‘Thoughts’.. Being Myself. No more Chameleon! ;)


I have been too messed, i have been too solved.. Many times i was wrong, many times i agreed others were right even when i knew they were wrong. I was firm, but again i moulded many times too to adjust..A chameleon, to my instinct. I never knew my own true colors, my true form.. I was green when everything around me was green, i was red when everything around me was red. I was never too sure..I was never too open about myself. I was sceptical..I am sceptical..

A part of me still wonders..which side of my face is staring back at me from the mirror. The one that says ‘who cares’or the one that says ‘I do!’. BUUT at least  it isn’t the same anymore. I am not lost.. I have found my edges to balance. I have realised, no matter which side i’m bending to, people who care despite all my nuisance will still stick with me. ‘BEING MYSELF’ is all that i can be for now and for life..to be happy.

BE YOURSELF”””’. I think i unlocked the ultimate secret to happiness  in these two words. What do you think?? 🙂 🙂



17 thoughts on “‘Thoughts’.. Being Myself. No more Chameleon! ;)

  1. I think that is the best thing and the best person you can be. I love yourself!! ;o) To blend in like a chameleon is to play to everyone else and when you do that, you’re trying to please everyone else. You’re playing Halloween, wearing a mask and who wants to do that? Once you find yourself, you won’t need to search for someone else because you’ll have everyone you need, and true people will be happy with the real you. I’m happy with my highness, I’m lucky I have her and I wouldn’t want her to change. ;o) You be you!

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    1. hahhah Thank you Joker. Ur alys pumping my spirits up!!! I be me! Nd You be U!! How about that. And we don give a damn who becomes what hehhehhe. To blend like a chameleon takes a lot of effort. Its an art too 😉

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      1. It is art to blend like a chameleon and it’s work, to much work to pretend your highness. You’re perfect who you are and to me, you are already a piece of art.❤️🌹😏

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      2. I’m a deviant Joker. hahahha. I’m split. I’m half. The post of yours about mask, caught me off guard. Maybe i have one, hidden that side in me too. And belib me, when u hav one side hidden its alys hard to be urself..Its like never knowing which part of people want you for… 😉 Just messing ur mind. I kno u lik rolling urs too hahhahah

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      3. Lol……you’re funny. Some people want you to be who they want you to be, I can only be who makes me happy. Every coin has two sides in life but people can control the flip if they want, some people choose to wear a mask because they feel they have to. I don’t see that in you, I don’t think. But I do see you in me, you’re a mind messer, a card🃏, a jokerette😁, a queen of hearts❤️. Hahaha……you know me well your highness.🃏🃏

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      4. Hahahha u do see you in me huh. We must b linked then with sum twisted faith! So wen u said that to me wer u saying 2urself that ur mind messer, the joker, the king of hearts? Hahhahha. Praising urself huh ”

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      5. Twist of fate, haha, I like the sound of that your highness.🙂🌹🃏. Two of a kind. I try not to praise myself to much, I leave that to others😊. Yeah, I guess I was doing that a little….😁, why wouldn’t I with a highness such as you. 🌹

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      6. Hahahaha ur hilarious!!! Its ok to praise urself once in a while..here is a secret’ i praise myself all the time!! Hahha. I just make sure i don kno that in case i think too high of myself 😉

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      7. It’s okay to praise yourself, you deserve it your highness as beautiful as you are. I compliment myself every blue moon being under a queen such as you.😉 haha! But you, you go and think high your highness. 😎

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      8. Why once in a blue moon?? I had an impressn u praise urself often. Idk. U sound rather quirky hahhahaha. When u say u go and think high i thot u meant b high…hehe lately i hav been doin quite a research on being high stufs..i nearly thot u spoke my mind hehe

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      9. The moon is always blue to me your highness. 😏. Ever since you came along, there are no such thing as grey skies.😊. I stay quirky….hahaha!!
        And yes, where do you think I get your highness from? I want you to be high and stay high!!😏. I’m high on your highness all the time😁. 🃏🔥👸🏼. Be high on life…..am I reading your mind now? Be high on your advisor silly! Here, this is for you. 🌹

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      10. My advisor is so adorable its impossible not to b high on him!! Hahhahh. U make me feel good! Honestly. Ur people are so luky to hav u 🙂 🙂 and again m special lucky. Coz ur the joker on my castle and there is only one queen here hahhahahha. I trust my wise advisor 🙂 🙂

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      11. My highness is even more adorable which is why I stay high on her.👸🏼😊. You make me feel good too your highness and I thank you. Any and everyone is lucky to have you in their life, I’m the luckiest joker of all🃏🃏🤗!! There is only one queen that holds the key to the castle and that’s you! I trust my highness whole heartily 🌹😊😊


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