You should have..


You should have left me alone.

You should have never picked up my broken heart.

What good did it make to us?

You are cut and

Your drop of blood stains my crystal clear pieces.

I am hurt and

All I can see is the remains of my shards still pierced,

Deep into your skin, craving for your comfort.

Here you are and here I am now,

We both walking away

‘clouded’ in our conscience..

With our sore memories of fruitless encounter,

Threatening us in thinking in our heads

‘Perhaps love was not just meant’


Should have left me alone.


Should have listened, should have known..





Next Poem 🙂 – Aim


45 thoughts on “You should have..

      1. Well m too tough to break Joker, which implies i m smiling 24/7 perhaps. Makes ur job easier. But honestly reading this made me grin side to side after a long time. Thank you.. i hope i can make u smile too now, often and now n then and everytime ^_^!

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      2. You are tough as you are beautiful your majesty which is why I am lucky to have such a queen on planet freeze. You make me smile more than you know, trust me your majesty and I appreciate it. I’m glad I can bring a smile to that lovely face once in a while, you deserve it and I’ll work to make you smile more often. 👸🏼🃏

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You dont have to work hard to make me smile joKER 🙂 you are a contagious person, i am preety sure those around you smile 24/7 or perhaps are on the floor laughing too hard.. We all deserve smile once i a while, don’t we ?? 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’m glad to hear that your majesty, just letting you know that I will work hard to make my Queen smile whenever because she deserves it. I stay in positive spirits so I try to keep the candles lit. And you’re right, we all deserve to smile……especially me and you if you know what I mean.😏

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I know wat u mean. All i don understand is how can u b so positive?? i kno well ur candle is by the open window but i wonder if u can see ‘its stormy’outside. Despite everything i wish the same for u joker..B all smiles!!! Flash that teeth! 😬😬 omg ur smile is so bright 😎

        Liked by 1 person

      6. How can I not be positive when I am sharing a castle with a queen as lovely and charming as you. My candle may be by the window and it’s stormy but it’s a trick candle which means it doesn’t go out that easily your majesty, and I won’t either. I will never stop trying to keep you happy, you deserve to smile and I’ll be here to do that and support you when you need me, despite everything!!! We’ll be all smiles, take my hand. Smile with me, don’t leave me and I won’t leave you. Not everyone is a fool, atleast not this card. I’m here for you. you wanna know how I stay positive your majesty…..go look in the mirror…..wonderful people like you.

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