Lets play hide and seek!!


(Just having fun with the words for my sketch  attempt) :p

Lets play hide and seek baby.

You run,

pretending you are the rat.

I will chase,


Following  behind you swiftly…

Like the fat hungry furry cat.


And ‘squeak squeak’ where is my little mouse?? i will call.

You don’t have to answer..Nope.

It’s a thrill, i am looking for.


‘Thump thump thump’

Oooh..Then i will hear your pounding heart

‘Peek a boo’ !! Can i shout please..

Or Scream perhaps, to stop it from beating so fast.

Or may be,

i will want to  be silent

Just long enough to polish my paws, lick my lips,

And sharpen my claws..

Before i decide to make a light snack out of you,

‘ A dessert’, ahead of my regular sunday brunch.


SLURP….. you are delicious!!





You should have..



You should have left me alone.

You should have never picked up my broken heart.

What good did it make to us?

You are cut and

Your drop of blood stains my crystal clear pieces.

I am hurt and

All I can see is the remains of my shards still pierced,

Deep into your skin, craving for your comfort.

Here you are and here I am now,

We both walking away

‘clouded’ in our conscience..

With our sore memories of fruitless encounter,

Threatening us in thinking in our heads

‘Perhaps love was not just meant’


Should have left me alone.


Should have listened, should have known..

I can read you.


I know how you see me, i can tell by the look of your eyes.
There is a tension in the air..
Comfort has long escaped me,
wagging pretentiously,
with a tail between it’s hind legs, behind.

yet the glaring of your devitalizing mind.
i can see,
your half drawn carefree smile for me,
of intimidation,of mockery,
trying to control over my insight.

But i am the wrong one to pick.
I have been through the likes of you many times.
So, you can watch me sit here and have a sip of  tea..
as my presence pierces your exhausting need, to accuse and feel right,
to topple over the weak and win the unjust fight.

I am fidgeting, yes..
cracking my nerves too in distress, at times.
But shhhh… ‘you’ will never feel that moment,
No, ‘you’ will never be able to steal the peace of my mind.
For, i am stronger than you are, in every way you can possibly be.
For, i am a believer, i perceive the light in the shadow less dark

that you will always hesitate to see.

‘I have an upper hand. i will always win’

The Magician.


warble entertainment

He is fond of illusion
Pulled to art of trickery
Enjoys creating deceptions
He is a performer, he deludes gracefully

Behind the curtains, he dwells..his apperance masked in mystery.
Bearing a stage name he never owns,
Mesmerizing his audience,
Leaving them enchanted,
before disappering once again into the stillness of shadows.

Call him ‘a wizard’ or ‘a hoax’
magic has lies.. secrets that are dark
Don’t go looking..wandering further, be warned.
For, the more you look for his trail,
farther stretches his mesh..
He has been waiting for you all the while, to play his malicious game.

He. His Wolf.


‘You are mine’ he claims.
‘I want you’ the words spills on papers,his raging menace.
His thirst still on peak to impale my flesh,
He grits his teeth and sharpens his claws..
Relishing in his mind, infliction of sweet pain.

But it growls,his lone wolf..
Restraining his demons from causing a chaos.
Blazing with hunger, his eyes blends darker now with exhaustion..
Upon beating himself from taming ‘my fears’ for his restless animal.

In his dreams, however”
He runs havoc into the wilderness of the night.
Into the woods, into the yards of the free land.
Where he howls on the full moon, letting loose ‘the beast’ finally out of the cellar.
While a pair of crimson eyes,
‘my eyes’..

stares at him with full admiration
down to his very nature, into his primal form.
Before running together…paw for paw..
Into the vast open fields

under the night full of stars.

Bye Bye.



Washed out mascaras, staining shamelessly..

where tear trickles down.

A reminder..i suppose.

‘Never to buy products.. off street, unlicensed..’

But that will be the only waste’

i will spare on you stranger..

you missed the flight..

and saved me a ticket to Wonderman.”




Like a boiling pot kept over the furnace,
with bubbles of water bursting on it’s surface..
unable to withheld the tension of it’s loss of it’s matter to the vapour..
i am at the brink.

Only my muscles feel the rage i now stand with.
only my mind knows the visciousousness i want to unleash..

Our hopeful future.


”You cannot feel air but it is there.You have to know..” he wrote to me once.

Indeed, air is our need for sustenance.
How long should we hope to live without it to breathe.
Feelings are like that.

One wishes if only these ‘we feel’ came in shapes and sizes.
So we could tie them all together in a knot and present it in the open..
For the other to see, caress it and remember
Because ‘Air’ no matter how
Vital it is, it is often forgotten.

However, Air never leaves.
Even if you momentarily stop to respire..
LIfe itself will wither slowely and age with the seconds of the watch.
‘feelings’ ..like ‘Air’ will exsist, continuing in the perpetual momentum..
As much like,
‘breathing’ is a chore, crucial to life yet.. physically we are
indifferent to its motion.

Eventually, one day life will embrace back love in us with open arms.
Like the trees will welcome the spring again..after its autunm desolation.
When we are truely willing to feel..
what that was always there omnipresent..around us

Love comes in many forms..it may not be the same again.
But Remember, ‘love’ is like ‘Air’..It was always there
It will always be there.
We can’t see it. We have to feel..
Trust it and let it unbolt our instincts.
For ‘future’ no matter how it may be
Is a beautiful thing to dream.

He. Entwined with me.




He loves me. He loves me not.
I have dethroned a rose and plucked it out of it’s petals
Searching for answer,
In mere probability of ‘the odds’ and ‘the evens’.

he is more to me, than just a man getting through his everyday routine.
More to me, than just a companion trying to appease my intrest and bend into his will.
He is further and an additional,
To my core..to my spirit.
Yes. He is a soulmate.
A necessity for my vitality.

Whether ‘i refuse’ or ‘he refuses’
We are ‘Entwined’ in the cosmos..
Preserved in the fragments of time..
Obsession, love or Not.
‘Shards’ or ‘Chandelier’.
‘He’ and ‘I’ are carved into the chi’, a breathing life-force of the universe


He. The spell he casts.



He swips me off with his words alone
bares me,
till the bones beneath my skin
Makes my hairs rise at imagination of his touch
Then haunts my impatient dreams..

carelessly but carefully
Yet again, playfully but lethally
he then tosses me in the midair
With his open arms..waiting eagerly
I fall..i fall down,like forever those fractions of seconds extending into millenium
Feeling scared.. but relieved
Feeling Worried ..but aroused with strange anxiety

I will never know what he does.. how he does it to me
I am spell bound..even in my wildest fantasies
Taken back by still lingering touches of his lips
on my ever so submissive body, for him.