The King Serpent. Hissss…


Something about the snakes always fascinated me. These Cold blooded, hissing, slithering reptiles.. are dangerous yet enticing.. You’d know how luring they can be, when you observe one up close. Yes, You can be frightened, but believe me you’d still be in awe, frozen looking at how beautiful it is.. when one crawls on you. Not your fault though, the creatures are capable of ‘hypnotism’ (i am sure). But, May God bless you, if it hasn’t paralysed you with it’s deadly bite  or made a nice supper out of you YET (love can kill sometimes)  😉 

Snakes has been worshipped as ‘divinity’ by many human civilisation throughout the centuries. In many of these, they have been  portrayed as guardians of wealth and temples. History reads, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt killed herself by inflicting a bite from a venomous cobra too. So, this proves, these reptiles over the long period have definitely  gained a lot of fame among us. Wouldn’t you stop for a minute when you see a snake charmer making these hypnotic creatures dance?

The one, i find the most majestic and the mysterious among these hissing, limbless serpents  are the ‘King Cobras’. Why? Because, their diet consists of eating their own kinds(other snakes) and the female king cobra is the only one of its kind that actually makes a nest.

Watch this awesome documentary ‘Deadly KIng Cobra ‘youtube video’ to know more about them. If you are a snake person, you will surely enjoy it..if not you are still learning something interesting.



7 thoughts on “The King Serpent. Hissss…

  1. I love snakes to missmonsoon, while King Cobras are very cool, I’ve always loved vipers for their strikes and their bites. This was an interesting article and a very great read. Pretty cool fact about the female cobra….how independent of her.

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    1. Hmmm.. vipers are hematotoxic, cobras are neurotoxic. Meaning vipers wil make u bleed to death, cobras wil paralyse to death. we both hav quite intresting choices. Its not just a cobra its a femal KING COBRA joker. There is a diference heheh. I got thing for pythons, anacondas too. and yeah mama too. wat about you?

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      1. Very interesting lesson my little snakeologist. I’ve always liked Asp also as much as vipers but not regular asp, I like the Vipera Aspis, they are poisonous but it’s not really the the poison that kills you, it’s not what you gain but rather what you lose. Your favorites are rather intriguing because cobras, pythons and anacondas pretty much like to squeeze their victims to death if they like. Your snakes torture prey while mines makes it quick, I take away energy while you take their breath away. Different taste but both deadly. Did you know the green anaconda is the largest snake in the world and the second longest?

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      2. Hmm very intresting. i hav herad about vipers but not as detail to go into ‘aspis’ beside nothing about ‘snakeologist’haha. we have 1/2 chapters dedicated to snake bite. so what is it that does not kill you if its not the poison? what can i say i like cuddlers lol that’s why my fancy for the squezing ones.i do know green anaconda can grow up to be largest. They are scary!! but again breathtaking is the right word. 🙂

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      3. It’s like you said, it’s not all venom that kills. The venom attacks but what kills is time and torture, the bleeding, the fading of your breath and the depleating movements of your body as your muscles shut down…..its torture but yet it’s unnoticed. Where as to yours is just hugging the life out of someone till the lights go out. 😁😴. Your highness can be quite scary.
        Yes, green ones are the largest and I think they reside in South America like Brazil and Peru, they are the largest by weight. But very clever indeed missmonsoon….breathtaking.
        You have a way with words and that’s no joke. 🃏

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      4. Way wit words huh..Funny i cant keep a person when i start speaking.. coz the next person stares at me like i am from some other planet.. belibe me ‘i am gud with my mouth shut’ BUT for typing part ‘yup i can kill ;). I know a perso who likes snakes. Very people i know like snakes..

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      5. You have a way with words missmonsoon so don’t sell yourself a dime when you can get a quarter. And if you can hold a person speechless, that’s even better, I wish I can make people shut up, haha!! But yeah, I know a lot snake people because they’re all action and less talk.

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