Entwined 28 ;)

(Hey i am back to writing my crazy fang story after long time!! hehehhehe)


‘Get out of my head!’ Raven shouts thunderously, pushing Sebastian away,forcing his  palms against his chest.  Thrown out in the midair, Sebastian lands painfully with a thud, his back  against the wall, with  the wall  crumbling down to rubbles because of the sheer force he exerted on it. ‘Shit’ he moans, coughing out blood, before passing out.

Bright beam of white day light gleamed over his face when Sebastian opened his eyes. Lazily, he rubs his heavy eyelids for a clear view and finds himself staring at a familiar ceiling, the one that always brought him comfort to look at. It displayed painting of a woman in a white floating gown amongst a garden of beautiful colored roses  with white clouds on the background of clear blue sky. Sorrunding the potrait, were statues of angels carrying harps and baby cherubs on plays, almost like floating gliding out from their  vault. This was the painting of his mother, his father had worked on for many years, an exact replica of which he had made on Sebastian’s wing as well.

Every muscles on Sebastian’s  body now ached, drained to last drop of their energy in the ‘memory travelling’ phenomenon, that had occured. His bones were broken at many places and judging by the pain he was now suffering from  on his chest, his heart had barely survived the impact. He might have pierced it with one of his broken ribs and ended his ‘forever’ in the mercy of few minutes, hadn’t the chips of bones missed, impaling the whole length of his muscles. But here he was, alive.

Tightly shutting his eyes, Sebastian tries to recall the events that he had witnessed. He had no excuse to ask of Raven who he knew was certainly very furious of  his insolence behaviour. Why would he not be? Secrets were secrets for a reason. And now he knew Raven’s, although he had never intended to forcefully learn out of him in the first place. He did not have a clue how he got there even..how was he going to explain? Raven would never understand. All he rememberd now was that scene ‘that painful last memory’ of Raven as a human. A body of flesh and scars. Vulnerable, weak, lost and alone. Drenched out in the rain, soaked, casted out like a street dog, holding a gun in his hand and lying lifeless near the sewers.



7 thoughts on “Entwined 28 ;)

  1. It’s always so interesting to find out how someone came to be how they are, this is great missmonsoon!! We are now getting an inside look at Ravens life which will help explain why he is the way he is as the story goes on, keep it up our future little best seller!!!

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    1. Hmm alys promting me to write huh? hehhe Thank you Joker. Your kind! but that little best seller thing went a way out..haha Raven’s story is coming. and i did use the names you gave in the story. ‘Jedah’ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cool, I appreciate the shout out. Like I said, the story is getting good as the plot thickens and don’t sell yourself short yo’, a grip of folks up here in Cali use the word can’t, take off that “t” if you wanna travel with me to Italy! 👨🏾‍🎨
        The story is great, looking forward to the rest and like I said, don’t get lost in the past and forget the future.

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      2. Hmm i am trying to work on the present but i hav twisted my own story so much that idk where to go from here. Actually like my life lol.
        With the rate my life is going, i won be travelling while m stil young hahaha. i wud probly be going around wen i am old and end up being admited in one of hospital on my vacation becoz i broke my leg or sustained a heart attack or u kno stuf like that oldies have. I mit even forget i am on vacation by the time i start traveling coz i mit hav alzhemiers…But sure as long as its on my mind. Italy sounds fine hahhahah

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      3. Haha! Love your life!!!
        Young or old, it doesn’t matter when you travel, just do it and buy a souvenir just to prove that you were here. And Alzheimer’s, you meet someone new everyday is what they say. 🃏

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      4. A person with out memory is as much as dead. Thats wat the person with 7 seconds memory says. U sud see him on utube. And i think he is rite. Buy a souveneir..i d rather click 1oooplus clicks hehhe yah but then if it dress n bag n cool stufs i cud get em 🙂

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      5. That’s what they say about a man that doesn’t dream but yet life goes on. Memories can kill you, haha!! But perhaps that may be true, without memories, what does the the brain have to feed on, it just starves to death.
        Souvenir……you gotta wear them missmonsoon, it’s all about fashion!!!!


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