The Joker and Harley “Queen”

For all those who fancy Joker and Harley’ one of my favorites!! 😁😁


Take a look at a perfect pair

They go together like a time share.

These two can be a million miles apart

But yet they can share the same heart.

He’ll do anything to make her smile

She’ll do anything to drive him wild.

She’s by his side day and night

And for her happiness he will fight.

The road they started on was rough

It wasn’t easy, it was rather tough.

They dedicated their heart and soul

And they’ve developed something beautiful.

She tells him how dark she can be

But it’s only the light in her he can see.

He likes to twist words, play with the mind

But she understands him and she’s kind.

They developed a repore of trust,

And a bond much stronger than glue.

She grows more dedicated to him

And there’s nothing for her he wouldn’t do.

This is a relationship being written,

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