This thing they whisper ‘Love’..

She told me,

‘Its really sad to think that my grandmother  probably never loved my grandfather.. Its understandable.. she was really pretty and looked way out of his league even to us. And she only married much later than her friends, after she gave up on her hope ‘waiting for the right man’ to come and swift her off.  But for my grandpa it wasn’t that way at all.  She was everything’.

‘He was a really insecure man even at that age, probably because of this complex he had, that she did not at all  feel for him.. So,  if he didn’t see her around sometime, even if it was just for a while, he’d turn the house upside down.’

‘And now, he has been dead for more than a year. But my grandma still wakes up scared having dreams about him.. She thinks, he will come after her to take her with him too. Because that’s what he would do, if he could…’ 



I sat thinking quite a while over my friend’s story of her grandparents. I don’t know, what would i have categorised this story into, had it been a book. Its a win for one and a loss for the other… I mean, I am happy for the man who finally heard ‘yes’ and married ‘The Person’, but i am sad again for the woman, who spent her entire life with a man, whom she never came to love. And now, even after death she has to worry..


This drives me to question what is this thing, they whisper around love?

I grew up hearing my parents own version of their love story as well. ( Its dramatic! Sort of like movies, which i will be posting in some day as well.   That would  explain my own need of dramatisation too!! 😉 Haha ) Anyways, the thing is as much as i would like to believe their story would have made a good show, I will be be honest, it wouldn’t have landed on my own shelves. Because, i saw and i see the story they have, after ‘they got happily married’.

It got bad.

At one point of time, i almost stopped believing, thing called ‘love’ exists at all. How was i ever to live with one person all my life, who were like my parents? Angry, least understanding and always looking for a reason to quarrel… Well, that’s how children’s minds work i suppose.

I remember my dad saying ‘Marry a man who understands you, who can tolerate you. Not the one you fall in love with. Because you could fall in love with a beggar….Life is long’.

I never thought we would survive this.


Now, almost 30 years after their marriage, they are still together. I know now definitely, this is love. May be not the love, that screams passion. But the kind of love you have with person, with whom you spent your last thirty years with, with whom you waved your youth goodbye with and with whom you had your children with.

Probably, seeing their half of life gone now, my parents look closer than ever.. They have known each other, since there age was on one digit number. Weakening bones, greying hair and wrinkling skin..on once those baby chubby fats must have taken its toll.


And probably ‘those feeling’ softened them. Or probably, over these years they learnt to accept each other flaws and their own flaws as well. Maturity does come with age. When does one learn lesson, one never really knows.  On those nights of anger, rage, bitterness, hatefulness, probably there was still ‘love’ lurking around that kept them together..

What ever it was, this is what ‘love looks like’ to me now.


There is no guarantee that you will forever be in love with the person once you loved, or you will come to be in love with the person you have lived your entire life with. There are people i know, who just married as two strangers and fell so madly in love later and again there are people who have been forever in love with then grew to hate each other so much. Whatever this is.. this thing we say ‘LOVE’ is or they whisper around, when you have it, keep it…. if ONLY its worth it.  🙂 🙂 🙂




33 thoughts on “This thing they whisper ‘Love’..

  1. How does a person decide if it’s worth it? By looks? Wealth? Chemistry or 🌈 and 🦋’s? My feelings rest on the two individuals themselves and sometimes I feel that you know something is there and you just have to see how the 🔥 burns.
    Very good post your highness, it almost sounds like something I would have wrote, especially the ending….it’s scary how we think alike. I really enjoyed reading this and you’re right, your parents found a way to make love in their relationship and that’s what has to be done if you want something to last. Like I said, if you hold your own pen, you write your own story. Love the post also, wonderful job your majesty! 👸🏼

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    1. is scary!! Hahhahha. Hmm if u feel that way coz i did steal ur words ‘ if the person is worth for’..but like u said, i wil just kip it as ‘burrowing from you’ 🙂
      Idk how people decide if its worth it..i gues people jus kno joker. Hmm i wil alys remember that joker, u sayin ‘we alys hold our own pen and write our own story’. 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bright as you are beautiful your highness, remember that too. You can steal that if you like, and keep it.
        People do just know your majesty, the mind is programmed to succeed but we change it ourselves with negativity. Do remember that saying, we do hold our own pen, I like that saying….especially because I made it up. 🙂🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. hahhahha Then u didn read my coment properly Joker. I wrote ‘right’ instead of ‘write’ how smart does it make me? I will keep it. Its a very good advice. 🙂 Of course yu made it up. Ur Smart pants!! hehhee

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You’re very smart because I knew where you were going with it, we understand each other… hahaha, write is right anyway you right it. So keep it cause your a smartie pants too your highness. 😁👸🏼

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha!! You are to smart for your own good your highness, but that’s a good thing.
        What am I up too? Putting proposals together for work tomorrow, thinking about you and watching television while blogging in between. Multi tasking….very romantic! Hahaha, and boring.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Wah multi tasking is good. M doing the same thing.. scrolling across youtub efor any good and tryin to arrange my blogs. Hmm u bloggin..does it mean m gona be seeing a new post anytime soon?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. hahhahahhahhahahha really thats a tough thing to crack.. It gave my head a tough spin”’ M too lazy to get through ur witty coments like that rit now.. Hahaha. All i got is, u think i like the things u like about knowing what i like, which could be right” 😉 hahhaha

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      7. Like I said, I have to be confident to be by someone like you. You bring out the best in me your majesty, you have that personality. Like I said, 🃏👸🏼…two of of kind. Power cards!!!

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      8. Spoken like the intelligent queen you are. We bring out the best in each other I believe your majesty and that’s good. We allow us to be our crazy selves in the castle by ourselves. I’m glad I can boost your confidence as you bring out the best in me. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Well we are both happy people. And it A-sum that we boost each other. we do bring out the best in eachother. We pamper each other and advice too ^_^.
        Have you watched that movie ‘Best of me?’ You should watch that. Its good. Like GOod good. hehhe

        Liked by 1 person

      10. We are happy and I think we make each other happy and that’s a plus 😁 🃏👸🏼. Pampering advice, can’t ask for more, but remember, I don’t call it pampering, I’m just being honest. 🙂
        I haven’t seen that movie but if my majesty thinks it’s good then I will make it a point to research and check it out.🙂. Hahaha, how could I pass on your word, your word is law. 🌹

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Hahhaha my word is law huh? I like that. Thats sort of thing my joker sud say hahhahaha. Well if those are ur honest words it keeps my float” I don kno if u wud like that though unless ur into romatic luv story kinda thing..but do chek it out’ who knows it mit melt ur heart.
        Any movies u wud like to advise me to watch? ur hand picks? P.S- my movies list on ‘Binge on movies post’ is expanding at an alarming rate. I have edited it again, also mentioning the movies i watched before that i really liked 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Yes your highness, your word to me is law.😉. So you should stay afloat because I mean that, which means we’ll have very little to argue about in our castle except…..hmmm, never mind. Nothing to argue about😁.
        I will check it out, I’m into anything my majesty is into because I want to relate to her as I want her to relate to me. Besides, I do enjoy romance.
        A good show I have come across was a sci fi called “Passengers” that was good. “Me before you” is a heart tugger and I saw a show called The Boss, only because one of the actors from GOT was in it. I seen all the Saw series. I visited your list and there are more on there that caught my eye, boy do we see 👀 2 👀! 🃏🌹👸🏼

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