That awkward moments on train..



Satachhi art

Seriously is it just me? Or everyone feels awkward, having their eyes locked in with a person sitting in-front of them? What do you do when that happens? That long uneasy minute, where you have to decide in a ‘zap’ seconds whether you should pull away or keep staring till one of you decides ‘you are not in who can stare long without closing eye lids game ‘ and give up.

When that happens to me, I try not to be ‘scary’ and divert my eyes away immediately. But then, the  problem is.. ‘where should i settle my restless eyes now to?’ Its faces everywhere.  Especially when you catch a train on peak hour. And you are seated very close front-front.


 Believe me, travel everyday by train and  you will get to encounter all sorta eyes, scouring around. Eyes that look dreamy, that are boring, tired, sleepy, ignorant etc etc. What really interests me though are the ones fixated in cellphones. What do they do? They don’t even have network underground. Looking over the same pictures over and over again? Wow!!
some people can do it for so long time. .

One time i even came across an advertisement that said ‘you are reading this because you feel awkward staring at the person in front of you and ….’ It was so hilarious that i literally burs ted out with laughter. YYYYEEESSSSS!!! that was why i was reading it on first place. (Really hot girl on front.. you know. Didn’t want her to feel like i was checking her out or something..i am a straight woman!! 😉 )


Darren Thompson

Honestly, sometimes i don’t even remember where my eyes are settling at. Especially when i am daydreaming… By the time i realise, i have been staring the person in front me for minutes and minutes like i will murder them any moment now..

Thank God. They have started posting poems ‘beautiful ones!!’ once in a while here and there. I love that idea!!

Let me know about your train trips..I am excited to know.

Rainy thoughts..


Its amazing how human beings can bond and break. One moment they are everything to you and the next moment they don’t even matter. One moment you are holding hands together and the next moment,even being in close proximity is suffocating..fuming with toxic air. 😤😤

But, i suppose that is not always the case. Some relations regardless ‘what you name them’ are ageless, spaceless and boundless.

Have you ever had one like that? May be it’s the one with your bestfriend or with that oh-so-special person of yours. A type of relation where you fight, you swear on, where you get hurt but you forget and forgive. May be not forget entirely but forgive ‘Yes’. Why?? Because, at the end of the day, you know it’s you who needs them and without them, you would be lost.



Our feelings have changed now. We aren’t what we used to be..I remember excatly what he used to say ‘ you show up late L, but i know, you will always show up’..

(Sigh…) He will never say that to me again. He will never be hurt now when i don’t show up or if i show up late. But deep within me, i still know we are connected. When i cry, he’s still the first person i call. Not that i plan to..but i do always, to hear him explain to me that things will be alright. He soothes me. When i am happy, i still want him to be happy for me, to participate in my victory. Not that i plan to, but it’s a reflex. He adds so much more to my happiness. And because i know, no matter what my achievements are, he will always be genuinely happy for me.

My friends say what we have is ‘nameless’ after all what we couldnot have. And it is selfish of me, to not let him go. But they don’t understand ‘I can’t’. Despite how we ended, what we had was, what we will never lose.  There was more than love for us in those moments, there was respect, understanding and an unshakeable friendship. The remains of which i still want to preserve. Because, he was and still  is my family.No matter where we end up, he is still home for me. And i will always have my open arms for him.


I don’t know..what is right and what is wrong. Do i feel like i am tying him up with my insanity. May be yes. But all i know, at the moment is, relations like what we have and what we are is  ‘one in million’. I will never let go, no-one can make me, and i will never let him ‘let go’.(( Can’t always reason feelings can you??May be that’s a beauty of being human. We are so complex 😋😋))

Regardless, What we have is ‘Ageless, timeless and boundless’. I will fight to keep it. Will you fight to keep yours?? 😊😊😊

xo xo.

Late night thought



Sometimes in life, even though we wish and we want something to really work, we have to call it quits. Because..reality is cruel. And reality is, we can’t budge a step forward unless we close the old doors behind. Whether it is giving up on an abusive relationship with a husband with whom you are still madly in love with or leaving that job, that you never got good at. ‘Calling quits’ is ‘not failing’, it’s just a smart choice.

Yes.’What if?’ will always be there. Either you take a chance or leave it. But taking many chances on the ‘same thing’ and getting still stuck with taking more.. is foolishness.
You can help a baby make a decision, but for an adult ‘ you are rational enough and liable enough for your own actions. So, If you are chosing to be the victim, it’s your call. It’s your life.People have individual traits sadistic, masochistic all sorts of.May be you got one in you.

But If you are chosing to live, live it simple and be happy ..close one in one quit and open yourself to the door of many uncertainities.

Nobody said life is easy’ it will never be easy to call in ‘quits’ but sometimes in life you have to. Some stories make to pages some get lost along with sealed lips. But if you make it less will be more happy than sad,this  i can promise to you.

Keep it simple.
Xo xo.

Quote 4 :)

So last time, i promised that i would be posting a fourth quote today. You know, the one i was having trouble, deciding, which one should land on my ‘third’ best place. So here it goes.


I know, i know…it doesnot sound so thought-evoking quote like initial three but believe me, beyond this simple line is a ‘whole lot more’.

Everything starts with a dream, a want to make it happen. Whether for a crawling child, who wants to walk, so that he could follow his mother everywhere she goes..or the ‘wright brothers’ who dreamt of flying like a bird one day, free in the open space. It started with a dream. A’thought’ in the head with a ‘compassion’ to make it happen and a ‘dedication’ to make it true.

So, start dreaming from now, will you? 😉

Another honorable mention quote, one of my favourites, that didn’t make it here because i am literally mentioning it,


Hope you liked them.And they inspired you in many ways as they did me 🙂

3 Day Challange (Quote 3) :)

Long ago, i was nominated by Miss  Irish  for  3 day challenge (Her link Gone with wind.  ), in which i was supposed to be posting 3 of my favourite quotes for continuous 3 days. But…the third one took me a long time to post (secret-i forgot..sshhhh hahha) because, obviously getting a right quote is difficult. 😉

So here is the third one, coming after months and months.. which will be followed next week by a fourth quote. (The one that got selected to be postponed for now. And i tell you, it was  ‘tough decision’ to  decide among these two which was better..)


Great! Isn’t it?

Many times in life, we are drowned with guilt and self accusations. ‘Why did i do this and why did i not do that?’ These endless questions never seem to go away, no matter how far we run. Because where can we possibly run from ourselves?

Would it help to know..Things happened, because that is what we exactly wanted at that moment of our life? Whether, we had an idea that this would happen or  we didn’t, because we were too oblivious of the future. It was always up to us to make our choices and we made  our pick.

So, to think now, it didn’t work out doesn’t mean ‘we weren’t happy or we didn’t make the most out of it or we didn’t try to stand up for our picks’. It just wasn’t meant.  Hold your head up..And  Never blame, Never Regret.  ”Be proud, you made a choice. And you stood up for what you wanted.”

P.S- link to my 1st( Quote 1.) and 2nd quote (Quote 2.  ) 🙂

New year. Why you need to have goals??

‘New year? No plans. i will just be spontaneus..’ i hear people say now and then. Ah, i used to be like that… i think to myself. Recalling  the times that i wandered aimlessly, like a nomad in the desert directionless. Reminiscing the moments, when i  spinned round and around, seeing nothing but sand and more sand till 1000 miles away..regretful of why i hadn’t been  little smart and  packed myself one simple ‘compass’ and a piece of paper called ‘map’ before setting out for the voyage? 



I am not saying it will be the same for you and ‘being Spontaneous’ is wrong. NOPE!  Be Fun, Be Adventurous. That is life!! What i am insisting is, nothing wrong with having a little guide to start with..

Raised in strict time table life, i hated routine and planning.  But despite loathing it with all my guts, planning got incorporated into my brain over the long run.  But, it didn’t happen for  ‘being on time’ and ‘actually doing it’for me. So, i got ‘habituated’ working on things only when i wanted them and on procastinating.

And ‘Procastination’ is A BAD HABIT.  Got myself into lot of troubles. I tell you. Not disastrous ones though, luckily. But, letting an entire year go by, ammending for mistakes i made and preparing at last moment in hurry hoping to get best results, cost me a lot. Believe me. I wished many times, if only i had started out with some plans beforehand.

So, if you are a person who is really looking forward to change your life, be something or do something in your life. Set an objective, prepare your goals. And  Get Fixed to it.  . It works! I guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied.


It’s a big thing to initiate. A little anxiety ‘at first’. But getting through those keystones a step a time.. you won’t even realize when all your tasks got check boxed. And believe me” when i say again, by the end of year, you will be so proud of yourself when you  throw out that old calender of yours. I can literally imagine you bloating and grinning.. like me with  your double chin sprouting !!!. (ignore if you don’t have double chin… :/ )

Simply put.. Given you had a day off and  you made a rough plan, that you are going to get your laundry done, watch a movie and hangout with your friends. You will end up doing them by the end of the day. Because you know after those things are done you can rest in peace the rest of your hours. But ……if you haven’t come out with any plan, you will just end up ‘over sleeping’ on your day off. And add laundry in ‘to do’ list for God knows when. Not to mention, you will also miss out on quality time with your friends. (Gosh you are smiling on all your pictures alone..looks like a pathetic loner to me. oh..oh  i see your friends here finally but none  of them  have teeth now.. 😉  

You understood me right?



So here is the thing. Everyday in life is a new day. Never too late to start what you always wanted to do.  Set your destination, plan out your routes to reach there and do it. They say ‘NOW’ is the best time.I think so too, what else can be a better time to initiate than new year..huh? 🙂

Everybody makes mistakes..



Yes, i did some mistakes. I am sorry. Now, what else can i do beside truely apologizing? I am not going to sit here sulking. And i am not going to get stuck here thinking why did i do this and that..I am human. It’s as simple as that. And i understand my actions. Yes i repent, that’s why i am sorry in the first place.  But i refuse to let anybody drag me down to the base, just because i have made some bad choices.

Yes again, i wish things had gone differently. But they didn’t. So i  sucked it up, took a deep breath and moved forward. Who is hurt? I or you or anyone?Is it your piles of lies i should be mad about or my criticisms against you.. Nope. I don’t recall anymore. I forgave myself. Because do you know, only when you truely forgive yourself for actions you have done or things you have caused. You can take a step to tomorrow..Why even bother taking that load, ramming your head when it’s not going to matter in next 5 months or 5 years. Stop suffocating.



This is what i learnt..

1)Not every path you walk is bed of roses, so yes’ not every people you meet are going to be a ‘wow’ person. (Including myself.. or perhaps yourself). Dosen’t mean you should stop walking and stop trusting people. You learn everything step by step. It’s not age that makes you adult, it’s actually experience and maturity with the way you handle things.

2) Words are like bullets. When it’s shot, it’s bound to cause an impact. You can’t take it back. So think through every word before you speak or you lash out. If it’s better to walk out from that point because you clearly see through where it’s going. Make the smart move. Walk away.

Finally, i will stop rabbling and get to point.

If you have someone to say sorry too, i suggest ‘Do it Today’. Do it now..or start mustering your guts to apologize soon. Noone is lowering their standards saying ‘I am Sorry’. It’s just three words.

I said it and now i feel free.You’ Get it done and get it over with.   Believe me…. you don’t want to be dragging your ruggages all the way to another year.  2017 is Knocking!!!! More than enough of those are coming your way.. You are only HUMAN.



Happy Blogging. 🙂

Don’t ask me to be Vegan! :)



People should stop manipulating me to be a vegan…Commenting on my ‘food’ choices is basically provoking my carnivorous instincts!

And here is what i will make clear to you,

  1. Don’t say it. May be suggest but don’t emphasize. If people can kill for money, land, religion and what not. Believe me ‘food’ will create an apocalypse.
  2. Don’t look at us like we are cruel beasts. Yes it’s taking lives away. i know, but plants have lives too. Will you stop eating them? Studies show, plants can feel too..
  3. Ok now, i know i am just being mean.. Thing is i am not saying i have not tried. My relapse  om meat diet was dangerous. Like DANGEROUS!! i had never eaten so much meat in my life before. So for the sake of God and all the animals out there, i cannot be a vegan.


I love you guys. But i guess i love food more. Eventually i am bound to cheat..So i am signing no petition :/

P.S- what do you mean by unseen egg. If you are pure vegi. Be a pure vegi. Don’t tell me you eat egg whiffed cakes and stuffs coz that’s unseen, it still counts for ‘eggs’.

OOPS sorry 🙂

All about Lucky Blue Smith!! :)

Well yeah. You got me.. I am talking about the hottest thing in the air right now. ‘Model’ + ‘Actor’. Young..charming and BEAUTIFUL!! ‘Lucky Blue Smith’. Girls you know him..don’t you??  Here is a treat!


Just look at him..Chiseled face, adorable buck teeth, white ice frosty hair and light blue dreamy eyes.. I know i am past that age where girls hover around boys but what can i say he is A-SUM! Beautifullest(is that even a word??)…Refreshing like a glass of water in scorching summer is that huh?  (ok you get me.. i don’t need to overstress right? Because i am starting to have breathing problems here now :P)

This granny  is usually on hibernation so she doesnot have a clue when the boy showed up and how long has he been  floating around. But donot be heart broken, as a loyal fan now, she has done quite much a thorough workup to know him just right. And yes all that i have collected, i will be spilling any moment now..But you probably know more. So, share with me too!!

So, back to blog.

I had no idea what i was into for when i watched the movie ‘Love Everlasting‘. Is there actually a thing called ‘imprinting’ like that of book ‘twilight saga’. WEll that’s what happened to me. Honestly he could do a lot on acting..‘No offence’ he is good. But… i only noticed him, not his acting.. And with looks like that he has a ‘tough competetion’ with himself. He needs to beat his model vibe to slay it as  actor.. i think. what do you think?  WEll don’t frown at me. That’s my honest opinion.


The secret what hooks me really into him is..that smile..slightly curved lips to the right. Just enough. Perfect!! And his forhead lines when he stares at front with ‘sharp piercing look’ as though  he is aiming for the bull’s eye.. sexy”. And yeah the way he runs his fingers through his hair..(i wish i could run it through once :/). BUt most important, how he is trying his best to be a ‘super model’ and ‘a normal’ person side by side..Like you know, trying to live two lives in one space harmoniously, must be really tough. (You can do it! i am hooting for you from behind the screen!! hehe)  How do i know? Dah.. Look at his youtube videos..the ones where he is talking alone or with others and recording same time. I know, looks very cute stupid dosen’t he? (ok i made that word..idk how to describe).

So here i am sharing you this link, where he describes his A-Z. Learn it by heart 😛 lol. Love the part where he says ‘Stay Golden’.

A-Z of Lucky Blue Smith

Ok..feels like  i have beaten around the bush too much..haven’t i?  Lets get to the project then..

Lucky was born as youngest son, only brother to three equally gorgeous sisters in ‘Spanish fork in Utah’. He started his modelling carreer at age of 12, alongside his two sisters ‘Pyper America’ and ‘Daisy Clementine’, following footsteps of his mom ‘Sheridan’. ‘The Smith’ siblings as you can see all over the internet (youtube and websites) are close knit pack. Not only are they blessed with looks but are also equally talented. They have their own band called ‘THE ATOMICS’, where,


wonderland magazine

Starlie Smith-lead singer, Luck Blue Smith-drummer, Daisy Clementine-lead Guitarist and Pyper America-plays bass.

Yup what a family!!

The Smiths follow ‘Mormon religion’ and are now located at hollywood. Lucky Blue Smith wants to pursue his carrer as a smashing actor too, following his sucess being the mega model with height ‘6 feet 3 inches’.(Gosh!! that is tall. i am only half the size!! )He has walked a number of runaways and campigns  already.. for popular names like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford etc etc (I am too poor to afford and too out of world to see him in action :(). Anyways at such young age, achieving all that is astounding. YOu go boy!!

I read somewhere he is best friend with ‘Anward Hadid’. Well may be i will dig that info more. But i am preety sure i heard him say he dosen’t like tuna fish. (may be i mistaking..too much info all in short period is short circuiting my brain..) SO, i wil stop.


TRy looking at him, when you are feeling down. That preety face is bound to cheer you up, especially when he is with his dog ‘chisai’.  Hope ‘The Smiths’ stay together bonded forever, they are adorable family. And yes, i heard ‘Lucky Blue’ posts often his location of hangout for fans. Goodluck!! If it was me, i would have put him inside the glass bars and let noone touch him. Then guarded the whole thing with my life screaming literally  ‘all of stay out and look through the frame..’ lol. (Gosh you didnot need to know that!!!!) 😛

Cheers… Happy Blogging 🙂

Early morning thoughts from granny.. :)

Some people are like sunshine, some are like clouds.


Do not be judgemental right away, in tagging who is who..because those you thought were sunshine might bring you thunderstorm and floods while those you considered clouds might bring you the warmest sunrays.

Because a wolf likes being under a sheep’s skin. It is often true, a wolf lures more with a sweet talk. While a sheep looks like an unfriendly standby, appearing less pleasant to us.Naturally being dumb we are..atleast most of us (not saying everyone,yeah you are smartie hot pant aren’t you???haha), we pick fury beasts over the fuzzy cottonballs.And a result..we barely escape the claws and it’s scars.




And over the long run,we become what we loathed the most ‘a wolf under our own skin’ without realizing…We forget, we are infected, oblivious to the idea we are transitioning . And we inflict the same bite we beared. Another werewolf created..once again. The curse goes and come around, around and around.

But it doesnot mean, everyone who supposedly look and behave sweet, are nasty under their coats. So, You need to trust more than ever now,be a little judgemental be a little sceptic, yes if you must but skim out the honest good people..They are precious. The world is full of wolves, trying to drag your attentive within that cry is a sheep!!That one person who will change the world you see..

However before that, before you take a step. .Look at the mirror today, know what you are. Are you a wolf or a a cotton cloud ? Because what you are will determine the ripples you will create. ☺️