My Favourite Nepalese Foods!! Part 3

3)Bhat, Daal and Tarkari.

Honestly for me and my family , not a day goes by, without having a proper set of ‘Bhat, Daal and Tarkari’.  I can vouch, same goes for any Nepalese family whether living in Nepal or abroad.  And as I mentioned previously,  ‘Dhidho and Sishnu’ may be the traditional Nepalese food, but staple diet is this set, a cuisine very well popular in South East Asia.

Bhat, Daal, Tarkari with Achar, gheu (liquified ghee), papaad and machha(fish).

‘Bhat’ refers to ‘Boiled rice’ usually ‘white rice’, ‘Daal’ is soup made of lentils. Any lentils (black gram, petit yellow, pink, brown chickpeas etc etc ). And ‘Tarkari’ is a vegetable curry. Most families, add on side ‘Achar’ which basically means pickle, something that is sour and spicy, to give your tongue that last ‘click’.

I must say, do not  be surprised hearing, about people  preferring ‘Daal, bhat and tarkari’ for morning lunch and evening dinner too. If you ask me, I even make in-between meals with ‘fried rice’ from left-overs.  Why not? It is healthy as well. Fills in the definition of ‘my plate’ for healthy diet given by USDA itself. ‘Bhat’ provides ‘carbohydrate’, ‘Daal’ gives proteins and ‘Tarkari’ has  ‘greeneries,’ meaning vitamins. Bravo right?? In addition, since both ‘bhat and daal’ are boiled, the ‘fat’ content on the meal is quite less. Yupiee for me”

Thakali set

But then,  you must know the portions you want to include with these cuisine. Preferably  ‘Daal and Tarkari’ more to ‘Bhat’. Otherwise, like my mom says ”Dumb like there is nothing in your head except Bhat, Bhat and Bhat’. 😉

Last time i had a ‘delecious’ invite over.. hehhe

4) Wai Wai noodles.

Yup! When you walk in Nepal and you don’t buy this ‘packet’ of brown noodle, you might want to give  a second thought, to  ‘how complete was your trip to Nepal?’. I tell you, as much as the popularity of momo goes, it runs side by side. You can boil it, fry it,  have it just the way it was packed or season it raw and enjoy the crustiness, while you sit together with your friends for house warming gatherings, movies or kitty parties! It is perfect for occasions..believe me. And it comes in all flavors’

That is me stocking my ‘wai wai’ load, when i last entered into a Nepali shop.

Love seasoning it and eating it unprepared.
LOve this one boiled or fried.

At other times, when i run out os stock, i try my best effort to survive with any other noodle available. Thank God for Ramens!! Nepalese are superfans of Noodles” did you know that? Atleast everyone that i know of 🙂


112 thoughts on “My Favourite Nepalese Foods!! Part 3

  1. Hi, what a lovely blog my wife and I will enjoy reading. Her name is Champa, a Newar from Ason! She was first female PhD from Nepal and we have lots of Nepal stuff on our blog too, recently doing a series on our visit in 1983! Hope you will follow and comment bhaini!

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    1. Hmm my blog is basically more personal. More random and directionless..although i do hope you wil enjoy one or two articles. i basically created it to ventilate my stuffings and of course to learn about other people. Its always a ‘YES’ to read from an excellent fellow blogger ^_^!

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      1. You and me both, well, noodles….. cup of noodles and a lot of them. You just add hot water and let them sit for three or four minutes. I still live on those and other kinds too along with scrambled eggs! I’m not so much a buiscuit guy, more of a croissant.

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      2. Hmm i love croissants too. Noodles ca’t stand the ones with added water, i boil water and keep it in a container on gas then keep my noodles. once i think it g”d’ hot enough i turn off the gas and let it sit. Noodles always with vegis and egg. No plain noodle for me 🙂

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      3. I eat them plain, with eggs, with vegis or with meat. I’ll eat them raw sometimes. I also eat stovetop ones to where you boil them with water, add sauce and let them sit and cool😛…….ummmm…. soooooo goood. Now I am hungry. I can only eat certain things plain your majesty. 😏

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      1. Haha probably. My problem is I have no photos so yesterday I Vibered one of my sister in law Bimala in Thapathali. She is the best cook in the world, so patient cooking all day for evening meal. I have asked her to start taking photos of food for me, but some are specialities only at Dasain.


  2. 😏 I’ve followed you as your page is very inspiring.  I hope you do the same, as you may find mine the same, I practice naked cooking like jamie oliver, I’m conducting the half-blood princess project.

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