I am crazy :)

This is basically all about my life…all about me.. blabbering about things i like and i dislike. All those things that i hate and love, things that i grip and those that i let go. Just about me. A plain me… not a celebrity, not a movie star. Just an average girl living an average life with simple dreams with simple thoughts and many more…. 🙂



But Since i am ‘on the moment person’.. ‘the type’ that likes getting her hands everywhere. my writings could be about anything..or the first things that pops in my head, beside focusing just on me. So,here, i have divided my posts into categories, to make it easier for you’
‘Thoughts and opinions’– i am a ‘MARTIAN’. Please don’t stand banging your head reading them.. 😉
‘Basic Health stuffs’– i am a medic one.. so yes i will be slipping some immunity pills to you now and then. No injections. Promise!!!
‘fiction ENTWINED’–  if you have time,please do go through but only if you are intrested in vampire, werewolf stuffs. Its my v. personal fantasy book…shhh!!
‘Hospital diaries’– you know i will post these now and then..
‘In Eurika’s garden’– another attempt to write a story..what can i say i love writing, telling and hearing stories..
‘My Personal blogs’If you want to know this crazy grandma..I am an open book. welcome!! and like i emphasized before ‘plz don’t start banging your head!’..
‘Only the best on youtube’Believe me, i scavange youtube like crows on garbage bins. i know what to give you…atleast the ones that i personally feel are good!
‘The Poetry section’- I AM NOT A POET!! but i love writting verses now and then..you are welcome to cry..i cry when i read my own words too hehhe 😎
‘Writting about Nepal’– Yup i am from Nepal! and i love my country. i will write anything i get about it..especially cultures, customs and places 🙂

All my posts will be very simple. Well i don’t have brains to create complex posts now, do i??

Hopefully the principle of ‘simplicity is the best virtue works’ Please like and comment if you want. I will be very pleased to discover what you write about and how you write too. HAPPY BLOGGING 🙂


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