandelier in the roof  to the large ancient looking golden  flower vases  kept on the doorways. For a hall that was as big as this one, Sebastian found it rather odd to be much spacious. There was nothing much in the room beside a red thick carpet laid on the floor  where he first stood, a fire place with  couple of large sofas placed around it and a piano standing on a far end nearer the window.

It reminded him of his room back at the palace that was as  empty and hauntingly silent as this hall was.

On the opposite wall, Sebastian soon notices picture frames  arranged in the top of the shelf that held large collection of books. He rushes to grab the pictures. These pictures  were Ravens. Excited at the discovery, Sebastian starts holding them one by one and observing them individually.

To guess Raven’s nature as a human when he was young ,looking at the photos was a difficult task even for Sebastian. In some he looked like an introvert boy weakly smiling for camera, in some he looked like being mobbed by boys and girls his age who adored him, in some he looked athlethic wearing a football jersey who was desperate to get the team a win while in some he looked silent and focused soul playing a piano.

These pictures to Sebastian were priceless. They reflected every moments his soul bonded brother lived as a human.They carried a story of his soul, days of his lives that he barely talked about. How he wished he was there to see them and protect his innocence from what he had now become.

Sebastian  clinges to each one of them unable to let go, while his eyes captured each of those images in his memories. One on particular he found it very hard to leave.This was the one  Sebastian voted his best.

In the picture, Raven was holding his sister in his arms. Still a fragile newborn then, she was placed neatly and securely wrapped in soft white cotton blankets against his small chest. With a   big grin on his face and eyes that looked like they had just cried Raven carried her proudly like a trophy he was eager to show off.

‘That’s priceless’ Sebastian comments to himself smiling back at the boy on picture.

‘Never seen him so happy all these time’ he sighs sadly.

Entwined 17 :)




‘ Sweetie turn back’ Sebastian says after a moment grinning from side to side of his mouth.

‘Tell it all ..to that  guy behind you. He has been standing here eavesdropping us for a long time’

Hesitantly laira turns her head back . She catches her breath, seeing yanjas look at her confused and shocked both at the same time. ‘Ah…’she stammers.

‘i can’t even think of a thing. .why does my brain do this to me everytime i need it to work???

watever..jus say something.. anything’ little devil laira pops, with a hammer and starts hammering on her head. ‘Just don’t embarass me anymore’ she cries.

‘Shoosh..’ says laira to her virtual little self, while Yanjas stood even more confused of her behaviours and both Sebastian and the traveler ‘Raven’ walked away leaving her alone with  ‘the special guy’.

‘He is going to break her..’ states Raven corncerned  telepathically, his face expressionless, eyeing the high school boy out of the corner of his eyes.

‘Yeah…’ sighs Sebastian  ‘And I don’t even like him’.



‘Why are you giving me so much money? Have you even counted it?’laira falters, holding to a basket full of crumbled money.

‘Oh please laira. I am not good at maths and Raven says he feels too lazy to count. Its just a basket of money. Its not even much..all you have are rolls of 20 Rupees on those’.

‘yes! But hundreds of them!Its insane!’ laira exclaims.

‘We have a whole box of money filled in here. Its ok for you to take that much. Its your fair share’ Raven argues, pushing back the box of money back to her hands.

‘I think I am overpaid for the day’

‘May be you are.. But don’t you have stuffs to buy like dresses or bags and things to do like rolling on bed with cash on? Heard those are all the stuffs girls like..’ Sebastian comments with an innocient face throwing a questioning look.

‘Um…’ laira flashes an awkward smile, not having a heart to deny him and obviously the truth.

‘Go off’ Sebastian gives her a gentle push behind her back. ‘Meet us Saturday. You got our numbers’

‘ok..’ laira runs inside her house excitedly holding the box filled with money. Tonight she was not going to sleep. She was going to carefully stack together all the crumbled piece of notes and count them carefully..



‘Why are we here?’ asks Sebastian, standing infront of a double storyed mansion, that looked like a haunted house out of horror movies, overlooking a window, what seemed like the only well lit room in the property.

‘A monster always seeks its creator whether by love or hate’ Raven replies, staring at the shadow of a man who seemed to be sitting, cooped up covered on blankets next to it.

He raises his hands and moves his fingers like playing a piano, which now seems to make the piano on the old man’s room actually play.

‘Astha…’ the old man screams and tries to run around the room restlessly. ‘Its that kid again he is here!!’ he shouts relentlessly.

Raven chuckles at the mischief he had just done. Sebastian smiles too.

‘Your father makes up a great comedian’ he remarks.

They stand up there watching the events silently like watching a movie on black and white show, through the window behind the curtains, enjoying every bits of what Raven’s mischief followed.

A shadow of lady appears next to the window,its  Astha, the old man’s sister.

They hear her calling the Hospital. ‘Hello I am calling for the emergency…’

Soon the ambulance arrives.  3-4 men rush Mr Rishak out of the house,strapping him on the strtecher, while he wrestles violently, begging them to let him finish what he started..killing himself.