Rainy thoughts..


Its amazing how human beings can bond and break. One moment they are everything to you and the next moment they don’t even matter. One moment you are holding hands together and the next moment,even being in close proximity is suffocating..fuming with toxic air. 😤😤

But, i suppose that is not always the case. Some relations regardless ‘what you name them’ are ageless, spaceless and boundless.

Have you ever had one like that? May be it’s the one with your bestfriend or with that oh-so-special person of yours. A type of relation where you fight, you swear on, where you get hurt but you forget and forgive. May be not forget entirely but forgive ‘Yes’. Why?? Because, at the end of the day, you know it’s you who needs them and without them, you would be lost.


Our feelings have changed now. We aren’t what we used to be..I remember excatly what he used to say ‘ you show up late L, but i know, you will always show up’..

(Sigh…) He will never say that to me again. He will never be hurt now when i don’t show up or if i show up late. But deep within me, i still know we are connected. When i cry, he’s still the first person i call. Not that i plan to..but i do always, to hear him explain to me that things will be alright. He soothes me. When i am happy, i still want him to be happy for me, to participate in my victory. Not that i plan to, but it’s a reflex. He adds so much more to my happiness. And because i know, no matter what my achievements are, he will always be genuinely happy for me.

My friends say what we have is ‘nameless’ after all what we couldnot have. And it is selfish of me, to not let him go. But they don’t understand ‘I can’t’. Despite how we ended, what we had was, what we will never lose.  There was more than love for us in those moments, there was respect, understanding and an unshakeable friendship. The remains of which i still want to preserve. Because, he was and still  is my family.No matter where we end up, he is still home for me. And i will always have my open arms for him.


I don’t know..what is right and what is wrong. Do i feel like i am tying him up with my insanity. May be yes. But all i know, at the moment is, relations like what we have and what we are is  ‘one in million’. I will never let go, no-one can make me, and i will never let him ‘let go’.(( Can’t always reason feelings can you??May be that’s a beauty of being human. We are so complex 😋😋))

Regardless, What we have is ‘Ageless, timeless and boundless’. I will fight to keep it. Will you fight to keep yours?? 😊😊😊

xo xo.


11 thoughts on “Rainy thoughts..

      1. Obsession can be looked at as a positive and a negative my Queen. Some say it’s good to keep your eye on the prize but if it’s obsession in a negative way, it eats at you and that’s bad. Positive obsession is a goal of trying to achieve something, like you graduating, or me gaining the throne…that’s a good obsession. Haha. There’s negative and positive because obsession can be greed or it can be a goal. Greed can eat at you, a goal can feed you.
        I’m not scared of you…..I’m the one in pursuit…….how far are you afraid of me? ;o) Haha…no need my queen, smile with me….I don’t bite, I’m a Joker, not a Viper. ;o)

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