In Eurika’s garden(chapter 7)

Chapter 7

A new Home




After seeing the house, the eager caterpillar ran across the front yard to open the door. She checked in all the rooms and walked around every nooks and corners around the house and to the garden to explore her new world. “I love this!”  She exclaimed jumping happily dancing in the room.

And “there is enough food stock for you to feed, you will especially love those fresh supple lily leaves” the snail said pointing out to the white array of beautiful lilies.


“This place is like a fairy tale for me” she says swirling around holding a piece of the lily on her hand.


After that, the little caterpillar and the snail began to live together. The snail adopted the little caterpillar as his own child. “Little Ira” called the snail to the caterpillar, “papa” called the caterpillar to the snail. Often they would sit together to hear each other’s stories in the evening looking at the dawn, with little ‘Ira’ opening up more and more every passing day.


She now had begun to trust the snail with her life and loved him like she would have loved her own papa.  Someday she would tell him about the kind queen bee and the queen ant, someday she would tell about the cruel insects who were mean to her and someday about the day she ran and how she did not regret her decision though she was sad to leave the queen ant.

The snail would tell her about his adventures, about how proud he was of his shell that protected him and how he had walked out in a journey in search of his friend from other garden and how different the creatures looked in the place where he came from.


Little Ira the caterpillar would hear each of his stories very keenly often wondering if creatures like her did come here from the other garden.

However her favorite times were not these though she enjoyed to hear each of the snail’s story. Her favorite, was the one when they would sit together in the branch of the pomelo tree and sing the snail’s favorite song on his guitar that he always carried on his back.


They would sing

“As a friend or foe, I do not know?

But when you knock at my door

I turn my eyes blind, and let my wounded heart spring it open

Saying welcome to you..

Singing welcome home and lalala….”



In Eurika’s Garden(chapter 6)

Hello i’m sorry for putting out this late. I was drunk and i overslept one whole month lol. here is chapter 6 of Eurika’s garden. please let me know what you think of it till now 🙂

Chapter 6

The heroic snail


A snail was passing by with its friend centipede and baby centipede, when he heard the little caterpillar cry and motioned for her rescue.

Upon seeing the lizard about to prey upon the little caterpillar, the snail told the centipedes to hide behind its back along the bushes and then shouted “Snakes. Run run. They are everywhere…’ ‘Run for your lives’

Hearing this, the lizard quickly left back to the bushes and disappeared.

“Are you okay child” said the snail.

“What kind of creature are you?” questioned the centipede standing next to him.

“I don’t know…” trembled the little caterpillar.

“You are fine now pick yourself up kid” boasted the snail.

“Look at your mushy and blobby body, it looks like mine” he pointed out.


“But, she also has so many tiny legs like mine” said the centipede.  “No papa, her skin isn’t sleek and shiny like ours pointed out the baby centipede in refusal.

“I told you, you are not to speak anything remember you are grounded young man’ growled the papa centipede.


“I’m going tell mommy” cried the little centipede as he ran away.

His papa the centipede, followed him behind, waving goodbye to the snails.

“Never mind them. Son likes running and the father likes chasing” the snail giggled.

“I am wobbly the Snail with a capital S” said the snail bowing in front of little caterpillar taking his kettle steel helmet.

“I am Ira” said the little caterpillar trying her best to give a proper bow like those taught by the queen ant.


“What brought you here? Did no one tell you that, it is a dangerous place to explore alone?” questioned the snail looking worried.


“They did. But I had to run away from the ant castle. No one in this garden likes me. They always fun of me and they laugh at the way I look” said sobbingly the little caterpillar.


“Oh dear. But they must be searching for you. Let me help you get back” said the snail.

“No, I don’t want to go back again!” disagreed the caterpillar.


“Look at me. I’m hideous. I don’t know what I will grow up into. What if I become more hideous than what I am? I don’t want anybody to see me!” said the little caterpillar wiping her teary eyes.


“But you don’t know that do you? You will grow up into something unimaginable…said the snail after a long pause”.

“How do you know?” asked the caterpillar hopeful.


“I just do. Heart can see beauty that eyes cannot. Now, let’s go before the lizard shows up again” said the snail looking right and left cautiously.


Then they hastened out of the bushes to the other corner of the garden. There at the edge of the garden, stood a tall pomelo tree with a little but a neat front yard opening to a door.


“Welcome my child. This is my humble abode and make yourself at home” said the snail with a smile.




In Eurika’s Garden (chapter 3,4,5)

A note- Dear readers, chapter 3,4 and 5 came out to be quite short after editing. so i’m putting them out together. Hope you will like it 🙂

A note- Dear readers, chapter 3,4 and 5 came out to be quite short after editing. so i’m putting them out together. Hope you will like it 🙂

The Ant Kingdom

The little odd looking caterpillar then lived with the queen ant and her huge army at the colony. She was greatly admired by her foster mother who always made sure that she was not picked out and bullied. But behind her back, many ants always found out a way to make her feel unwanted. “You don’t belong to us” they would say. Even the little ants her age would shout out often to her singing “Big fat and bulky, go away”.

However bitter it may seem but it was true. The little caterpillar was larger than the ants and they did not like it as she was an outcast among the ants. Day by day, she even grew bigger till one day she was bigger than the ant queen herself. Being huge, her moving around in the castle, would make the chamber of the colony shake. “It’s not your fault dear” the queen ant would consolate her, but deep down little caterpillar knew she was causing a lot of troubles.

Chapter 4                                                                                 

Running away

One day after a heavy work the little caterpillar sat for dinner ahead of others, desperately hungry. The ant cook had just spread out the dinner and was making other arrangements for the soup. Intrigued by hunger she started eating whatever that was laid, till nothing was left by the time she was done. Upon seeing this, the ant cook was furious. ‘Are you a monster? You have eaten everything of today’s dinner. There is nothing left’ he shouted.

Suddenly realizing that she had eaten everything the caterpillar felt guilty and asked for forgiveness. ‘You are a monster!!’ the ant cook smirked expressing anger in his face.

Ashamed of her act and hurt by the cook’s behavior the little caterpillar than ran out in the darkness, further and further and far away from the colony.

But little did she knew, the more she ran, the closer she came to the big bushes of the evil lizard.

Chapter 5

The big evil Lizard

The lizard was strolling around the bushes, looking out for its next prey when he heard the little caterpillar sobbing. “Who is this fool” he thought with a wicked grin. Upon seeing the helpless caterpillar, wandering lost in the bushes, the lizard followed it waiting for the right time to jump and startle.

“Boo…” he said, appearing suddenly in front of the caterpillar.

The little caterpillar froze in fear.

“Oh I know your kind. I ate your siblings after they just hatched from their eggs, one by one” said the lizard slithering past her.

“I don’t have siblings” stammered the caterpillar.

“Oh did no one tell you? Oh how poor of me, I forgot your mother did not live to tell you the story” the lizard said with an evil grin on his face moving closer to her forking its tongue.

Scared to death, the caterpillar cried out “Stay away from me help, please somebody help!!’

IN Eurika’s Garden


In Eurika’s Garden (chapter 2)

A Peculiar creature appears

In the evening a huge mass of insects collected outside the palace, to hear what the queen had to say. The egg was brought by two soldier bees and put on the fluffy head of the large mushroom in the middle of the crowd followed by the appearance of the queen bee with her cousin queen ant.

“We are gathered here today because the soldiers on petrol have found an egg. We don’t think the egg belongs to us, neither to any creatures of this kingdom, yet I would like to make sure if this belongs to any of you?” questioned the queen bee.

After looking at the egg in front of them the crowd responded.

“No my queen”.

“It was found in the middle of bushes, unattended I wish to know about its origins so please my subjects take a good look”the queen urged again.

The crowd started to mumble about the egg. Responding together “No, our queen the egg does not belong to any of us in the kingdom”

Then the Queen slightly nodded her head and said “perhaps its mother and the rest of eggs were victim to the lizard”.

The crowd gasped followed by a pin drop silence.

“So since it has been found on our land, no matter what the creature it holds within it. We have decided to accept it as one of us” the queen bee announced their decision.

Just as the queen finished her sentence, a cracking voice grasped everyone’s attention.

From the egg a small creature covered in slime appeared, making its way out. It had a dark colored hair with odd looking spots around its body.  With many legs it crawled, flickering its big lashes that seemed oddly attached to its round big black eyes. It looked around at the big crowd who looked at it with horrified face looking confused.

“What creature is that!” an old queen ant cried out.

“What is this creature?” hummed the bees.

“I don’t know” screeched the grasshopper with a book as everyone looked at him for an answer.

‘But you know everything’ cried the other grasshopper standing next to him.

‘Not this one. It appears like a caterpillar but looks different from the ones I have met. It’s an odd looking caterpillar for sure” he replied now busy making a note and a sketch of the creature, in his book.

“Maybe she is a caterpillar? But what kind is she?” questioned the ants.

“We can throw her away if she is not. She could be dangerous to our children” said the beetles fearing the creature, hiding their little children behind them.

“Quiet!” The ant queen thundered.

“Let’s not be so harsh. She is but just a hatchling. I will hear no more about it” she said.

Then she approached the creature and looked at it admiringly as the creature looked her back like a baby looks at their mother.

“I will adopt her sister” she said her gaze adoring the odd little creature.

My Very 1st creation.. IN EURIKA’S GARDEN’

Goodmorning everyone, it’s 8am in the morning here. And today i’m really excited to share you a children’s story i have been working on. I just got it yesterday after some editing from my guy.  . 🙂 (its from google though, such a heart warming illustration isn’t it???)

Eurika’s Garden 


In the city, a home to millions of people, laid a beautiful garden named Eurika’s garden. There lived many of the adorable creatures. Some that walked, some that flew and some that crawled in the ground.  The  kingdom was ruled by a beautiful queen called the ‘Queen Bee’ and her cousin sister ‘Queen Ant’. These queens were kind, gracious and good rulers. They made sure that all their subjects lived peacefully and happily, until one day appearance of a mysterious egg takes them by surprise..

Chapter 1

A mysterious egg


Two soldier bees went out to petrol the garden early in the morning as their routine work.  They did this twice a day  in turns to look out for the  possible dangers especially watchful for the ‘evil lizard’ that often lurked out of nowhere to grab the fellow insects of the kingdom. This lizard was feared by all. He knew camouflage and  he would often  use it to hide himself, invisible to the eyes. And when the prey arrived in, it would launch it’s attack visciously. No insect had ever ran away from the grasp of the evil lizard.

After the daily rounds around the garden, the two tired bees sat high above on the petal of a white rose and looked around admiringly.

“It’s a beautiful place” said the 1st soldier bee.

“Yes, it is” replied the 2nd bee.

Just as they were getting ready to bask their wings and head back to their hive, the 1st bee saw a sparkling white object on the edge of the garden, near a pomelo tree. They both flew near to it. “Oh, it’s an egg” said the 1st bee after observing it closely and cautiously.

“But who could have left an egg abandoned in such a dangerous place out here?” asked the 2nd bee concerned in his voice.

“We must take it to the queen” said the first bee and they both hurried their way.

After flying a long distance, they arrived at the other edge of the garden where a big orange tree stood, with a couple of oranges ripped ready to be eaten along with lavishly blossomed beautiful white flowers. There lied a honeycomb, castle of the queen bee guarded by her soldier bees. Saying, ‘Queen.. my queen’ first soldier approaches gasping for air bowing in front of the queen followed by 2nd soldier. They explain the queen what they had witnessed.

After hearing them out, queen addresses them “I must discuss this with my cousin sister. That’s all for now you may go”. So the two queens sat together and discussed if the egg did belong to their kingdom or not.

They decided to call in a huge gathering. And a crowd was gathered infront of the Queen Bee’s  palace.

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