The alternative Kathmandu: #5 The lost noses of Kantipur!

Another read into history of Nepal. Bravo dai 😊😊

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The alternative Kathmandu


If this is your second visit to Kathmandu you may be in need of a few thoughts to explore the city further, understand it more, so you don’t just have a quick stay before shooting off to Pokhara, Solu Kumbhu etc. If this is your first visit then we hope to help you get more out of your trip and get out of the mainstream rather than following the hordes every day to Swayambhu, Pashpatinath or Durbar Square.

#5 Kirtipur’s Lost Noses!


If you visit only one town outside of the ring road encircling Kathmandu then make it Kirtipur. Another -pur to add to your list of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kantipur but do you know the derivation of the part-word?

Originally another Newar city until the unification by Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1767, its history dates back to 1099 AD when it was part of Lalitpur. Now…

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18 thoughts on “The alternative Kathmandu: #5 The lost noses of Kantipur!

  1. Kirtipur……sanskrit for Glory City. They do have a beautiful temple in Shri Kirti Vihara, Kirtipur. The invasion of the city by trickery reminds me of the “Trojan Horse” tactic used by the Greeks to enter the city of Troy.

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    1. Hmm Joker continues to amaze me. Google huh” Brilliant.I didn kno there is a temple like that. Honestly i have only been to kitipur twice and both time on a same place. A lake called taudaha..its so peaceful there. Hmm i will google in Trojan horse too 🙂

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      1. Google….. yes your majesty, reading interest me, especially history in general. I just happened to look it up because the story of the invasion of the city, and the fact that my queen hails from Nepal and came across the temple while reading. I’ll have to look up the lake. 🙂

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      2. Hmmm troy is on my mind. U know joker after a long time i got a comic book at my hand. It was called ‘return of the knight’ and the batman was old..and so was joker. His entry was amazing but he died too quick. I miss reading comics. i was worying al the time while i read wat wud others think seeing me read one…hahhaha

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      3. The City of Troy and the Trojan Horse……cool story, on your mind like I am, huh😏?
        Return of the Knight, they remade a series out of that and they even revamped the characters if I’m not mistaken. I wasn’t a huge D.C. Guy as much as I was Marvel but I was still into it nevertheless. I never worry what others think, never have and never will because it’ll slow you down your majesty. You know, they probably wished they could read it after you….that’s what they were really thinking….hahaha🃏🃏

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      4. can u not be a DC guy if u like playing joker huh? hahhaha… wud u belib if i say, ur alys on my mind Joker. Hm did they? IDK how much part of those i have missed..i sure got a lot intrested once i saw that one today. i will surf in for series then. I wonder if they said that. I got so uncomfortable being eyed by one or two adults..I wud never be seen in public holding comic books on my hand if i am to be honest..Its against my image lol.

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      5. I didn’t say I’m not a D.C. Guy, I’m just not as big on it as I am on marvel but like I said….I am true to some of the D.C. Characters in the universe as opposed to others such as the 🃏!😏. Always on your mind huh?🙂. Are you joking?😁. They did revamp those series and characters, in books, cartoons and video games believe it or not. Never get uncomfortable reading comics, you’d be surprised at how many people read and even collect them. People who stare are probably just trying to see if they have what you are reading!😂😂. I’d carry a stack of comics, image is everything because it’s being who you are🃏👸🏼

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      6. hahaah wouldn be it nice to be frenz with someone who owned all the comics and let me burrow to read. How cool wud that be? Hmm ok i get it. You are the marvel type with loyalty to only some dc ones. I do know people collect them and i have also heard obvious coments being passed like ‘too childish’ and stufs. ur right. Image is everything. Guys in my uni still think i am a kid. They are stiill like, you look like a lady now but i still remember u were so small when u joined us. hahhahahhha

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      7. Yeah, that’d be cool….. then you would have the inside scoop on all the new releases!!😁.
        It’s like royalty to one with loyalty to both. Yeah, adults collect them more than kids do and they make the most comments…. hahaha!!😂😂. Just to hide the fact. They probably say that cause they still collect… 😉😂😂😂hahaha

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      8. Hmmm..never came across a collector.. But as far as the cliche goes, geeks and a little retarded collects those. And my friends advise never to date one with collection. Maybe too much of collecton with obsession is bad thing but i think some collection is okay..coz i’d b colecting who knows.i jus don wana get caught hehhehehhe

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      9. Oh, I don’t collect your majesty…..I don’t have the geeky patience to do it but I know people who do😛. Collectors really get into there craft sometimes, if I did collect, it wouldn’t consume me by any means……the only thing I have is playing cards.🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏. And the queen of hearts. I don’t worry about getting caught because everything stays in the castle.😏

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      10. hahhaha well i better be swift with reading all the comics available then before anyone catches me reading it. P.S- i still gotthat tiny deck of cards someday i hav meaning to give you. well someday Joker. 🙂

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      11. Take your time reading……soak it in. The people who are looking are wishing they had what you got😁! Ah, the tiny deck🃏🃏…someday Queen of ❤️’s 🙂


      12. Comics evolved from time and have gotten more advanced and more detailed with craft. That’s why people collect them more seriously now, it’s a job, not a hobby.. haha! It has nothing to do with vocabulary, I feel the same way you do your majesty, so whatever you got, I got it too. Your imagination is just as advanced, I read Entwined…😉, great book.
        Yeah, hold on to that deck🃏

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