Mid Life Crisis!

My mother is on her late 40s and she is experiencing what we term medically as ‘perimenopausal symptoms’. This basically means, she is approaching a time of having permanent cessation of her monthly cycle. Now, for many of us ‘the women, of course’, an idea of having years free of those crampy abdominal days would mean ‘YUPIEEEE‘ BUT unfortunately, truth is, getting rid of those hormonal days is  more bothersome than living with it.

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When menstruation ceases, you are kissing goodbye to your beauty hormone ‘estrogen’. And with estrogen, you are saying farewell to soft supple skin and all the youth glow you are now enjoying. On top of that, you are also losing  it’s protective effect on your bones leaving you prone to suffer from a condition called ‘osteoporosis‘. (weakening of bones then resulting to fractures)

No wonder, everyone is panicky when they reach that point.

We are a chaos at home now. Like all peri-menopausal women, my mom is  having Mood Swings. She is constantly irritated and bombarding at us at petty things and emotionally labile, crying for no reason. For me, i understand she is having hot flushes and all those frustrating physical symptoms but for Dad it is taking a toll.



Women will cope their ways. I don’t know how men cope when that happens.

Personally for my future husband i advise, stay away from me before we wreck the house. Take extra shifts on job, go to fishing ..do whatever you have to on the weekends, to avoid the tension. Better take night shifts on the week days too, so when you get home you are tired and sleepy at day. That way we will probably have a chance for saving our family till the tide crosses over. what do you think??



My mom is lucky, she got a patient husband 🙂



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