‘Thoughts’… Late night. Calling ‘QUIT’ is ok!!


Sometimes in life, even though we wish and we want something to really work, we have to call it quits. Because..reality is cruel. And reality is, we can’t budge a step forward unless we close the old doors behind. Whether it is giving up on an abusive relationship with a husband with whom you are still madly in love with or leaving that job, that you never got good at. ‘Calling quits’ is ‘not failing’, it’s just a smart choice.

Yes.’What if?’ will always be there. Either you take a chance or leave it. But taking many chances on the ‘same thing’ and getting still stuck with taking more.. is foolishness.
You can help a baby make a decision, but for an adult ‘ you are rational enough and liable enough for your own actions. So, If you are chosing to be the victim, it’s your call. It’s your life.People have individual traits sadistic, masochistic all sorts of.May be you got one in you.

But If you are chosing to live, live it simple and be happy ..close one uncertainity..call in one quit and open yourself to the door of many uncertainities.

Nobody said life is easy’ it will never be easy to call in ‘quits’ but sometimes in life you have to. Some stories make to pages some get lost along with sealed lips. But if you make it less complex..you will be more happy than sad,this  i can promise to you.

Keep it simple.
Xo xo.


5 thoughts on “‘Thoughts’… Late night. Calling ‘QUIT’ is ok!!

  1. Wise words and admirable advice that anyone can actually learn from. Intelligent, that’s what I said about my Queen time and time again only matched by her charm and beauty….lovely piece missmonsoon. And I love the end advice, keep it simple.
    So, close that book and open a new one. When you pull off the road, it doesn’t mean you’re quitting the race….it means you’re making your own tracks.

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