Entwined 29 ;)


Sebastian shakes his head in agony, at the thought of what he had witnessed. He pulls off his thick iv sets that nourished him with fresh blood from both the arms carelessly and then, weakly standing on his feet reaches out to the opposite corner of the room. His gait still unsteady, his feet trembles on touching the floor, almost giving away to his balance. Finally, upon standing in front of the  large antique mirror, he gives in, pressing himself on the mirror for the support and sitting down.

While he does so, his reflection looks at him scowling,as if  he had never seen the man who was staring back.

Vampires never had their own reflection and Sebastian always found funny that he had one. His father often said ‘this made him special from others’ but to Sebastian it made him feel more like an outcast. Nevertheless, he had his wing constructed with more than handful of mirrors, for it reminded him of his weakness, his flaws and kept him checked of his actions. The mirrors grind ed on to his senses the truth,  that he was born different..he was never going to have complete control of his thirst.

Sebastian sighs remembering the last incident where his demons might have snapped. Reminding himself it should never happen again, at least not for real, he focuses his stare back at the mirror.  The reflection continues to scowl at him, fixing his hawk eyes on his blue lens, furrowed forehead and pale skin. Oh.. how he hated his papery pale white..bloodless and lifeless skin.

However, having reflection did not always mean disadvantages to Sebastian. It had advantages. And he purely enjoyed showing off these  traits. Unlike other vampires, who depended on those around them to tell,  how they looked. Sebastian never had this problem. He would often check out himself in the mirror and made sure his complements to self was heard, loud and clear, till one of his cousin twins  ‘Devin’ or ‘Vincent’ let out an annoying roar and smirked at him.This was his secret pleasure. Also that, having reflection meant, he could blend in among humans anytime. And it was far more helpful than any skills he had, to feed his curious mind.

‘Half-blood’ was Sebastian’s category. In common word ‘Muddy blood’, that’s what vampires called when they met a mix like him. Not to his face of course, except for his own two hate-loaded cousins he had (Devin and Vincent), whose hatred  was open and out, like their father Zeroch’s was..  

The truth was, Sebastian was not an exception either with reflection. There were thousands half bloods in his land and many more across the realms. All, had their own reflection and all were every bit similar to Sebastian, as he was with them. Only difference was, Sebastian had a royal blood and he lived far more privileged than those that were born like him. Half bloods,  otherwise, served for military and as labourers on fields, exploited for their  strength and often kept under surveillance like prisoners for their fear of  uncontrolled animal instincts. An instinct, Sebastian now too was very well aware of.


8 thoughts on “Entwined 29 ;)

  1. Very interesting missmonsoon, such detail…..Sebastian is different indeed, a hybrid of some type huh? I guess that’s because he’s mixed with that demon is why that throws him off from his original vampire brethren. I love where this is going, such detail it’s amazingly spooky and I honestly can’t stop reading right now. Being used for labor explains his hatred for others now, keep it up and I’ll be asking you to sign a copy of your book for me. ;o)

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    1. Hmm Sebastian is half human and half vamp. what i am making a point is ‘hybrids’ like him are not accepted and usually abused. Yes like example being used for labor, because they are powerful and fast. BUt the problem is they go rampant on thirst so they need to be under constant survellience and are more like prisoners. Ur kind. I kno ur jus prompting me to write. Idk even kno wat i write…hahhaha

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      1. I think you know what you write a little to much and that’s the problem. You have so much creativity that you’re trying to put it all in one cup. Remember, there are plenty of glasses on the table missmonsoon, the bar is not closing. Haha, and neither is your book.

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      2. Honestly its not ending..i hav been trying forever to write it and i get anxiety lol.. thanks somebody needed to remind me tht. So does it mean i sud divide my plots or write les in depth? Too much creativity huh?? If day dreaming is one i wud alys b numbr 1!!

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      3. Stories don’t end, look at Nightmare on ElmStreet, some can go forever. Don’t get anxious. Deciding would be good but the story has to all tie in together, you can’t have it separated to where you find yourself writing two books. The characters always have to meet up once in a while, interact.


      4. my cahracters are all roaming around in their planets..arent all they? hahhhaha Well pointed out. i hav messed the plot so much that i actulay don hav an idea how to bring the together hehhehe. bUt i am trying to find something. So u were gona help me with sthg called character development werent u??

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      5. Yeah, character development, bringing them out a little more as far as origin, background and personality fittings as to why they are. You are heading on the right road, additional characters can add to there personas but these characters don’t have to be major

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