Quote 4 :)

So last time, i promised that i would be posting a fourth quote today. You know, the one i was having trouble, deciding, which one should land on my ‘third’ best place. So here it goes.


I know, i know…it doesnot sound so thought-evoking quote like initial three but believe me, beyond this simple line is a ‘whole lot more’.

Everything starts with a dream, a want to make it happen. Whether for a crawling child, who wants to walk, so that he could follow his mother everywhere she goes..or the ‘wright brothers’ who dreamt of flying like a bird one day, free in the open space. It started with a dream. A’thought’ in the head with a ‘compassion’ to make it happen and a ‘dedication’ to make it true.

So, start dreaming from now, will you? 😉

Another honorable mention quote, one of my favourites, that didn’t make it here because i am literally mentioning it everywhere..is,


Hope you liked them.And they inspired you in many ways as they did me 🙂


8 thoughts on “Quote 4 :)

  1. You know what, that quote may hit people more than you realize missmonsoon because with Martin Luther King Jr., it also started with a dream and it grew from there. For a blind person to go through a library and pick out the brightest book on the shelf is worth all the riches of knowledge, ya mean? I know you probably don’t follow Black History Month which is February but this quote hit me hard and I thank you…….you are an inspiration to me and so are your post.

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      1. You are right, that’s how he starts off missmonsoon, great man and a great speech and his words touched and United a nation. Yes, Feb is a tribute to King, Malcolm, Mandela, and Parks among others. You know what, you are my new favorite sponge missmonsoon because you pick things up quickly and absorb it.


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