Mid Life Crisis!

My mother is on her late 40s and she is experiencing what we term medically as ‘perimenopausal symptoms’. This basically means, she is approaching a time of having permanent cessation of her monthly cycle. Now, for many of us ‘the women, of course’, an idea of having years free of those crampy abdominal days would mean ‘YUPIEEEE‘ BUT unfortunately, truth is, getting rid of those hormonal days is  more bothersome than living with it.


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When menstruation ceases, you are kissing goodbye to your beauty hormone ‘estrogen’. And with estrogen, you are saying farewell to soft supple skin and all the youth glow you are now enjoying. On top of that, you are also losing  it’s protective effect on your bones leaving you prone to suffer from a condition called ‘osteoporosis‘. (weakening of bones then resulting to fractures)

No wonder, everyone is panicky when they reach that point.

We are a chaos at home now. Like all peri-menopausal women, my mom is  having Mood Swings. She is constantly irritated and bombarding at us at petty things and emotionally labile, crying for no reason. For me, i understand she is having hot flushes and all those frustrating physical symptoms but for Dad it is taking a toll.



Women will cope their ways. I don’t know how men cope when that happens.

Personally for my future husband i advise, stay away from me before we wreck the house. Take extra shifts on job, go to fishing ..do whatever you have to on the weekends, to avoid the tension. Better take night shifts on the week days too, so when you get home you are tired and sleepy at day. That way we will probably have a chance for saving our family till the tide crosses over. what do you think??




My mom is lucky, she got a patient husband 🙂


Interesting human psychiatry ;)

Here are two bizarre conditions  in psychiatry  that perhaps you can relate to, i certainly find it interesting..hopefully you do too.



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Basically means ‘pathological jealousy’. The patient is so convinced  his/her partner is cheating, that  despite no evidence he/she  is constantly trying to prove  the imagined infidelities. Especially common with men. For example, these patients tend to spy regularly on their spouse whether  by following them around, tracking them with binoculars or hiring private detectives. Whatever it takes  to verify their doubts.They might even  pretend  to go to the office and end up appearing abruptly at the house in a hope to catch their partners ‘red-handed’ with her lover.Sorta like what happens in movies”.

So, beware  ladies of the green eyed monster‘!! If he starts scouring your bag and won’t leave your cell phone alone, he might as well be starting on this track 😉



But jokes apart’ seriously, this is ‘pathological’ because it is DANGEROUS. There has been incidences where the patient has exhibited violent behaviour and even tried to kill/harm their spouse in anger. And not to forget, it has been known to occur with other mental health conditions like mania, schizophrenia.


Personally, i find this condition very adorable. The fact is, it is not even considered a condition by many psychiatrists. But nevertheless i think it deserves a good mention.


What happens here is ‘expecting fathers’ have symptoms of pregnancy that their wives are experiencing. YUP, all those features  like abdominal swelling ‘baby bumps’, weight gain, morning sickness, backache,cramps etc etc. Also known as ‘sympathetic pregnancy’. It is believed to occur due to stress and anxiety the husband experiences about becoming a dad. Usually, in these cases articles read, that the husbands are so attuned to their wive’s condition that they start to develop the symptoms themselves. NOPE. It is not an attention seeking phenomenon. Men in these cases do have physical changes and are experiencing these involuntarily.


You can do your own research if you want to know more. i just gathered up all the internet infos to feed my curiosity.

Know your nutrition’ why do we need them??

Do you know empty calories? everyone is intrested to know about it..

Basically empty calories are foods that gives you calories but no nutrition. Nutrition? What is that? And why do we need that?

Lets start with the basics. Because you gotta know this atleast!! I will try my very best to put in simple language.



Nutrition is basically nourishing your cells to function in its maximal capacity. It can be in form of macronutrients(those needed in large quantities) eg carbohydrate, protein and fats or micronutrients(those needed in small scale) eg minerals and vitamins.

The macronutrients are ‘energy givers’, it gives you calories to sustain.

Carbohydrates– main source of glucose. Glucose is like a universal currency, your body uses for daily energy expenses. Lets say a ‘production house of energy.’

Proteins-are required for growth and synthesis of tissues. Most components including enzymes, hormones of our body is a protein component.

Incase your body doesnot have carbohydrate, this will be broken to release glucose as an alternate source.

Fat- Donot always take fat as a bad guy! These are also major sources of energy. You know why fat people have more chances to survive freezy cold antartica with starvation than thin people? Yup, it is because of fat, it will burn to give you energy. Besides, fats are required for absorption of certain vitamins like vitamin A,D,E,K. Also it is needed to synthesize certain hormones.

Caloric values of each

carbohydrate 4kcal/gram
protein 4kcal/gram
fat 9kcal/gram



Are included in micronutrients. They have diverse functions.

Vit A-most important for night vision. It’s deficiency will cause you Night blindness.

Vit D-gives you bone strength. It is actually true, exposing oneself to sunlight especially the morning sun will help you in generation of vitamin D. Deficiency can cause Rickets, osteoporosis.

Vit E-is an anti-oxidant. Lets say it’s function is to detox. There are a number of reactions going inside your machine, lot of harmful products are being generated, this will be tackled by vit E. The deficiency has been associated with some forms of anemia in babies.

Vit K- is active participant of coagulation cascade. This cascade basically stops you from bleeding. Deficieny will cause bleeding disorder, and a syndrome called hemorrhagic disease of newborn in newborns like the name suggests.

Vit B-This includes a whole range of names inside it. Most important for you to know is vit B12 and folic acid.

Deficiency of  vit 12 will cause progressive neurological damage. True deficiency is evident in strict vegetarians  who donot consume animal and fish products, as they are one of the major  sources of it.

Deficiency of folic acid on other hand, which plays a major role in cell divison will cause anemia, in pregnant it has been implicated for neural tube defects. Hence folic acid supplementation a month before conception and atleast 3 months afterward is recommended by CDC(centre for disease control and prevention).


There are many of course,I could just go on and on but these are the most basics  along with vit C ofcourse, which I bet you know because of its good use in skincare remedies and diets. About the mineral parts like ca, Zn, i have left em out. Donot want you to get bored with long….blog. Do some research. ok” 🙂

Stay Healthy.

Let’s talk health!!


So whats the topic? Lets see..what affects your health the most, that we can both acknowledg AND that you have a control over so you can actually do something about it. Because you do know there are things that cannot be controlled regarding your health, right? Like age, sex and many more factors that I will also be discussing later.

Nah you don’t need to brainstorm.. The obvious topic ‘food’.

Yup,this can directly affect you as it is what, you have allowed to be eaten. It starts its journey by you, chewing with your mouth, churning in your stomach to further digesting and  absorbing at your intestine then finally letting it out as good poo throwing your waste products. All the while it travels through, your blood is constantly absorbing it as nutrition for billions of your cells who are working out every seconds for you to function. Now imagine, putting a wrong oil to that machine of yours?

So, what exactly is right healthy diet for you?

Here is an update I would like to give you. The previous health diet chart given by USDA(united states Department of agriculture) ‘The pyramid’ has been replaced by ‘My Plate’. Personally, I think its for better, because I also thought the pyramid was too confusing along with my friends who often complained ‘How much exactly is the proportion of each level  on the chart?’

amazonaws.com This is the previous Health Chart

This is the previous Health Chart

Now with the new  concept, its easy. You just have to fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit(50%) the remaining half the plate with protein(25%) and grains(25%)  along with a refreshing side drink of fat free/low  milk or yogurt

If you are finding it difficult what to arrange on your 50% dish of fruits and vegetables I would say ‘apple’ is a great start. Like they say ‘apple a day keeps doctors away’. Never mind if you can’t have them. You can get apricots, cherries, orange, peaches, pears, strawberries, tomatoes and on vegetables you can get beans, broccoli, carrots, corn, pea, potatoes, spinach. For proteins, you can get poultry products, fish, meat, eggs and legumes. Anything that you like.



please do read-http://www.choosemyplate.gov/about is very simply explained as well