The King Serpent. Hissss…



Something about the snakes always fascinated me. These Cold blooded, hissing, slithering reptiles.. are dangerous yet enticing.. You’d know how luring they can be, when you observe one up close. Yes, You can be frightened, but believe me you’d still be in awe, frozen looking at how beautiful it is.. when one crawls on you. Not your fault though, the creatures are capable of ‘hypnotism’ (i am sure). But, May God bless you, if it hasn’t paralysed you with it’s deadly bite  or made a nice supper out of you YET (love can kill sometimes)  😉 

Snakes has been worshipped as ‘divinity’ by many human civilisation throughout the centuries. In many of these, they have been  portrayed as guardians of wealth and temples. History reads, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt killed herself by inflicting a bite from a venomous cobra too. So, this proves, these reptiles over the long period have definitely  gained a lot of fame among us. Wouldn’t you stop for a minute when you see a snake charmer making these hypnotic creatures dance?

The one, i find the most majestic and the mysterious among these hissing, limbless serpents  are the ‘King Cobras’. Why? Because, their diet consists of eating their own kinds(other snakes) and the female king cobra is the only one of its kind that actually makes a nest.

Watch this awesome documentary ‘Deadly KIng Cobra ‘youtube video’ to know more about them. If you are a snake person, you will surely enjoy it..if not you are still learning something interesting.


Live to the fullest!

Watch this inspirational video with Nicholas James ‘a man without hands and limbs’. This made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. While being more motivated and appreciative of what i always had and have all along ‘A good health and a normal life’. How many of us has taken these for granted ?  Hats off to the amazing man!!

It’s a great speech to start the new year with..What do you think?

Watch, listen and learn from struggles of people who had been to the pit,yet survived and are making through life with FIREWORKS. 🙂

Nicholas James Vujicic ‘man without limbs’

All about Lucky Blue Smith!! :)

Well yeah. You got me.. I am talking about the hottest thing in the air right now. ‘Model’ + ‘Actor’. Young..charming and BEAUTIFUL!! ‘Lucky Blue Smith’. Girls you know him..don’t you??  Here is a treat!


Just look at him..Chiseled face, adorable buck teeth, white ice frosty hair and light blue dreamy eyes.. I know i am past that age where girls hover around boys but what can i say he is A-SUM! Beautifullest(is that even a word??)…Refreshing like a glass of water in scorching summer is that huh?  (ok you get me.. i don’t need to overstress right? Because i am starting to have breathing problems here now :P)

This granny  is usually on hibernation so she doesnot have a clue when the boy showed up and how long has he been  floating around. But donot be heart broken, as a loyal fan now, she has done quite much a thorough workup to know him just right. And yes all that i have collected, i will be spilling any moment now..But you probably know more. So, share with me too!!

So, back to blog.

I had no idea what i was into for when i watched the movie ‘Love Everlasting‘. Is there actually a thing called ‘imprinting’ like that of book ‘twilight saga’. WEll that’s what happened to me. Honestly he could do a lot on acting..‘No offence’ he is good. But… i only noticed him, not his acting.. And with looks like that he has a ‘tough competetion’ with himself. He needs to beat his model vibe to slay it as  actor.. i think. what do you think?  WEll don’t frown at me. That’s my honest opinion.


The secret what hooks me really into him is..that smile..slightly curved lips to the right. Just enough. Perfect!! And his forhead lines when he stares at front with ‘sharp piercing look’ as though  he is aiming for the bull’s eye.. sexy”. And yeah the way he runs his fingers through his hair..(i wish i could run it through once :/). BUt most important, how he is trying his best to be a ‘super model’ and ‘a normal’ person side by side..Like you know, trying to live two lives in one space harmoniously, must be really tough. (You can do it! i am hooting for you from behind the screen!! hehe)  How do i know? Dah.. Look at his youtube videos..the ones where he is talking alone or with others and recording same time. I know, looks very cute stupid dosen’t he? (ok i made that word..idk how to describe).

So here i am sharing you this link, where he describes his A-Z. Learn it by heart 😛 lol. Love the part where he says ‘Stay Golden’.

A-Z of Lucky Blue Smith

Ok..feels like  i have beaten around the bush too much..haven’t i?  Lets get to the project then..

Lucky was born as youngest son, only brother to three equally gorgeous sisters in ‘Spanish fork in Utah’. He started his modelling carreer at age of 12, alongside his two sisters ‘Pyper America’ and ‘Daisy Clementine’, following footsteps of his mom ‘Sheridan’. ‘The Smith’ siblings as you can see all over the internet (youtube and websites) are close knit pack. Not only are they blessed with looks but are also equally talented. They have their own band called ‘THE ATOMICS’, where,


wonderland magazine

Starlie Smith-lead singer, Luck Blue Smith-drummer, Daisy Clementine-lead Guitarist and Pyper America-plays bass.

Yup what a family!!

The Smiths follow ‘Mormon religion’ and are now located at hollywood. Lucky Blue Smith wants to pursue his carrer as a smashing actor too, following his sucess being the mega model with height ‘6 feet 3 inches’.(Gosh!! that is tall. i am only half the size!! )He has walked a number of runaways and campigns  already.. for popular names like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford etc etc (I am too poor to afford and too out of world to see him in action :(). Anyways at such young age, achieving all that is astounding. YOu go boy!!

I read somewhere he is best friend with ‘Anward Hadid’. Well may be i will dig that info more. But i am preety sure i heard him say he dosen’t like tuna fish. (may be i mistaking..too much info all in short period is short circuiting my brain..) SO, i wil stop.


TRy looking at him, when you are feeling down. That preety face is bound to cheer you up, especially when he is with his dog ‘chisai’.  Hope ‘The Smiths’ stay together bonded forever, they are adorable family. And yes, i heard ‘Lucky Blue’ posts often his location of hangout for fans. Goodluck!! If it was me, i would have put him inside the glass bars and let noone touch him. Then guarded the whole thing with my life screaming literally  ‘all of stay out and look through the frame..’ lol. (Gosh you didnot need to know that!!!!) 😛

Cheers… Happy Blogging 🙂

Musings.My skin. watch this video.



So there I  was one another day, like every other same day of my mundane routine life, staring myself at the mirror. I don’t know what to call my face? I have lost words, so I will skip that part.

But with big eye bags due to insomnia last night and invisible thin line of ‘soon to be appearing wrinkles’ that I can already see now… And cherry on the top to that, a new just erupted papule of pimple, disguising itself in beautiful red of freshly riped tomato (yeah ..i can see ugly thing!!)..imagine my dismay..  :/

Well No, No I am not going to let this ruin my morning!! That was my new regimen for the year.. See good in everything.. (Dah..not you pimple!! You ugly thing!!)

Anyways again..(long breath…). Here is me trying to be positive, recalling the news article I read 2days back.  A journal of Dermatology quoting ‘those suffering from acne are most likely to develop wrinkles much later in life due to telomeres on their end chromosomes’……or something…I forgot. But that’s a good news right?

Ah..ha.. now you see you preety people!! I be living fly without wrinkles  much later than you’… (me clapping my fingers..embarassing..but that was a research journal!)

Determined. Positive even more. I scrolled in youtube videos to find a magic recipe to preserve more of my youthful skin. Come on. I am poor…I cannot afford fillers and botox and blabla. Beside I don’t think I can stop smiling and bursting out muhahhahhahah on my old age as well. But again why will I need those??? ‘you aint no missworld or miss universe or a celebrity!!’

‘ True true’ I say to myself.  ‘Blessed are those with genetics and money….’

But….. this is my right time to work for right cause. Starting today I am working on my own thing to preserve my vitality of my skin. (Wow that sounds funny)

Oh, again where I was? I run around too much. Flight of ideas. Can’t help it.

So..yah scrolling..i was scrolling youtube videos. Half an hour later I am sitting with a home made remedy of  some face mask that will also help me with scar issues and eye bags. I don’t think eyebag is going to help. I am sorry mate. I ate the cucumber slice. It was just too juicy…

Tick tick tick. I am done reading newspapers. What else to do. Oh yah, go around ‘skin’. Youtube rocks!

Then, I run across this!

A real life documentary of  girls living with this skin condition.. And rest you know what happened…. Blessed are these girls for having such supportive parents and a mind that sees life with such optimism despite their struggles. I learnt something. Watch will you? My skin could kill me. Real stories . Youtube.






On Youtube. Discover fascinating stuffs. :)

Tired of watching the regular shows, violence n crimes and same old boring news. Watch this David Attenborough’s documentry and learn about the nature’s master imposters. Feed your mind with specials now and then.

you will see

1)how a Rhino lived a life of celebrity  2)how a hedgehog and porcupine use their quils  3)Why cuckoo is the mastermind evil of all birds!!  4)how a hawkmoth steals honey from a bee hive

P.S-love wildlife