Top 10 interesting dogs on my list!! (I)

I love dogs. All kinds of dogs. All sizes and all breeds. But, here is a specific list of top 10 dog breeds that i find particularly interesting. Not necessarily favorite, BUT interesting in one way or other. If you have any, please let me know too.


Here is my attempt’ You know am learning right? 🙂



  1. Siberian Huskies and The Alaskan Malamute-  

Siberian Husky


Alaskan Malamute (pinterest)

OOPs, two dogs on the same category?

Yup, people they are together in the list, cause FOR ME, huskies and malamutes don’t go alone without the other. Of course, these are entirely two different breeds with two distinct genetic make ups and physical attributes to begin with, but they also do have  a lot in common with each other compared to the rest of dog family . One for instance is, they are both sled dogs, capable of surviving the extreme cold of arctic winter. How cool is that?

I still don’t know, what attracts me most about these dogs. Is it their resemblance to their ancestors ‘The wolves’, their handsome furry coats or their photogenic  gaze ? Or is it because of  their heroic deed on the movie ‘Eight below’, where i ended up collecting a bucket of tears. In either ways, i love these dogs!

Its surprising how many people can’t tell apart between the huskies and the malamutes. No big deal. I couldn’t too before. But, if you do some research you’ll come across a ton of articles that lists at least 10-15 dissimilarities between them. Then you will be like ‘Oh i know now’.. The basic however is, Siberian huskies are the ones with icy cold eyes- blue, sometimes brown or grey. They have slender bodies compared to malamutes and their tails does not roll back unlike their familiar looking cousins.

And oh boy-oh boy, these dogs can howl. Beware of that when you adopt one.


2) Chihuahua-  


What was that tiny dog called, that Paris Hilton always carried on her arms? Oh ‘Tinkerbell?’ Yeah, it was a chihuahua, the smallest and the oldest dog breed known to man kind. Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Did you also know, these small legged creatures weighing just about 4-6 pounds (1.1/2kg -3kg) were originally from Mexico and they used to royals? You heard right.  They were initially bred to be companions, especially bed warmers for those of royal families. Now, maybe not so much popular in the blue blood, but the breed still holds strong admiration from the celebrities and those from the common households. Reason? Look at it. Its so tiny and cuddly with small fist size head and big big round eyes.  But’ i warn you, for its miniature frame, its got a nasty temper.

Not only that, as fragile as it looks, the breed is actually tough and has the longest life expectancy compared to other breeds. Some have known to live till 20 years. Now that on human years would mean, me living one whole century(100 years!!).


 3) Corgi-



Google word ‘Corgi’ and you will find hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with her adorable dogs  ‘the Corgis’. You will notice at a glance that these are small dogs with well built physique, furry tail, pointed ears and bubbly eyes.

The breed comes in two varieties, The Pembroke’ and ‘The Cardigan’, among which Pembroke is more popular one, being the choice of Queen herself. However, experts say there are hardly any differences between the two except some physical traits, like the ‘Cardigan’ is more heavier and longer than pembroke. The breed was developed at ‘Wales’, hence the word ‘Corgi’ which  means ‘dwarf’ in Welsh language. However, do not be deceived by their  adorable foxy appearance,  these small dogs  are excellent herders. And can control hundreds of cattle alone;  gathering them together, barking’ ordering them around and  slipping past through their hooves if necessary, without worrying to be kicked. Thanks to their agility!  In fact it is said that ‘herding’ comes instinctively to corgis, since they were originally bred to be farm dogs for this purpose. Interesting right? Let me know, if your corgi does that at the ranch. 🙂


23 thoughts on “Top 10 interesting dogs on my list!! (I)

  1. Interesting list so far your majesty, I love dogs too. I absolutely love Huskies, they remind me of wolves. The Malamutes are bigger than the Husky and are used for pulling loads in the snow while the Husky are primarily used for racing. But both are in fact snow dogs and serve there purpose in cold weather, which means they can both run and pull sleds. The chiwawaha is interesting, I had no clue they could live that long, that’s impressive to know. And royalty…..who would have thought😉? Haha. The Corgi is an interesting dog too, research says that it’s used for herding, a rather small dog with a large job to do. I must also say that your sketches of the Huskies are incredible, you never cease to amaze me your highness….your talent with a pencil goes beyond mines with words. I seen that and I just smiled, it’s not often when I’m lost for words.😉🌹. Probably your beauty could only perform such a feat, great job on the article and the picture your highness. 🃏🃏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Thank You Joker. You are always supporting me. By the way, you are doing nice job!!Wah your knowledge is more in depth than mine..Hmm no wonder mamlamutses look heavier. I love em too except their funny bark”. Yeah imagine a chihuahua..hahhah. Yup they are among the top notch healthiest breed. Haahahha u figured em huskies huh? oH well means its recognizable’. M learning. During these period i want to be good enough to atleast be confident enough to sketch things i like. 🙂 🙂 Lost for words hehheh Really?
      Oh you are always too kind pampering me. M always bloating when u leave remarks like that ^_^!
      What are other dogs you find interesting. Next on my list is st bernards, dachund and a pug 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so welcome and the support is warranted, you too are doing a great job. My knowledge is no more in depth than yours my majesty, in fact we walk hand and hand in the knowledge department, I’m far to busy looking at you to know where I’m walking, so you’re guiding me.😏. You’re the one who knew about the chihuahua and corgis. Yeah, Malamutes do have a unique bark. I did figure the sketches were Huskies, you have a talent and you are good at what you do, you keep it up because you are AWESOME!!! You do leave me at a lost for words, like I said, I saw it and I just sat and smiled….it made me feel something….made me feel proud. Haha. I don’t pamper you, I just tell you the truth you beautiful thing.😉
        The next three dogs sound like interesting choices too, I like St. Bernard’s. I’ve found German Shephards and Rottweilers interesting breeds. But I’ll find anything you write interesting your highness because your talent in writing catches the eye.

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      2. I guarantee warrant my support too. Just don tell me to kill people.. hahha. Hm its good w elearn from each other. LIke i am learning a lot from you and hopefully you learn sthg intresting from me too..Yeah i don really love chihuahuas. m more into big dogs but i like them ‘ok’. They hav nasty bark. small things with big temper. annoying!!! hahahha. Corgis coz i came across a video with queen sorrunded by dogs everywhere. at one point in her life she had 30 of them, can u belib it? Rich people!!! hahahhahaha. Proud of me. hehhe i hope so. Hmm St. Bernards, what i like baout them is they are big dogs with friendly heart. and they looks jus adorable with barrels on their neck” hahahha. German shephards hmm i don know much, they are the hounds right? I like rotweilers, coz despite being the angry ones they are strictly very loyal to their owners. I watch youtube a lot!!! hahhahahahhahah. anything everything.

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      3. I’m glad I have your support also and no, no killing people.😁. It’s good when we can exchange things between each other😏…….like knowledge. I do learn stuff from you, from your blogs I learn the knowledge of new information because then it causes me to do research myself. Listening to you and storing the information that you give is amazing sometimes, you’re very knowledgeable at what you talk about. I’m more of a big doggie guy too but small dogs don’t bother me. 30 dogs, that’s a lot dog food.🙂. St Bernard’s are very smart, they are portrayed with barrels around their necks because they were pegged as search and rescue dogs and those barrels were believed to be canteens with medicine, or water to aide hikers stuck in mountain areas. German Shephards, I don’t know if they’re hounds but they are police dogs and are known as one of the most loyalist breeds which is why they are law enforcement dogs. Rottweiler are mixed bred with a bad rep, just like pit bulls. You tube huh? 😁. Hahaha!

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      4. well its good to talk witty, joke, sweat reading coments and learn something good at same time. Boardens up the knowledge. I don like feeling stangnant coz i am one. I like knowing more if nothing, atleast about things i like… like pets and stuffs. I had two big dogs in past. Himalayan dogs, almost like mastifs but cross breds. I never think i wil own a dog again although i do love dogs and want to own one. Hmm well i will be writing the info you on bernard next time on my blog then. hehhehe. Yeah i know german shephards only as police dogs. I wil have a look at them.. Hmm i completely forgot about pitbulls. i confuse them mostly with bull dogs. idk. Its good i will do research on them as well.. hahahha. Yeah. everything i learn is from youtube or google. i rarely touch books. They stress my eyes out.. what about you? you ever fascinated by books?

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      5. I enjoy talking too albeit witty, informal or sweat making conversation it’s all good and if you can learn something too, that’s even better. Knowledge is the faction of power. Your not strange. You know more than you think and you think more than you know… just don’t know it. But the mind is constantly running. So you had two dogs before huh? What happened? I’ve had dogs in the past also, love dogs. You don’t think you’ll own a dog again? Well, don’t be to sure, you never know your highness, I love dogs. I’ll be looking forward to reading the next blog on dogs part 2, the first was awesome!!! Use any info you want.😁. Yeah, pit bull and bulldogs are often paired in the same catagory by people but they are different, pit bull have an interesting history.
        Yeah, I actually love to read books, I think that’s why I like to write which is why I’m so good at my job.😉. I don’t mind typing and reading on the computer but books are more for me your highness.❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      6. i know more than i think and i think more than i know but…i just don’t know.. WoW that were some deep words there. so complicated..i didn’t understand!! hahahha 😉
        WEll they died. hahha. wat hapned to ur dogs? Sure though i mit take some time, coz m planning to try sketching another dog, lets see if it works. so i can put it out..till then i wil do some research. Not fair, you said pull dogs have intresting history n u ended there. Now m curious. Hahaha indeed you are very good at job. U have very distinctive writing style. It amusing and good at same time. I just type what ever i babble or plays on my mind. I’ve nevr met a guy who was into books before. Good! you must e really boring!! hahahhahahaha

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      7. Hahaha, you like that huh? It wasn’t that complicated if you got it.😉
        Yeah, I had dogs in the past, some passed on, one ran away. It was way back when. Gonna sketch some more dogs, that’s awesome, I can’t wait to see them….I love your sketches. Very good, detailed and the shading is amazing. I’m sure it’ll work out great. Pit bulls do have some interesting history, but I want you to do some research on them if you’re gonna write about them.😏. Sooo, the kitty is curious??? Hmmmm😉. I try to be good at my job, and I try to enjoy writing which is why I aim to be good at it. If you enjoy it, you’ll be good at it. You type whatever you babble but what you babble is captivating and interesting so it works. I love reading books, so yeah, I guess I’m a little boring but I’m exciting in other places! 😉

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