Being Myself. No more Chameleon! ;)

I have been too messed, i have been too solved.. Many times i was wrong, many times i agreed others were right even when i knew they were wrong. I was firm, but again i moulded many times too to adjust..A chameleon, to my instinct. I never knew my own true colors, my true form.. I was green when everything around me was green, i was red when everything around me was red. I was never too sure..I was never too open about myself. I was sceptical..I am sceptical..

A part of me still wonders..which side of my face is staring back at me from the mirror. The one that says ‘who cares’or the one that says ‘I do!’. BUUT at least  it isn’t the same anymore. I am not lost.. I have found my edges to balance. I have realised, no matter which side i’m bending to, people who care despite all my nuisance will still stick with me. ‘BEING MYSELF’ is all that i can be for now and for be happy.

BE YOURSELF”””’. I think i unlocked the ultimate secret to happiness  in these two words. What do you think?? 🙂 🙂


Late night thoughts..Good vibes’

My friend and i were walking down street when her friend joined in. He didn’t talk much so, i rather felt odd  like a third wheel. Some time later he went his way and i tried to wave him a friendly goodbye  but, he turned me a blind eye. I stood there feeling odd. Then my friend smiled at me and said..’You don’t notice it do you? He likes you.’

Well its been a long time since somone actually told me that i was being liked..yeah i gues i sound like  pathetic little attention seeker.. huh? Well the thing is,  i didn’t think i would be feeling this good after all those little nasty heartaches i had..

Now, however, there is this person..Never in my life i thought i would find someone completly other than my stereotype cute..He has moustache for god sake!!( Wel am sorry for guys with moustache out there. Am sure you rock with it but personally i was never fond of it.. 😉 ) Yeah, he is cute. And has charming personality and.. sorta has a strange humor that i can relate to.. And that belive me with my personality its a hard match to find. My friend thinks that i should ask him out. COZ she thinks he notices me…NOW, u know why this late night thought has ‘good vibes’ written on it. Don’t you? Hahahha

I might ask him out or i might not.. But, the good thing is, am glad to be feeling this way.. Its good to be back, feeling ‘bubbly’ again! Isn’t it?

🙂 🙂


Late Night Thought..

Lately i have been thinking too much..It’s exhausting but i can’t seem to help it. There is no head, no tail. Feels like i’m going round and round on circles. I have been cutting through the wires, getting out, making an escape. Latching to one end hoping to get to another and out of the whirlpool. But there again, another endless circle traps me in. And now its making me think, all along perhaps it was me, bending the wires round and round. Perhaps it was me all along seeing things how i wanted it, making things how i sub consciously planned it..

It’s funny how mind plays tricks. All along it had always known, its me..never letting me realise i am’ my own victim.

Hey Guys. Lets Twitter ^_^!


Yup Everyone. I recently created a twitter. And i am learning to work on it.. I might even have started considering myself a ‘Twitter Queen’. BUt that’s a secret. Shhhhhhh.. 😉

So i am just sticking to calling myself a ‘Retweeting Guru’. PLease follow me, i retweets extra sweet stufs hehhehe. And ofcourse let me know if you have a twitter acount. I will FOLLOW ^_^!

Twitter (MonsoonThoughts)

Meet n Greet!

Lets meet and greet 🙂

Dream Big, Dream Often

By the time you read this I will have been on the road for several hours!!  We have talked recently about the importance of networking and meeting new people, so here’s your chance.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog post or page and a little info about yourself in the comments and then reblog!  Great way to network.

For those of my readers that are not bloggers take a few moments and scan the links in the comments as there are so many talented writers on WordPress.  One of my favorite things about WP is it serves as a social platform allowing me to discover so many talented individuals!


I have never done this before, but figured what better way to spend a Sunday than helping others expand their readership??!!  After all, I met so many of you through a similar meet n greet on OM’s page…

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