That awkward moments on train..


Satachhi art

Seriously is it just me? Or everyone feels awkward, having their eyes locked in with a person sitting in-front of them? What do you do when that happens? That long uneasy minute, where you have to decide in a ‘zap’ seconds whether you should pull away or keep staring till one of you decides ‘you are not in who can stare long without closing eye lids game ‘ and give up.

When that happens to me, I try not to be ‘scary’ and divert my eyes away immediately. But then, the  problem is.. ‘where should i settle my restless eyes now to?’ Its faces everywhere.  Especially when you catch a train on peak hour. And you are seated very close front-front.


 Believe me, travel everyday by train and  you will get to encounter all sorta eyes, scouring around. Eyes that look dreamy, that are boring, tired, sleepy, ignorant etc etc. What really interests me though are the ones fixated in cellphones. What do they do? They don’t even have network underground. Looking over the same pictures over and over again? Wow!!
some people can do it for so long time. .

One time i even came across an advertisement that said ‘you are reading this because you feel awkward staring at the person in front of you and ….’ It was so hilarious that i literally burs ted out with laughter. YYYYEEESSSSS!!! that was why i was reading it on first place. (Really hot girl on front.. you know. Didn’t want her to feel like i was checking her out or something..i am a straight woman!! 😉 )

Darren Thompson

Honestly, sometimes i don’t even remember where my eyes are settling at. Especially when i am daydreaming… By the time i realise, i have been staring the person in front me for minutes and minutes like i will murder them any moment now..

Thank God. They have started posting poems ‘beautiful ones!!’ once in a while here and there. I love that idea!!

Let me know about your train trips..I am excited to know.


15 thoughts on “That awkward moments on train..

      1. Thank YOu..haha Infact those were random posts i decided to post when a friend of my asked ‘what do Nepalese food look and taste like’?
        It was tough time explaining him..thought others might be intrested too. 🙂 Your blog is very intersting. Keep up the great work Dai ^_^!

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