I can read you..


I know how you see me, i can tell by the look of your eyes.
There is a tension in the air..
Comfort has long escaped me,
wagging pretentiously,
with a tail between it’s hind legs, behind.


yet the glaring of your devitalizing mind.
i can see,
your half drawn carefree smile for me,
of intimidation,of mockery,
trying to control over my insight.


But i am the wrong one to pick.
I have been through the likes of you many times.
So, you can watch me sit here and have a sip of  tea..
as my presence pierces your exhausting need, to accuse and feel right,
to topple over the weak and win the unjust fight.


I am fidgeting, yes..
cracking my nerves too in distress, at times.
But shhhh… ‘you’ will never feel that moment,
No, ‘you’ will never be able to steal the peace of my mind.
For, i am stronger than you are, in every way you can possibly be.
For, i am a believer, i perceive the light in the shadow less dark

that you will always hesitate to see.

‘I have an upper hand. i will always win’


17 thoughts on “I can read you..

  1. The Ecstasy of Surrender, the art of reading people. I love that book and I love reading people. The general public is my favorite library, you learn so much and that’s why I like you, you seem like you’d be good at it, I’d tutor you of course.😏. Appearance, posture, tone, movement, energy, eyes, touch, hug, handshake, laugh, there’s so much that goes into reading a person and it takes a mere three minutes.

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      1. I can read people and I think you can too and three minutes, that’s an average time your majesty. ;o). I can be a tutor, but not expensive, for you I’ll be rather cheap…..it’ll only cost you time. You can afford that can’t you? ;of If not, I’ll loan you some.

        Liked by 1 person

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