Donate Hair! Achievable target on Bucket list ^_^! And my Hair story.

I have always been talking about donating my hair anytime soon. But, like all big talkers do, i have been nothing but blowing air. Read my post on ‘Hair and mess’ about how much had i been bluffing..  Hair and mess..

Not anymore! My friend just donated her hair. And its got me all charged up! l have been saying ‘i would too’ for forever..

IMG-20170808-WA0099 (1)
Her HAIR!!!

Its good to have mates who support you and are hooting you in good cause. Right? So, yeah by the end of this year (ooooops!! Did i say that? Next yr sweetie ;))  i have planned to grow my hair till hip length,  nurture it thoroughly and make sure it lands in a wig! ^_^!

I just have  a shoulder length hair at the moment. Its going to take  a long time.. a long long time i know!! And on top of that, I need to keep trimming in between for splits too.. :/  But don’t worry, this time, its getting done! I am focused!

Screenshot_2017-08-08-09-15-13-1 (1)
Like i said, i am female version of Ghollum!! hahaah. with some hair on my head”’ Don’t mind me pouting 😉

So, i have dug around a little info regarding proper  donations. If you are interested you can go through this as well. 

From what i read so far, it seems the ‘hair making factory’ prefers hair as natural as possible. My friend said its ok though with ‘natural looking colours’ unless they are too bright, like green, white, red…as mentioned in the site. I don’t suppose ‘just colours’ are exclusion criteria cause  she had her hair done too before donating.



Funny thing is, I have been wanting to colour my hair too for quite some time( want and want, yeah i never do anything done much, what can i a lazy pig! 😉 ) but now, well i think i’ll wait.  Make sure the remnants of colours i had from 3-4 years ago on my then then virgin hair”””’ will be clipped out first. So that i can focus on nurturing the right hair properly.

Don’t worry by the end of this year i will also post a pic of my semi-Rapunzel length pony tail too..

At the moment, my hair looks like a nest! A patch of coloured hair here and there ‘the remnants’, that i can’t trim right away since  they are so unevenly distributed. Some way near my scalp, some in between my tangles!! I have no idea why?

Beware of this MARTIAN THING!!!

Now, lets get to my ‘Hair story’ part.

So, from pics you can tell I have dark hair, right? But when it grows, the strands on the tips starts discolouring into rusty brown.. Like ugly rusty! My mom hated my hair so much, from the moment it started appearing on my scalp that she made me ‘go bald’ twice!! Of course at those moments, i felt so angry and hated her for making me look like a ‘potato head’. But, now, i carry nothing against her. I don’t  blame her. Like all typical Nepalese, she liked ‘raven black hair’. Like most mothers want their daughters to have. Lucky for her and my sister, they got in one attempt without getting bald. Not me!!

I did get black hair ‘darker shade’ eventually, as i kept going for long hair.  My mom says, its not that i did not have black hair, but my hair was sort of lighter black, not brown too but dark rusty brown type of black. Apparently, those hair colour mean ‘ill health’, so should be cut down every now and then.

I have one funny memory relating to my hair too from my school years. Once, a principal ‘notorious for his strict disciplinary rules’, picked me out from my assembly and cut down my plated hair with his scissors in front of whole school!! Obviously the embarrassment was too much, on top of that, i was a prefect of that school, on top of that i was a ‘new’ student and on top that ‘IT WAS MY NATURAL HAIR!!’. ‘He did not believe me!!’.

If he had any  idea that my mom was so strict with our hairs  that she didn’t allow us to ‘let loose’ our hair unless, of course it was damp, would it have been any different? I don’t know. .We couldn’t even plate it fancifully even if we wanted too or cut it short. But, that man with his pot belly, with brains on his stomach..well what can i say”’ hahaha.

I did not! I really did not. And what if i even did? He was suppose to talk with my parents, not cut my hair in front of the assembly! Seriously Nepalese schools  are too hard with their students…

Oh don’t worry. My mom had a good talk with him, one on one. She was furious. Did i say, my mom roars like a lion when her temper is boiling??? She even scares my dad! 😉


Hahahha. Hopefully by the end of year, I will also know, what my own natural hair looks like? If it still has rusty brown thingy, i will post a pic too before i trim my hair. ok?

Anyways guys, that was my one memory of ‘fun hair story’ and my words of ‘commitment’ to do thing  on ‘my bucket list’.

Hope you enjoyed it and hope i whispered some inspiring words too. 🙂 🙂

And here, i also leave you with a picture of ‘my hair’ as drawn by one juniors 🙂



7 thoughts on “Donate Hair! Achievable target on Bucket list ^_^! And my Hair story.

  1. Very inspiring article and very well written. Funny addition for a personal story too. That’s very popular out here also and it’s for a wonderful thing. Great blog your highness, thanks for writing this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you joker! ^_^! And no need to thank me for writing. I hav edited seems i wrote by end of this yr, i wil donate. Its actually next yr hahha. If we stick around togethr till then mayb u wil c
      Hmm i supose u wud find this cause interesting..coz i can see ur almost baldie too !! 😉 😉
      U cud hav a personal hair donator’ me!! Hehehe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s good that you will donate, very thoughtful, makes you beautiful inside and out.
        Yeah, I guess “if” we last as you keep saying, then maybe I’ll see. I stay short cut too, yeah….I do. 🙂
        A personal hair donator huh? Although I wouldn’t wear hair because I prefer short, I’d wear the rest of you your highness….which means I would piggyback you. 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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