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A sharp burning smell pricks Sebastian’s nose.

He quickely throws a glance at the fireplace worried, something must have caught fire. However, the fire blazes contained within the metal frame.

It dosen’t take him long to realize, what gave that peculiar odor. A  cloud of myst like before, was gradually enveloping him from below. He kicks off his feet but they wouldn’t move. Soon  they start feeling numb and  his whole body goes limp. The dreadful experience  returns , his vision gets dimmer and he starts swirling with everything around him..

Round..round..round..Sebastian closes his eyes tired and nauseasus.

The motion comes to a halt, like his freefall was suddenly  being caught midway in the air by the invisible ropes tied to his body. It jerks him with a strong force and vanishes abruptly, leaving him obnoxious and drained.

He now stood on a large  room with a bed placed on its centre, book shelves in one corner,a  closet on the other and  a table with  a chair arranged near its window overlooking a large beautiful garden.  Like other rooms on the mansion this too was empty. Only occasional chirps of birds from nearby tree  soothed its desolation.

Tightly closing his lips, Sebastian immediately pushes his fingers on his mouth to stop  from vomiting.

Wouldn’t want to do memory travel anytime soon..i feel sick..

Another sour water brass. His stomach does a painful flip. Making  a quick run for open window,he throws himself  against the wooden table.

‘Much better…’

The gentle hush of cold fresh wind hits his face, his nostrils and  calms his insides.

After a while, waking up from a short nap, Sebastian rubs his eyes. How long had he been asleep he had no idea. The sun was almost down now and was  casting his shadows unusually longer and impressively on the floor. But he felt refreshed, relieved his body was back to health, quicker and  faster to response like he was used to.

He lays back on his torso and reaches out for a hard cover notebook,  from  the stack of books arranged side by side neatly on the corner of table. Holding it over to his face, he  flips on the pages. All sorts of pencil sketched drawings of black Ravens birds stare at him with mean penetrating eyes from it.

‘Raven…’ Sebastian sighs , gently closing the notebook.



‘Your mother dosen’t love you’…

Sebastian  hears a firm voice of a man speak on corridor, behind the half open door, shortly after.He knew  it was Raven’s father. He had heard the man scream of fright and curse more than hundred times. Slowely tiptoeing to the direction  the noise was coming from, he peeks out from the door.

Standing next to his father he sees Raven, almost half his height, intimidated by the man’s presence with his head held low staring  into nothingness of floor. Sadness clearly  surfaced  on his innocent face.

‘She will leave us all alone and marry that man she calls her friend. She will take all of what we have and leave us to suffer.’

‘I tell you, she will be walking out on us anytime soon’

The bombarding of words and accuses  goes on and on..

‘Mother won’t do anything of that to us!’ he hears  Raven finally defend on a strong voice. But, somehow it didn’t feel right to Sebastian because he knew  Raven did not believe what he said when he said that. He was so used to Raven’s nature by now that he recognized  the tone Raven spoke with in  confidence but this statement surely did not sound like Ravens.

‘Tell me where she was yesterday and day before yesterday. Did she tell you where she went?’ Raven’s father  hammers,  flustering with anger now.

‘She is getting divorce from me. She will take both of your custody and force you and your sister  to live with your stepdad. And that won’t be good because I wouldn’t be able to do anything then’ he smirks.

Raven doesnot say a word.

He faces away from his father, diverting his attention to the closed door nearby. Judging by the corncerned look he gave, Sebastian was sure the room belonged to Rose.  He could see Raven was worried if Rose heard their conversation or not. If she did, it wouldn’t have surprised him because Rose had developed extraordinary sense of hearing and smell to compensate for her blindness. She could even hear Raven tear the the pages of his notebook from her room.

After a long while of one sided argument, Raven’s father finally rests his heavy hands on his son’s fragile shoulders and speaks. This time his tone much lower and more affectionate   ‘Son, I am not worried about you. You will get through, you always do but what about Rose?’

Sebastian on hearing that, grimaces with disgusted face.

Clearly the wicked man  was tormenting the child mentally and driving him against his own mother. It was on his nature to spot a wolf under the sheep’s skin. He knew by the look of the man’s face, that he triumphed over the control he owned on his son’s thoughts. If only he could get his hands into his throat and severe his foul speaking tongue..Sebastian grits his teeth.

Raven however stands frozen, speechless even  long after his father leaves, alone on the corridor. He continues to stare on his sister’s closed door, lost again on his thoughts.  Then  and there at the moment, Sebastian sees a flicker of what looked like a malicious beast on his eyes that was now  aroused after a long,long  slumber.

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It catches Sebastian by surprise on hearing Raven’s thought. Not the fact that he could hear whatever Raven was thinking but that his sister who had peculiarly beautiful eyes, was blind. It made him  wonder,  if he could have ever guessed that, had he not listened to his thoughts. This finally made sense, why the hall was empty and so spacious.

‘Rose’ he hears Raven call her, after a long  silence.

‘Have I ever described you what fire looks like?’he asks.

‘Yes. Brother you said, mostly it was warm like yellow but more  passionate like red..but sometimes its fiery red and extremely bright  yellow like anger is,  if I remember correct’ she replies gleefully looking at his direction.

‘oh did I say that?I must have forgotten then’

‘yes. You did.’

Sebastian senses the enthusiasm in her words as she spoke. He did not have to guess, to know, how she depended on her brother’s words, to draw images of an object into her own mind. His words alone were the bricks to a castle she was building in the air.

‘Donot ever hesistate  to ask me, whatever you want to know about. I can describe you..i will try my best. ok?’ says Raven, more corncerned now. His gaze fixed, with scrupulous attention to her eyes.

A soft side of Sebastian’s jeykll and hyde heart melts at that time. He bends forward curiously. Crossing his long fingers together with  elbows resting on his knees, he positions himself face to face with the boy.   Ofcourse  this boy did not have a sharper nosebridge and well defined jawlines. His chubby flushed cheeks and heart shaped face with plump lips made him look anything other than a full fledged  predator Raven was.  But, there was no doubt he was  Raven. As innocient as he looked he was going to be  a reaper, a cold soul who never forgave, never forgot and  perhaps never loved. A wave of sadness surges over Sebastian as he lets the grim thoughts overflow him, how he hated a part of his human heart that felt all these petty emotions.


‘How different is love from hate? Isn’t it a very thin line?’ Sebastian hears himself asking the boy ,who stood frozen infront of him, in the seconds of time, that Raven’s memory had preserved.

‘Resurrecting your father to punish..i understand.. but why laira?’

No answer, his words  drifts away unwanted  in the silence of the hall.



‘Brother’ the little girl’s voice interrupts Sebastian’s flowing thoughts.

‘ You have said that to me more than hundred times. You know I will ask you when I need to..’ her soft voice jingles with reassuring tone.

Raven smiles. His tearful eyes gives away a glimpse of his painful heart. She was his precious. No one in the world mattered. He would forever be there to protect her, to describe her colors, rainbows and butterflies that she would never see on her own.


‘However..’  Rose  pauses, narrowing her eye brows, looking closely on the fire.

‘The next door neighbour…You never describe me anything about her.I am curious’.

She pokes the dying  fire with metal rod, that pierces through one of the holes in the net like metal frame kept infront of it and blows a few times. Once the fire is settled and burning into flame again, she turns her head to Raven and casts him a questioning look.

‘Did words finally fail you brother?’

Raven coughs instinctively.

He coughs again  and  coughs even harder ,desperate to avoid the question. And strangely enough, to avoid the stare his sister was giving him, he takes a step back, stumbles and  falls to the cold floor with a loud thud.

‘Did you fall that hard on love, huh?’Rose teases.

‘I may be blind but I am no fool’ she adds chuckling, pointing her little forefinger on him.

‘Damn it!!’ Raven hits his fist into the palm of his hand, embarrassed and flushed. ‘Just tell me you like pretending blind..’. He laughs

‘I wish I could.’ She pulls her lower lids of both eyes, cupps  her cheeks with little hands making them look  protruding,then  sticks out her tongue and laughs too.

Sebastian listens to their conversation joyfully. Their heartful laughs,  echoes to him like wind charms in the emptiness of the room while  his lonely bystanding soul  soaks in  Euphoria, to have witnessed purity of love  in a form  that   he never experienced.

‘If only i had some one like that….’

Entwined 19 :)


Standing  infront of the large family picture with a golden frame , hanging on  the middle of the wall, Sebastian finds himself  tracing the potraits of familiar faces of  a genuinely happy couple and  their children.

He recognizes the man as Raven’s father. It was no surprise,the man, now had the same face he had  at the time the portrait was made, despite being reborn several times. That was a perk of being reborn. Having same soul meant being the same person in every aspects..unlike reincarnation where ones  soul is free and one is born a complete new individual.

His hair jet black, combed to perfection with neat side parting that high lighted his strong browlines and sharp features, Raven’s father looked like a gentleman of means and appeal.  The man distinctly had some of the his son’s  looks and a smile that was hard not to fall for. Although, now much older than what he looked in potrait, age had been still been kind . For,  even with wrinkles,terrible bags under his eyes and white hair with patches of baldness, the man undeniably  looked good on his 60s .

He made Raven who he is..

‘How can one possibly know what changes a person? Could this man who looks so contended and happy enough to be with his family be so viscious so as to be a murderer himself?’ Sebastian questions.

But again, years of life near these beings called humans had taught Sebastian many things.. With them change was ineveitable. They always pursued what was unattainable, neglected what they owned and wandered in nothingness for pursuit of greed, lust and desires. ‘I want more’ had always been their universal motto for generation and generations since the cave man first appeared, he had read somewhere along the pages in his father’s observation notebook of humans.

‘Scums. No better than animals with useless brains. Can’t tame them..they wont be loyal, can’t love them..they can’t love. So just think and treat them as food ’ was what aunt phili always said to him, worried he might follow the footsteps his father followed.

Raven is not bad..he had argued once.

‘That’s because he is not  a human. He was born a demon’ she had snapped back .

He lets out a long sigh, steering away his eyes from the portrait of smiling man  to  the boy and to his little sister sitting near the fire place.

If only they knew what was coming in future..

Sebastian then  paces back slowely  and  glides to sit on a sofa nearest to Raven, he watches as  Raven’s memories slowely starts unfolding  themselves to him.

‘Brother, is not mom coming back home?’ Raven’s  sister asks, looking at the flames burning on the fire place.

‘No’ he replies. ‘She called in to say she has a important meeting with a client’

Raven stares at his sister’s preety angelic face and into her eyes. He could tell, she was sad and lost in deep thoughts  now, after hearing that, judging by  the patterns of light reflection  inside her large pupils, even though he could only see little from a distance where he was standing. It was integrated to Raven like a instinctive behaviour, to look into his sister’s eyes and  assess her thoughts  before he could say anything. Strange enough this  behavior he developed had helped him to cater to Rose needs even when she was a little baby and couldn’t communicate, while their own mother felt frustrated of trying hard to understand.

They were colored  light blue or perhaps light green, her eyes, no one could tell. But they were mysteriously beautiful and made Rose stick out in the crowd. ‘Feels like looking into stars when I see you smile’ Raven would often tell her,which were indeed true, for they sparkled like thousand fireflies kept together, bottled ,in the small world she saw.

‘If only Rose could see what fire looks like. If only she was not blind’

 Raven monologues sadly, watching her stare, vacantly at the fire with eyes that were blinking only a few times, seeing nothing but black all around her.     

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‘Hey laira…closing up?’ yanjas  calls out running from a distance on his high school uniform.

‘Yes’ she replies.

‘Aw..its such a hot summer. Really wanted to try one of those..heard girls down the corner talking about the stall and..two guys’ he says panting, his hands stretched at elbow joint, bending low.

That would be us’ Sebastian smirks inside his head, waiting for chance to pawn at the boy any moment now.

‘Oh Sebastian..this is yanjas’ introduces laira, noticing his uncomfortable presence, looking at him stare at the boy in uniform. However to her dismay, Sebastian seems ignorant, unlike his usual kind self.

‘laira, you have only half an hour till we pack’ he says sternly. Then, storms away looking as elegant as he could have managed to, after proudly presenting himself  inbetween them, like the great wall of china.


‘Don’t look at her like that. You pedophile’ Sebastian chuckles, extending his hand to pass an icecream to the traveler.

‘She is so happy’ the traveler remarks ignorant of Sebastian’s comment, his eyes fixed at laira’s face,who was now sitting together with yanjas,  visiblly blushing.

‘Its obvious..she is crazy for that guy. And I don’t like it. ’ Sebastian remarks, frowning,  digging back to his icecream.

‘were you that crazy too?’ he questions after a moment curiously.

‘I was more than just crazy’ replies traveler, his eyes still fixed at laira.

‘She was 12 when I first met her. The new girl in the neighbourhood. Everyone wanted to be her friend. But she was just too shy. I liked her from the very first day’ he unfolds, as he tries to remember the events that happened, what now seemed like more than 100yrs ago.

‘And then I would wait to pass by  infront of her gate everytime she appeared so that I could talk to her. I was alone and so was she..’he continues.

‘And we did become good friends. And then one day I lost her’ the traveler pauses, like accidently reading a page out of a storybook he never wanted to know.

‘It was an RTA. Wasn’t it? Accident I mean, the cause of her death the first time’ Sebastian asks.

‘No’ the traveler shooks his head. ‘Even before that.. I lost her.’

‘Because.. I murdered my mom…’

the traveler lets out each of his words hesitatingly, slowely  and carefully, gasping for breath in between,utterly  scared to the very depths of  the pitch darkness this guilt made him feel inside.He clenches his fists and withdraws to the pain his sullen heart made him feel..curled up against the cold wall, covering his face with his hands while Sebastian looked mournfully at his guilty soul.

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‘Only two…’ laira shouts jumping with joy after a moment, presenting the icecream packs proudly to the traveler, who smiles back at her, hinting it was a job well done. Unfortunately for her though, it was the worst thing she could have said that day. Ghastly eyes now looked at her with anger and  hatred.

‘Curse you..’ she heard the girl at the back of the queue.

Oh no..that one looks like she will make my voodoo doll tonight ..laira gulps.

You heard the lady. We have no icecream to sell now. We are officially closed my dears’ Sebastian announces to the disheartened mob, who now were buzzing like angry bees, from whom honey had just been stolen.

‘We are thankful to all of you. Especially thankful to those who  devoted us such  precious time to stand on queue on this hot summer day and still managed to purchase our icecreams 5-6 times’.

‘And also we are very sorry to say that since we are new on the town, we donot have a proper contact address yet..to be in touch’ .

‘No…’the crowd moans with disatisfaction while Sebastian gives a fanciful bow as an sincere apology.

‘But ladies’ continues Sebastian. ‘As long as we remember each other everything is worth it. Don’t you think so?’ he winks, another one of charismatic outplay.

‘yes..we will miss you’ cries the overwhelmed cupid’s arrow struck crowd in monotonus voice.

‘And I always save best part for the last…’

‘I  know you had been waiting to hear him speak too. I present you,my younger brother..’he announces  taking traveler by surprise.

‘yeah..’ the Crowd applauds with excitement, grateful for new turn of events. Departing will be much easier if man in double black also had something to say, some lovely words perhaps ..they thought.

On hearing the announcement Laira, who had been busy packing stuff straightens up too. She is also curious to hear what  ‘the man of silence’ had to  say about today.


Noticing everyones eyes on him now, the traveler lets out a long sigh. He stops his cleaning chores, gently drops the cleaning cloth on the desk and throws  an uneasy smile. Sebastian smiles, locking his eyes with him, almost enjoying being threatened telepathically. However, the traveler  settles up to his mood after a moment, walks up to the front desk and clears his throat to address the crowd.

‘Never too old for icecreams’ he says, his voice deep with hypnotic enchantment.

‘Please remember this day and  remember us specially’ he adds, with  his lips curved to flash one of his rarer  exquisite smiles and eyes sparkling with affection.

Wooooo wwooo.. the crowd  thunders , from pindrop silence to a pack of werewolves  howling.

‘I might just collapse here’ the girl on the front screams

Entwined 12 :)



Its not that laira didn’t believe in luck. She did. She even believed that someday she would walk in..like literally walk in,into bundle of fortunes.

She had even thought of what she would do with all that money, starting with ‘sleeping in a couch full of money’ like that ‘richierich’ cartoon character had done in the show.  Next, she had thought of hiring a loyal assistant who’d all the maths part.. counting her money, making some good investments, letting her know how much profits they were making and most importantly telling her on day to day basis how rich she was.

‘Also I will need an assistant just for shopping’ she often humored herself, ‘someone who’d carry all my shopping bags while I am busy showing off my mean rich girl attitude’.

But as much as she wanted to believe, laira also knew it was ridiculous.

‘Hard work is the only answer. And even with that, you little girl will only make enough for your living’ her mother had  recently confronted her, shaking her off from those silly bubbles, for her own good.


Mom wouldn’t believe it.. if she saw what I am seeing now..

 fortune cookies!! Laira  yelps, dropping  her jaws, looking at the cash box that was now overflowing with money.

And they even doubled the cash of these icecream cones just half and hour later..none of us could pull that off ..she sighs, thinking of last time they had icecream parlour on school festival.

Suddenly breaking her streams of thoughts, man on double black, whispers to her ‘At this rate we will run out of our icecreams very soon’

He fixes his eyes  at the long queue of girls waiting impatiently to be at the front desk, sensing trouble.

‘May be I should do that. You check how many stocks we have left’

Swiftly taking off icecream cones from  laira’s hand he starts digging in for scoops himself.

It was all so sudden and he had said it so softly that laira heard almost nothing. ‘Check icecreams’ she was preety sure she heard those words atleast. However that wasn’t the corncern right now. Corncern was, they had just touched hands.

The touch, even though it was a very brief period, ran high volts of electric signals to  laira’s system and had shut her down like a malfunctioned computer.

‘Laira laira..are you listening to me’ the voice, reboots her back to life.

‘yes’ she replies hysterically and  runs inside the van to check  their stocks, stumbles twice on the ground and hits once on the door.


Entwined 11 :)



‘Hmph. That irritating kid’ frowns  the traveler as he  looks into an old magical mirror, hung neatly in Sebastian’s room.

‘Ah..its so nice. Young love and passion. How come I never had that thing when I was young. Laira can’t even talk to the guy. Thats so cute’ Sebastian hovers around the mirror excitedly, back and forth like an ADHD kid.

Sounds of glass shattering to pieces however breaks his excitement .

‘Don’t break any more glasses please..you know how much I love to see myself in mirror’ he pleads, pouting his face.

‘Besides..’ he says again, his eyes  shrewdly focused at  traveler now ‘Don’t you believe, beauty did fall in love with the beast’.


‘Hey little lady’ asks a young man to laira, who was now walking down the road like a  zombie.

‘Yes’ she says looking lost.

‘Would you help us to sell these icecreams? We are newbies on the town and this is our first stall. We are really nervous..’ he says bending down low, looking closer at her face.

‘Umm…I..’ laira stammers, feeling trapped as she stares at the man, whose large blue eyes and  beautiful blonde hair makes it iresistible to look away.

‘And this is my friend’ he  introduces a man standing next to him.

‘Hello’ the man says, looking at her as she drags her eyes forcibly  off the beautiful crystal blue to him. ‘Hello’ she replies, her pupils getting wider, looking back to his deep black eyes and raven black hair, strands of which fell perfectly on his forehead.

‘Want to help us?’ he asks.

‘Yes’ she replies, after a long pause.

‘I can’t believe I had to whip her bums to let a sound out’ speaks little devil laira in disbelief.

‘I can’t believe guys looking this good even exsists’ little good laira in white frock says timidly.

Which one did you think she fell for?’ chuckles Sebastian with a evil grin, coaxing the traveler, communicating via his telepathic mind.


‘We are way much better than that dumb kiddo ..with his brown muscular body, frizzly cool black hair and brown eyes..’ he rants  with  frustration clearly ringing on his tone.



‘Oh look..they are so hot’ a girl from a pack of higschool teens, lets out a shrill cry.

And no sooner she had said it, the stall swarms with girls ‘all lionesses purring with hunger of attention’.

No…’ sighs laira panicking, ‘this could be even bigger than the world wars..’

However, to her surprise, the guys  look cool headed. ‘Relax sweetie’ Sebastian winks his eyes to her.

‘One at a time beautiful ladies’ he refers politely to  the uncontrolled mob, giving away his deliberately placed, flawless charismatic smile.

The ultimate weapon ..shudders laira


Entwined 11 :)

 we hearit.comm

‘Just the same another day again’ laira sighs looking over to the glass window pane as Miss Kiran continues to teach the class, on top of  her voice.

‘Summer vacation starts from tomorrow. what will I do this time? I don’t even have any plans yet..and its so long… 1 month!’ she exclaims, clutching her skirts, zoning out.

‘Heart has 4 chambers, 2 atrium and 2 ventricles’ a high pitch voice, next to her ear, suddenly startles laira. She looks over with a horrified face, only to find a  short thin  figure standing right  infront of her, smiling.

She gasps, for laira knew this was a smile, that a hunter gave when she spotted her prey.

‘How can something so small be so scary…..’she screams on top of her lungs inside her head as  cold shivers run down her spines.

Having seen that the student is back in her senses, Miss Kiran adjust her specs in her sharp nose, annoyingly  points the  picture of heart on laira’s biology book and walks off.

‘Oh…heart! Yes heart..heart’ laira stammers still perplexed, as her classmates giggle softly in the background, enjoying the encounter.

‘laira, don’t zone out so much when you are in a class. You will get in trouble one day’ shouts Keisha, her classmate and also her dear friend, when they part different ways after school.

‘Sure’ laira replies, embarrassed and thankful that it was the last class of the day.

She throws her bag into the floor as soon as she gets into her room and snuggles inside her bed.

‘Won’t have to wake again so early in the morning’ she smiles.

Sounds of glasses crashing on the floor echoes the house followed by loud noises of two adults quaralling.

‘Oh Dad and Mom are fighting ..Never mind them. Nothing new to worry about’ she says, as she forces herself back to sleep.

Another sound of something hitting the floor wakes laira up. ‘ Today is my birthday you know’ she says to the teddy bear lying motionlessly in the bed.. ‘Isn’t it so sad..nobody remembers it’.

She holds the teddy bear tight into her arms, thinking in her head, if she could just find a genie who could turn her life upside and down  with his clipclap.

‘laira’  ‘Happy Birthday..’ she hears a man speak in a faint beautiful voice..as she tiredly closes her eyes.

‘Thank you’ she replies subconsciously with tears rolling down  her eyes in the middle of the night.

Entwined 9 :)



‘ You are going to explode the dumb girl’s head’ the traveler  suddenly interrupts  their conversation, hissing at the man, standing next to laira.

‘Oh..here you are awake again, disturbing us at the right moment’ chuckles the Fang tooth, trying to sound off pissed, with his eyes still fixed at laira.

‘Explode?’ he exclaims suddenly, straightening up, putting an innocient face looking  over to the traveler, as if to say the word just got into him.

‘There are lot of things I wanted to say… but I thought I’d rather not’

‘For instance..laira here is a fun fact I will tell you. Your  internal jugular vein is right here.’ He says caressing her neck gently with his long fingers.

‘And this is very important to know for the kinds like me because from here we…’

‘Don’t you dare’ growls the traveler making a fist, stopping Fang tooth in the middle of his explanation.

‘Oh you are alright…’ exclaims laira with a look of sincere pleasure in her eyes awakening from her trance.

‘Not fair. With you around I can barely influence her’.

Fang makes an annoyed face withdrawing his ruby red lens back to crystal clear blue.

Completely ignorant of the tension in their conversation laira asks ‘what happened to you? Are you alright now?’

‘Alright’ the traveler replies suddenly taken, withdrawing his ruby lens too, back to black, making sure laira heard it loud and clear and hoping that she would not notice the sudden change in his eye lens.

‘You need to go’ he says after a moment, retracting back to the same icy person he is.

It wasn’t a request, laira knew rather a made decision, like an order he was used to, that only he controlled, making about laira, when she would appear or disappear in this world.

‘What’s happening here?’ laira thought to herself, finally sensing the air of commotion

But too late.. she heard the traveler clap twice and she was disappearing.

Entwined 8 :)



‘How dearly  our little laira..  still loves him’ interrupts a voice out of nowhere at the moment.

Recognizing the voice of the man, laira runs to him, feeling finally relieved.

She wraps her little arms around his waist and looks at him with tearful eyes,  pleading ‘Mr Fang tooth. You have got to help us’.

Its not that Mr Fang was not a kind man.  As noble as he looked with gentleman’s attire he was indeed a humble soul. He fancied  traveler, for the state of mind he had, ‘complete madness’ he would say and looked to him with a strong sense of brotherhood, as such felt by himself as an ‘unseen bond’.

And he was also very fond of laira.

‘A change of scene with you here is good for my eyes now and then’ he would say.

The last time they had met, he had genuinely tried to complement laira ‘ Ah my little laira, such innocence and beauty, I would say you are a nice view to watch’, not sure at all how to complement a girl just in her early teens.

The traveler then had laughed out, for half a minute or so, a very brief period, before he got his composure back, of which Fang was genuinely proud of. He had felt accomplished and had virtually made a check on his mind on number one mission of ‘brotherhood’.

But here they were now, two people, he cared in the entire universe needing his help. But he could not. He stared helplessly at little laira with his crystal clear blue eyes that matched his beautiful pale skin and blonde hair. Words would not come to him to soothe this little girl and he felt very frustrated.

He looked at the traveler lying motionlessly on the ground with sweat trickling his forhead, blood dripping from his nose by the side of his cheek bone and to the ground.

‘I cannot help him, my dear’ Fang finally blurted out.

‘We all have to pay a price to be blessed a long life’ he continued, trying to sound as calm as possible, looking at little laira’s  dampened black eyes, holding her face with his hands.

‘But he dosen’t deserve this’ she exclaims.

‘You donot know that, do you dear? I think we all deserve where we are..’ he says wiping the tears away gently from her little face.

‘ This hym is a song, that carries god’s words they say. There are ones like me who are forbidden to hear it, there are others like him who are allowed but at a price .Each of those words he will hear make him crumble on extreme pain and there are like you for whom this is nothing but a pleasant enchantment like a gentle lullaby.’

‘Why can’t he then run away from here. Run far, so that it will affect him less?’laira questions wiping her tears that now flows endlessly down her rosy cheeks.

‘Why does he need to hear it, if it causes him so much pain Mr Fang tooth? I do not understand’ says laira nodding her head side to side again.

‘There are far more other things that causes him more pain than this does. Believe me laira…’ replied Fang tooth holding little laira close to himself, hugging the little girl gently inside his arms

‘No matter how you put it, a curse or a blessing..he wishes to hear it. Otherwise will he have not chosen to run away?’