Entwined 32 ;)



Ok i will.’laira jumps out with excitement, reaching out  for the drawer.

‘Before you say anything. I don’t want you getting out of your bed till you are completely fine. And definitely not making any plans with her for going out and staying over’. Her mom makes her statement ahead, lifting the empty mugs while preparing to leave the room, sure that ‘going out’ was what her daughter had in her head at the moment.

‘But Mom, i am done with high school. I want to relax  and hang out with friends for few days’

‘I am not saying you can’t. But not now, while you look like this.Wait a few days. I don’t want you catching flu again. And laira’ even though you are done with high school, house rules will still stand. You cannot stay out late after 8pm

‘Why not? It’s not like i am going to be staying out late everyday. Just sometimes’.laira protests, disbelieving, how her mom was still aiming to keep her house bounded for rest of her life.

‘ I am sorry, i am not as cool  parent as your friend keisha’s mom is but that’s how it is. Live  with it’.

Laira rolls her eyes and frowns. She stomps back to the sofa, throwing her jumper  at the bed, trying to make her own non-verbal statement.  ‘Manners please!’ her mother hisses,giving  her a concerned look one last  time before she leaves for  work.

‘Oh well, surely the crow was a bad news in the morning’ laira rants, looking out the window, as a raven flys by to the gray gloomy sky of london.




‘Laira!!! Where were you??’ keisha’s high pitched cry almost makes laira jump out of her bed in panic.

‘Damn my reflex..’ laira curses herself, picking up the phone from floor.

‘Where have you been?I have been trying to get to you for three days now! Do you know how worried i was?’ keisha fires, with no intent of stopping for her breath.

‘Oh..i was down with flu’ laira mumbles, trying to fill in the pause, keisha had graciously provided,for her to  make a reply.



‘Down with flu? Can’t believe you didn’t tell me..i wanted to come and visit but i am scared of Mrs Nelumboo. She doesn’t seem to like me very  much.’

‘That’s not true Keisha. She likes you.’

She would, if i cover all my skin and walk with sweaters and pants’ keisha remarks. Then giggles on other end of the phone, knowing that what laira was telling, was an impossible lie to fake.

‘May be then she would like you more..’ laira chuckles too. Keisha was her best friend and none’s opinion counted when it came to Keisha, not even her Mom’s..

‘So everything aside. I got a very important thing to do for you laira’ Keisha adds.  I know you just got back from flu and stuffs. But you are not sick anymore. So you got to do this for me and for everyone’s sake ok? I am depending on you for this party to be a big sucess.’

Do what? What party? And how many times do i have to tell you keisha, breath in between, when you talk. It’s hard to catch up with you’.


Oh Sorry sweetie. I just got too  excited. I have so much to do and with you down and noone around to help me much with great ideas. I am having anxiety attacks. Wait a minute!!what??? Don’t tell me you don’t know about the party. What party? As in? You do know, i have a birthday next week? Don’t you?’ Keisha lashes over the phone.




‘Er..Yes’ laira replies, hesitantly after a moment , unsure, scratching her head.

I can’t believe you forgot your best friend’s birthday again? How could you?Anyways the main point is. I am throwing a party next week. And i want you to invite your two hunky friends.’ Keisha throws in bluntly.

‘What? Who hunky friends?’ laira asks, puzzled.

‘The one on white and the one on black. Ofcourse! Who would i be talking about?’ keisha frowns. ‘Do you see any hunky guys around worth my time?’

‘ I can’t’ laira answers instant. ‘What would they think of me Keisha?’

‘They are gonna think, you are much cooler person to hang out with, then what they thought of you initially!!’. Keisha exclaims in reply. ‘Come on laira. You have been hiding them to yourself for too long. We need to know them too. Especially me. I am your best friend. Beside,lets be honest,  your into Yanjas.  There isn’t any possibility you will date either of them, is there?’

‘Surely Not’. laira blushes.

‘Good. In fact, it’s better. So have you been seeing them often lately? Because we need to come up with a plan to invite them in my party. Knowing you, i know you can’t just ask?’

‘Who said we? And why will i do that keisha? It’s absurd.’ laira tries to reason her insane friend.



‘Hm. You are right. Better to be anonymous for my exquisite first impression huh?  Good idea! You do the invitation’.

‘What? No….’

‘I am your best friend Laira. You are suppose to drink a bottle of poison for me if i asked you to. Like i will for you’ Keisha answers disappointed to her reaction.

‘What? Are you crazy?’ Laira shrieks, startled.

‘Ok.. Ok.. May be i over exaggerated. But you got to bring them to my party laira. I have a thing for Sebastian. Help me. PLease’.


101 thoughts on “Entwined 32 ;)

  1. Ohhh, I love it!!! Back to basics, back to new characters and a new plot while taking us back in time and I even hear Yanjis name again. It’s going good so far missmonsoon, it’ll be interesting to see how so many guys after Laira will react when courted by other girls…….how will Laira herself react? Then again, Laira’s friends don’t know what they are so this will be interesting. I can see this going places. Don’t rush.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm. u gave me a good advice!!Hmmm well i didn hav any way of getting a regular life done without some quirky things to spice things up hahahaha. i wonder how will she react? Hmm where do u personally think this is going? hahahah I m pretty sure i am not rushing.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel some spice cooking in that creative little head of yours and I can sense a little spice. In my opinion, I see a little jealousy card being played between some main players. I don’t know if Sebastian will try to make Laira jealous and incite Raven at the same time, maybe Yanjis will like a girl there and Sebastian will be angry at him and so will Laira…..who knows, so many possibilities. I can’t wait to see where you go!! 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well u wil read how spice i am cooking the next time i post it. But i wonder if u wil like the flavour. It may not work like how u expected..but i gota a hunch wt ur thinking 🙂
        Yeah jealousy card is wat thats burning on my head lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know I can expect something spicy from your inner kitchen so I’m waiting. I’m sure I’ll like the flavor missmonsoon and most dishes aren’t how people expect anyway, that’s why we read on.

        Liked by 1 person

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