Interesting human psychiatry ;)

Here are two bizarre conditions  in psychiatry  that perhaps you can relate to, i certainly find it interesting..hopefully you do too.


dirty and

Basically means ‘pathological jealousy’. The patient is so convinced  his/her partner is cheating, that  despite no evidence he/she  is constantly trying to prove  the imagined infidelities. Especially common with men. For example, these patients tend to spy regularly on their spouse whether  by following them around, tracking them with binoculars or hiring private detectives. Whatever it takes  to verify their doubts.They might even  pretend  to go to the office and end up appearing abruptly at the house in a hope to catch their partners ‘red-handed’ with her lover.Sorta like what happens in movies”.

So, beware  ladies of the green eyed monster‘!! If he starts scouring your bag and won’t leave your cell phone alone, he might as well be starting on this track 😉


But jokes apart’ seriously, this is ‘pathological’ because it is DANGEROUS. There has been incidences where the patient has exhibited violent behaviour and even tried to kill/harm their spouse in anger. And not to forget, it has been known to occur with other mental health conditions like mania, schizophrenia.


Personally, i find this condition very adorable. The fact is, it is not even considered a condition by many psychiatrists. But nevertheless i think it deserves a good mention.


What happens here is ‘expecting fathers’ have symptoms of pregnancy that their wives are experiencing. YUP, all those features  like abdominal swelling ‘baby bumps’, weight gain, morning sickness, backache,cramps etc etc. Also known as ‘sympathetic pregnancy’. It is believed to occur due to stress and anxiety the husband experiences about becoming a dad. Usually, in these cases articles read, that the husbands are so attuned to their wive’s condition that they start to develop the symptoms themselves. NOPE. It is not an attention seeking phenomenon. Men in these cases do have physical changes and are experiencing these involuntarily.


You can do your own research if you want to know more. i just gathered up all the internet infos to feed my curiosity.


18 thoughts on “Interesting human psychiatry ;)

  1. Very interesting your majesty, and although that dirty thirty may be an actual syndrome….according to Fox News Mag, The Source and Quora Research it is said that 60 percent of women cheat more than men do and they also stated that women are better at it, and that came off the internet. 😉

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    1. Hmm i didnot actually read nothing. i like the picture on google and took it. Hehhe i must be careful from now on where i sud get the pictures from.. hahaha.Oh well i would say the research could have been biased. Depends on who did the research and what were the conditions for that conclusion. I believe both men and women are likely to cheat. If 60 percent is women score then it certainly also refers men nowdays are less capable of keeping their women around. And not the other way around. YOu get me?? hehhe. Which would also mean, men are more loyal because those handful women are good at keeping them. 🙂

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      1. My majesty is a picture peeker and not so much a reader……so she just has a pretty eye for show? Haha, naw…..she’s to smart for that. It does depend on the researchers but both sexes do cheat equally but contrary to popular belief, they say that men are more loyal, that’s only because women are good at hypnotizing fools called males. 😁

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      2. Bigger fool of both. Not like they don kno wat r they gona get..stil they seek them out. World wil b bettr place if we leav men alone n let them b rowdy off to the forest while we run the world :p

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      3. Haha, spoken like a true Queen but like one who’s power dwells in the head only for a while before reality sets in and the reality is that every woman needs a fool for one reason or another just like every television needs a remote to turn on. You still remember the story of how the Queen of Hearts became so powerful don’t you? We make a good pair your majesty.


      4. I do remember the story. Its one of those that stays on mind. Everyone needs someone. Not necessarily opposite genders. You must surely know, attraction isn’t just related to one gender. It goes like a queen needs another queen, or a queen needs a king or king needs another king or a king needs a joker 😉

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      5. That is not far from the truth your majesty, nowadays, someone just needs someone they can relate to, sexual orientation is becoming a pastime now. I guess needs are being filled regardless and that’s no joke.😏

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      6. Sounds fair but my Queen doesn’t sound like she scares easily and like I said, I don’t bite. 🐺. Besides, I’m here to protect and make my Queen smile, that’s the job of the Joker and that’s what a gracious host does on planet freeze.

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