What i love about Nepal..

Nepal is a very small country. Now imagine how big is the capital city!! Yes, I was raised there. But unfortunately, like you folks who travel around majority of time and know every inch of your land from north-south, i don’t know. Lets just say, I was brought up like a ‘frog in a pond’, you might as well put it as a ‘frog in a bucket’ because, that is how limited my knowledge of geography about Nepal is.

i colori del Nepal
i colori del Nepal

But i sure can flash a torch light on things, i found interesting about living in Nepal. Of course, being one of the poorest countries, you do not have all the privileges available. And for a non-Nepali citizen, living in Nepal can be next to torture. Talk about pollution, crowded and dangerous transports, load shedding and etc etc. There are lot of issues!!

However, as i was raised there in such circumstances..i pulled through pretty well. I do not mean ‘such circumstances’ as in we are ancient, too backward on development and cut out from world. i mean is ‘Modernisation’ is patchy. Like geography itself,  lifestyles widely differs.

Here is my own personal list about ‘what i love about living in Nepal’. Hope you will like it.

1)The Scenery-Nepal has complex geographical structure. The valley itself, is actually shaped like a ‘saucer‘ with hills surrounding it from ‘all around’. Can you imagine looking at the hills from your terrace while you bid the sunset goodbye? Yeah that is how it feels 🙂 Its especially amazing in  september,october with Himalayas in clear view.


2) Great places to escape within miles from valley- Tired of everyday routine? Frustrated? Want a fresh breath of air. No worries. Just a little outskirts from city, half an hour ride around, are amazing places to chill. Want to go trekking/ sight seeing or just a peaceful place to have deep conversations with. There are plenty of those. Just make sure,you have  a right friend so you don’t get too carried away in peacefulness though 😉



3) Adventure in an affordable budget- Yes you read it right!! If you still want to go further than the valley? No problem. I tell you, you don’t even need to be loaded with cash to travel around Nepal. Just get one of those schemes with friends and go safari on chitwan or boating on pokhara or hiking to Rara or on a jeep ride to Mustang! Those places are amazing!          (Honestly,I have only been to few of those places 😦 But i plan to start my world travel tour from there ^_^!  )



Still feel more adventurous? Then you can go ABC camp or even climb the Everest! What do you think? But then, that’s gonna cost..

Sagar Bhandari

4)Always something to learn– One of the most appealing thing for me about Nepal is cultural diversity. As you travel along, you get to meet people from different ethnicity and culture and traditions. For me,it’s like meeting a whole new person from a different country,every time i meet someone outside my ethnicity. There is so much to talk about starting from food to dresses to cultural beliefs..and many more.


5) Candle light date- This 5th on the list is definitely different than all i have mentioned above.  And yes, it is kind of irony, that we have so much load shedding 14-16 hours a day sometimes in Nepal, despite it being the second richest country in water resources. But, it is how it is. And yes we did have to survive without internet and fully charged cellphones many times.  However..for many of us, it actually gave us good memories.  How many times do you have a candle light date? Ask us and we will tell you ‘Countless’. hehehe.

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20 thoughts on “What i love about Nepal..

  1. Very interesting article missmonsoon, I love reading about other countries. I hear the economy is improving in Nepal as opposed to places such as Rwanda and others. Interesting tidbits is I hear is that Nepal has the most public holidays in the world with a total of 36 and they are the only country in the world that doesn’t have a rectangular flag…..a country that does their own thing, you gotta love it. ;o)

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    1. Uhmm that must be true..Coz government officials are on vacation most of times. Add to those, strikes…then bravo..sometimes they working days are less than resting days in month..And yup that is also true, we have two triangles in flag. Oh wow, you did some research i am impressed. 🙂

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  2. I think you are right about local Nepalis not knowing so much about their own country historically or geographically. When I married my dear Champa 45 years ago I was so welcomed into Newar society I had an absolute duty to learn about “everything”. So I bought old battered books and read about Prithvi Narayan Shah, Chobar Gorge and Manjushri, Swayambhu and Boudha, Dakshinkali, Newar people and food, monarchy and democracy, Ranas, Panchyat. I trekked to EBC eight times, climbed peaks, trekked in Langtang and Annapurna regions, created an Education NGO, developed 200 schools ……. All great fun, rewarding, and lots of personal learning too.

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    1. Wah…so are you Non-Neplaese? I presume so with your in-depth intrests on everything.. Oh wow, Mrs Champa must be really lucky to have a partner who actually enjoys integrating into family culture and everything else 🙂

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      1. Haha, I am English my wife is Newari from Ason and married for 45 years. We met as students in UK and she was the first female to get a PhD from Nepal

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      2. Oh wow that’s great!! I am from different ethnicity from hers, i’d love to read more about Newari traditions since my closest friends are all Newars, from Ason one of them. 🙂

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    A thoughtful post on what a Nepali person loves about her own country, a different perspective from that of a tourist. I hope you will visit my WordPress friends blog to offer appreciation and support for her writing.


  4. A delightful presentation of Nepal in a manner unique to it’s author.
    Told in a manner that presents a great ‘inside’ view of this beautiful country.
    Thank you for this great post. Thanks also for following which enabled me to find you! Eddie

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