My Favourite Nepalese Food!! Part 5.

6) Selroti

Selroti is a type of round bread, prepared traditionally on occasion of Tihar ( one of the longest festival of Nepal). However, since it is easy to prepare and can be stored for longer duration, you can also find it on local restaurants as a part of a lunch or a breakfast. This is good. Especially for me because, i don’t want to wait  one  whole year for the occasion to come just to eat it.


The bread is prepared out of rice  flour. The texture and the  appearance it receives, is from the type of flour that has been used to prepare it. Usually on local restaurants, you will notice that the surface of their dough is smooth. Its because, they use  ‘Instant flour’, that is highly refined. Conventionally, people soak the rice over night and grind it to prepare flour, so that it is not too powdery. That way, crustiness  develops on the exterior, preserving the primary essence  of this bread.

Personally for me, selroti is associated with some childhood memories. Those days of long hours of work, sitting down and grinding  the rice along with my cousins.  And believe me,  when i say ‘we had to grind’, it was a whole lot of grinding work, up to 20 kg rice sometimes.  And after we were done, mom used to take over, preparing  tons and tons of  bread, cooking from morning till dawn( ok, i’m exaggerating now! 😉 ).



I meant, she prepared many. Not just for us, family members and relatives but also to give away to ‘deusi and bhailo team’, in exchange for the blessings they gave to our households on Tihar.  So, the day ahead of the festival was literally always a labor day. Still, the taste of bread always made it worth.

A selroti is a round shaped bread, mixed with sugar, coconut powder, ghee and sometimes with milk. It is sweet in taste and a bit oily since it is cooked by deep frying. Which would mean, people avoiding fried food may not like it and those preferring salt to sweet savories may not fancy it.  However, for  a person looking for authentic Nepali bread taste, this is the what you search for on menu.


There is popular belief that sharing a selroti with family members and friends on festival of Tihar bonds ties together and makes them stronger. ‘Tied like the ring of selroti’ is what they say.


7) Jujudhau

Jujudhau is a very popular delicacy among kathmandities and those from Bhaktapur. It is one of the tastiest form of youghurt available, that is locally prepared by indigenous population of bhaktapur ‘ Newars’.  ‘Juju’ in Newari  language means ‘King’. Hence the word ‘Jujudhau’, means  ‘King of the curds’, that rightly fits its popularity.


The curd can be locally bought on supermarkets, although it tastes best when you buy it on its place of origin’. It is available  either in small cute  jars, or thick saucer shaped containers. In either way, you will notice that these  are always given on  vessels made of mud. The reason being the porosity of these mud made holders, that absorbs all the water part leaving behind a thick creamy paste of curd alone. There are rumors, that the delightful taste of Jujudhau is due to it’s secret recipe. But…i have no idea. If you are interested, google it. (IT has everything!!! Can you believe it?. I typed ‘why are people stupid 😉 And it came with a list of articles on probable causes and researches done. You try, type anything..)

Jokes aside. Jujudhau is my favourite of all desserts. Try once, you wont forget it. I always get the big one when i buy. The little jars are such a tease..

There is a particular day ‘Ashar 15’ in Nepal, known as ‘Dahi-Chiura khaney din’, which in English translates as a ‘day to eat yogurt and beaten rice’. The sales of Yogurts are maximum this day, especially ‘Jujudhau’.


8) Newari Khaja Set

Most of the authentic Nepali foods, originate from the ethnic group ‘Newar’, who were the primary residents of the Valley, before the unification by King Prithivi Narayan Shah. So, most of the foods you get to eat on kathmandu will be from the Newari dishes. There are many. More than a dozen. But, my personal choice  is ‘Newari khaja set’.

newari kitchen
Newari kitchen

As the name says, it’s a set made together by putting together variety of foods.  Usually includes beaten rice (chiura), marinated water buffalo’s meat (choila), bean curry (bhuti), achar ( pickles, could be simple tomato/ raddish pickle/ garden peas/chick peas pickle) and spiced boiled potatoes (aalu). There could number of additional dishes, like boiled/fried egg, spinach, gundruk (fermented leaves) etc etc depending on individual preference and the choice of restaurant.  But, be assured there will be at least 4/5 varieties. Good deal huh?

Since the meal is wholesome, the set is quite popular among  Newaris for big gathering occasions or festival seasons. It is a great out door meal too, especially for times, when you are hanging out with your big gang of friends, perhaps with a beer bottle or fizzy can in hand and talking all about, you know ‘life happens’ stuff..

auntys lunch
This is a homemade one! Notice my fat foot? 😉

Most of the ingredients are spicy so make sure you know how much of ‘hot stuff’ you can take before you order, but usually is mild, except for pickle and the meat ‘choila’. And oh boy,oh boy,  ‘Choila’ is the best thing. So, ignore everything and taste ‘it’ first, if you want to be sure, you paid money for a good thing.








14 thoughts on “My Favourite Nepalese Food!! Part 5.

  1. This is an interesting article your highness, always intrigued to learn about my Royal acquaintance😍! Selroti sounds delicious, very similar to what we would call doughnuts except ours are just dough and sugar and butter. But jujudhau sounds tasty, I like yogurt! That is more of a custard I read. I also read that the yogurt in Nepal is made from cow milk but jujudhau is made from buffalo milk to allow for a much sweeter taste which probably has an affect on the natives😉. I’ll have to try it, I like custard and they sell it year around so I won’t have to wait till Dashain to get it. Newari Khaja Set sounds like a feast, is it the same meal eaten morning and evening? I can see why these are some of your favorite foods, they look mouth watering. I love reading post about things like this, you are an amazing writer with great photos…very journalist like……my queen at work. Very well done your highness. 👸🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it does sound like doughnuts doesn’t it? And i love doughnuts! I didn know Jujudhau was like custard. You impress me!!!! As expected of Joker! One step ahead on everything huh..You did ur research? Honestly i did have custard now and then but i really cant tell wat custard is and stufs. well i will do research on that since you like it too. Buffalo milk huh.. hehehe. Hmm water buffalos are very popular in our country..COZ MOMO comes from there.Usually. hahah did i read the word ‘Dashain?’ Impressive. U did research on that too? coz i i checked and i haven mentioned Dashain on this post. Hmm its not the usual thing, since to put together all the dishes takes a lot of effort. But whether morning or evening it doesn’t matter. Though better to try evening. Its spicy! photos were just downloaded from internet Joker. Except the last one..hahhah. i like taking pictures of food i eat. M also obsessed with pictures” 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not one step ahead, I’m right by your side your highness.🃏👸🏼. Yeah, custard can also be used as pie filling. I’ll have to research momo next, but I like keeping up with your highness…you are my interest. 😊. And yes, I remember you telling me you were interested in photography. 😍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah i like taking photos. The idea of one. Its evidence hahhah my memories are really bad. i like kipin myself reminded. Someday wen i start traveling and day wen i hav good muny enof to buy gud camera..hahhaha. Hm ‘momo’ yeah’ u sud see that one. Its my favorite. I culdn stand long a month without havin it once. Someday if remain frenz till wrong, we can hav a momo fiasco!! we will try al sort of mom available and can have a competetion on who eats most 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Your memory isn’t that bad.😊. I’m sure you’ll be able to travel soon enough, you can do whatever you put your mind to your highness, trust me, you’re bright enough to make anything happen.
        Momo, like I said, I’ll have to research that if it’s your favorite.😉. What do you mean if we remain friends? How about we do have a momo eat fest one day. I’ll probably win! If not, then I’ll definitely reward you for winning!😏

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hahahha i wud love that!! A momo fest. If i win, i wil probly end up havin u my slave for few days 😉 we cud hav custard pie competition too hahhah. Wat else do u like? Food i mean..ur right. We jus gota belib in ourself n kip goin.. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yes, I wouldn’t mind being your slave for longer than that if you wanted me to😏!! I’d lose on purpose. Haha!! And if I win the custard competition, what do I get?
        I like all kinds of food and I don’t mind trying new things.
        We do just have to believe in ourselves your highness, we’ll keep going

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      6. Hahaha u would? may be winning prize wud be better than a losing punishment. seems like ur the type who is intrigued by getting tortured…If you win, you will kget more custards of course.. coz winning would prove u love custards!! We do have to belib in ourselves.
        BY the way, i passed my exam!! 🙂 🙂

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      7. Yes, being your slave would make me a winner!😉. So I would try to lose, haha, I would let you win but if I win and the prize is good, then maybe I’d try to win.😁. Either way, your torture is a win for me!😁 and I get lots of custards so it’s a win win….I get you and I get custards! I can’t lose your highness.🃏
        Yes, we must just believe in ourselves, we write our own books and you know what happens when we believe in ourselves……..we pass EXAMS!!!!!!😁🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉!! Congrats your highness, I knew you could do it!! Very proud of you!💞🌹🌹🌹. Like I said, bright as you are beautiful!! 🙂🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. You hav no idea of my torture and u r excited..hahhaha. There is sthg wrong with you. u r too willing….Yeah u will hav a lot of custards..Follow the trail,,,go go feed urself as much as you want….muhahhahahahha and end up in the dungeon!!!
        I know ur so proud of me’ hehe. A queen needs to prove her potential sometimes. 🙂 😉

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      9. I don’t know what lies in your little mind but I’m not afraid, I’m to curious to be afraid and to excited to be nervous, hahaha. Plus, if you’ll enjoy it, then you won’t hurt me to much🙃. Bring it on!
        In the dungeon…..sounds dark…😬!
        Yes, I am proud of you! So very proud of you your highness. Because I knew you’d do it.😁. You need not prove something your advisor already knew you could do, you were merely showing your royal skills. 👸🏼❤️. And Royal they are.


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