He. His Wolf.


‘You are mine’ he claims.
‘I want you’ the words spills on papers,his raging menace.
His thirst still on peak to impale my flesh,
He grits his teeth and sharpens his claws..
Relishing in his mind, infliction of sweet pain.

But it growls,his lone wolf..
Restraining his demons from causing a chaos.
Blazing with hunger, his eyes blends darker now with exhaustion..
Upon beating himself from taming ‘my fears’ for his restless animal.

In his dreams, however”
He runs havoc into the wilderness of the night.
Into the woods, into the yards of the free land.
Where he howls on the full moon, letting loose ‘the beast’ finally out of the cellar.
While a pair of crimson eyes,
‘my eyes’..

stares at him with full admiration
down to his very nature, into his primal form.
Before running together…paw for paw..
Into the vast open fields

under the night full of stars.


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