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He looked at her

In her eyes he could see

‘She was not diseased, She was not uncapable’

‘She was just a cast away..

Tagged unfit by society’

like him


And as she struggled to accept

That she is different from others

He stood by her

Hoping she remains stubborn and rude

Maybe hateful even but strong enough to rescue

her own self,  from her own cage

From  never ending circle of dependence and helplessness


And together they headed

A little white frail girl in a wheel chair

Taken for a walk by a rugdy brown man

Talking about beautiful sunny bright days

As the whole neighbourhood stared..

Some Eyeing,  some cursing, some gasping

But never seeing in their unblessed minds

The beauty of two souls crossing the purgatory, hand in hand J

Love is more beautiful that way.




I wince with pain

Somewhere inside heart aches

But I won’t allow tears to fall

No..No because

You never wore and you will never be my mistake to regret.


Uncover me, I’ll let you all along

In a hope you wil let me uncover you too

Removing your veil..coming out of you secrets

Out of your blues..


Ah it hurts..i let out a long sigh silently inside

But I smile, feeling pleased knowing you find joy

Dismembering me.. piece by piece

In a want to belong..somewhere safe and at ease.


Why not? Heart asks..Heart whines

Will you not hold the moment by?

No..i say, staring back at my mundane black eyes

Coz love is more beautiful that way..’

I will protect him..i will love him limitlessly..

‘the words I said’ that I will never understand myself.

3 Day Challange (Quote 2 :))

Thank You Miss Irish who nominated me on this awesome challange. I’m a quote person.  The rule is to tag 3persons further for the quote challange but can i say i nominate everyone..Please do feel free to join

Follow  Miss Irish on https://iristeodorescublog.wordpress.com/2016/03/27/3-day-quote-challange-day-2/ and yes i did like this particular quote she posted in very much.

Here is my  day 2 quote


And  yes.. i do think we will be more of a happy person if you donot overthink on situation where we need only to appreciate.

Don’t you think so?? Beauty is appreciation and with critical mind, one can only appreciate very little…


Your presence.


Faint whispers in the ear, hums a sweet  melody

alluring me to stop and to listen to your footsteps

patiently.. cautiously..

following  me..


Sweet poison..the aroma itself is ecstasy

I hold in to myself, resisting these tempts

to dissolve in..

to fade in this thin air for a moment

and float into nothing..


heart flutters, heart skips

the sounds of the hooves are racing

I am breathing..

The ‘Breath of life’..a moment again

Of your presence,



Pure and unflawed

this magic of moment, let it be

Be frozen my love

In the ageless, the endless

beauty of these feelings..

You are Beautiful

You are beautiful

I am not blind, I see scars on your face

that you can’t hide

I am not blind, I see the color of your skin

that you deny

I am not blind, though

i am ignorant of layer and layer of baggy clothes

you put to cover your curves

I am not blind, though

i am ignorant of that new wig that gives away

your bald spot

I  am not blind dear, No I am not blind

i can see your legs impatiently ready for their next appointment

with sharp razor

I can see your smile that stopped half way

because of your poor dentition

I am not blind at all, I have been saying you

I can see everything

Trust me, I know the reason why you hate every being

But how long will it be??

Eventually all of us will have the same destiny

Old and weak body,nothing we long in us and fancy

will there be..

So listen my friend when I say “You are beautiful”

even the moon has flaws so what if you have some too

Take a peek at your own soul, nothing is crystal clear than your eyes

One could pay and lavish all they own

But nothing gives them the beauty you define..

And “you are beautiful”

And ‘No. I am not blind

Hide it all but I can see in you

Come out and show it,

so that someone else can see it too..

Let me live again’

Let me live again


be jackdenials.deviantart.com

Let me live again love

Fresh and green like a little sapling

With dew drops on its leaves

Just spurted out from its seed

Let me live again love

Beautiful and free

Like a butterfly just hatched from cocoon

Hovering around countless white roses and daisies

On its bloom

Let me live again,love

Selfless and unbound in pure joy

Let me live again love

With faith and trust of a newborn child

Take me in, and let me live love

Again and again in sheer bliss

Take me in and let me live love

Cleansing my soul of the “past me”

Inside your arms, listening to your heartbeat

Inside your world and to “the infinity…”

“Beautiful Lie”

photo Courtesy-dreamstime.com

photo Courtesy-dreamstime.com

Blank thoughts and vacant stare

sitting down on your chair

With  head buried down so low,

like  grandpa on his 80’s

With wrinkles and worries, the look you never wanted to show.

The coffee mug on your hand, half empty and half full

Never have I seen,

You always loved finishing what you started

Yet here you are, slouching..

Gnawing pain down your stomach,

But what hurts is your heart…

Its not ageing but you are having a hard time

Giving your engine a start.

A hero, to my rescue

You are more than my superstar

I can always trust you, and I know you can

grab that second chance

But Sometimes I cry,

And I cry.. because its hard to see you try..

Sometimes I cry because you never share the pain you hide..


Just sometimes I cry, I cry

because you make me believe your “Beautiful lies”..