Lets play hide and seek!!


(Just having fun with the words for my sketch  attempt) :p

Lets play hide and seek baby.

You run,

pretending you are the rat.

I will chase,


Following  behind you swiftly…

Like the fat hungry furry cat.


And ‘squeak squeak’ where is my little mouse?? i will call.

You don’t have to answer..Nope.

It’s a thrill, i am looking for.


‘Thump thump thump’

Oooh..Then i will hear your pounding heart

‘Peek a boo’ !! Can i shout please..

Or Scream perhaps, to stop it from beating so fast.

Or may be,

i will want to  be silent

Just long enough to polish my paws, lick my lips,

And sharpen my claws..

Before i decide to make a light snack out of you,

‘ A dessert’, ahead of my regular sunday brunch.


SLURP….. you are delicious!!





Next poem 🙂 – The Mirror.






7 thoughts on “Lets play hide and seek!!

  1. Meeeooowww your majesty……this was majestically delicious. You not only told a wonderfully sensuous story, but the sketch is amazing! I love the shading and the detail, very talented and fitting to a tail tale story😁. Makes any mouse wanna get caught by such a pretty predator. This was a very creative all around missmonsoon, like I said….you are beautiful as you are talented your highness. 👸🏼🔥

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hmmm bloating with ur praises Joker. Bluuuurp!!! oops 😉 m glad u liked it. Hahha i tried. Remember my new yr resoulution? To be good at something atleast. Kitchen is not working so i might get along with pencil and papers for now. I alys loved sketches. i just hope i get better. It helps me to sort of meditate and its a gud pass time too. U sud try if ur intrested. I hope the cat didn’t appear too vicious!! hehehhe

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, I praise when it’s due and you deserve it your highness😍! You are good at a lot of things I bet, I can say sketching isn’t the only thing that’s beautiful about you. Don’t hope to get better, you’re already there, you can only get better your highness. Maybe I will try it, I can do a thing or two with some lead when I’m bored. The cat was a mixture of mellow and mysterious…..she looked hungry….yet she looked like she wanted to play with her food first. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. hahhaha well you understood the cat very welll. Nothing like thrill of chasing a rat!!! 😉 Hmm u know i want to get better enof to put togther someday my best of sketches.. just the beautiful ones especially of animals on my walls. so that i luk at it everytym n say to myself ‘i drew it..’ hehhee. Plus i wnat to learn photography somedy wen i go around traveling so that i can put togethr the best ones on the walls too. Something to look and remember by. wat do u think?Hmm well post it sumday ur lead works. i m curious 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I try to understand your highness and her mysterious mind😏🃏👸🏼. I think your work is really good, you can start putting it on your wall now, that is just motivation for you to continue to do more and hang more up. And when you do look at it, you do find your work and appreciate it, I sure do because it’s lovely art. I think you’d be great at photography too, you’d be great at anything you pursue because just like you, your work would be beautiful, that’s what I think.🙂🌹. I’ll post a bored pencil work one day to feed your curiosity….I’ll feed your highness. 😉


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