A checklist ‘suitability for marriage’.


A friend once told me ‘do you know who are the most racist in this world?’. I didn’t have to hear the answer. I knew and i know. ‘Asians’. Some may not agree to this but i talk  for the ‘majority’. It’s true. We are’ racist among ourselves, within our country, inside our communities, deeper in our neighbourhoods and segregated ‘inside and out’ even before we start to merge at the ground levels. So, it is no surprise to hear, we can be unwelcome of those outside the entire sphere. What better way to understand this division than understanding the basic principle of ‘Marriage’itself.

Let me begin, by sharing with you, my family’s expectation of me for choosing ‘Mr Right’. Believe me, it’s a very specific checklist, though it wasn’t presented to me initially as one. P.S Here is the reason why, i believe, i will be unmarried  ALLL my life. You’d be too, if you were in my place. 😉

meme centre

First, a simple geography and social background to help you understand why and how checklist came into  existence. Nepal is divided topographically into three distinct  areas. Himalayas, Hilly and Terai. With these three different regions, culture and  life style are also distinctly different. And another thing is, grossly Nepal has two distinct races of population. ‘Aryans’ and ‘Mongoloid’ which in former days didn’t prefer to intermingle among themselves. And within them, are still many subdivisions.

So, here is how this checklist works. For example, I am ‘Magar’ from mongoloid race. So what ‘list’ includes is, 1) A Nepali citizen, 2) Of Mongoloid race, 3) of Magar origin of same religious belief 4) with settlement in the hilly region  and 5) of same social hierarchy. Which means”” practically, my chances of finding ‘Mr Right’ narrows down from 50% to 25% and then to 12.5% with each additional category my parents decide to squeeze in!


Now imagine my dilemma, in UK!! I might as well have to  post my picture with a hoarding board saying, these are the checklist, eligible bachelors please apply if you fill in at least 3 out of five criteria s. hehhe.

Thank Goodness. My Parents are now willing to comply and be more flexible. They have now  expanded their checklist to following options. 1) Best if previous criteria s work. 2)IF NOT, a well educated Nepali Guy. 3)If NOT, a well educated, Asian Guy in same working field as me.

I don’t know if they are willing to be more flexible than this, but for now, i am just laughing hard. This definitely is a plot to keep me house bound with them for rest of their life!! hahha. But again, i do know someday , when they see me still unmarried in my late 30s or 40s..They are going to be like ‘ please just make sure.. you get married’. hehehe.


20 thoughts on “A checklist ‘suitability for marriage’.

  1. Hahaha great article. The marriage criteria list my parents had was endless and ridiculous. Why would I choose a partner based on caste (something he had no control over, was born in to and does not determine the person you become/are). Thats just one example.
    By my early 30s, mum thought I was a lesbian. By then they would be happy for me to marry a man, any man.
    You’ll find yours ! 🙂 x

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    1. Hahha Thanks Zara. Your parents had too?? i sure can relate. Hopefully that happens. I know my parents..so yeah like u said m hoping they’d end up with ‘a man, any man’ lol. Hmm gotta put an idea of ‘lesbo’ thingy somehow then..a perfect back up plan!! xx

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      1. I can argue with google, it probably just wouldn’t listen. One person can change how others think but that depends on if that person truly believes what they are preaching. Can you change how I think about you?

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      1. hahha true story. U know people who find me funny think m funny becoz they don’t know that i am genuinely asking the question because” idk or i don understand half the thing they are talking about..And they think m doing that becoz i’v got a good sense of humor. hahhaha m woried u perhaps fall in that group. Wake up!

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      2. Sometimes I see myself the same way when I met someone new. They can’t tell the difference between sarcastic and reality and that’s the catagory we fall into…..I’m up your majesty!! We’re here! 🃏🃏

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      3. I’m not worried……you’ll learn to love me your majesty. I’ll keep you ahead of the game if you get behind….don’t be afraid to grab my hand, I don’t bite.


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