3 Day Challange (Quote 3) :)

Long ago, i was nominated by Miss  Irish  for  3 day challenge (Her link Gone with wind.  ), in which i was supposed to be posting 3 of my favourite quotes for continuous 3 days. But…the third one took me a long time to post (secret-i forgot..sshhhh hahha) because, obviously getting a right quote is difficult. 😉

So here is the third one, coming after months and months.. which will be followed next week by a fourth quote. (The one that got selected to be postponed for now. And i tell you, it was  ‘tough decision’ to  decide among these two which was better..)


Great! Isn’t it?

Many times in life, we are drowned with guilt and self accusations. ‘Why did i do this and why did i not do that?’ These endless questions never seem to go away, no matter how far we run. Because where can we possibly run from ourselves?

Would it help to know..Things happened, because that is what we exactly wanted at that moment of our life? Whether, we had an idea that this would happen or  we didn’t, because we were too oblivious of the future. It was always up to us to make our choices and we made  our pick.

So, to think now, it didn’t work out doesn’t mean ‘we weren’t happy or we didn’t make the most out of it or we didn’t try to stand up for our picks’. It just wasn’t meant.  Hold your head up..And  Never blame, Never Regret.  ”Be proud, you made a choice. And you stood up for what you wanted.”

P.S- link to my 1st( Quote 1.) and 2nd quote (Quote 2.  ) 🙂


10 thoughts on “3 Day Challange (Quote 3) :)

  1. I love it, I applaud that, so many times in life people say “If you can go back and change something, what would it be?” My response is always nothing because if you want to go change something, you already regret something…..wonderful missmonsoon.


    1. Uh hmmm. Thank you. Ofcourse given the option temptation will always be highto take somethings away..to stick to what we once had. Less loneliness, les heartreaks, more travelling and bla bla..every1 wud like that.. But honestly for me, i think i am a better person today of what decisions i made whether they ended up for better or in disasters. Peopele are like onions, we peel with layers and layers, get me?? coz i dont ;)hahah

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      1. Of course if the option was presented, but that’s only for those who truly feel they errored and remember, going back to change one thing may have a ripple effect on three, you know? That’s why you make a choice, stand by it and deal with it because that’s probably how it was supposed to be in some shape or form. I know people with two friends who are happier than people with a million fair weather ones, no such word as lonely, it’s a state not a feeling. But you are right, people are lie onions, you have to peel the layers and accept the tears that come with them.

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      2. Make a choice, stand by it and deal with it! How do you come with such gud words efortlesly..ur gud! Ur one liners hav a punch. I shud put it in a quote and share it with (joker) on the credibility 😊 Accept the tears that comes with it…hmm u kno if u keep onions underwater for 5mins or so they don hav that eye stinging power anymore..m not employin we sud do that wid people 😝 Hehe.There wil b no denyin tears but sure ther mus b other ways to lessen them

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      3. Maybe I’m picking my words from some of what you’re saying, so you can share it with both of us. Haha!!
        I never tried putting onions under water to do that let alone people, but I’m pretty sure if you dip anything under water, it’ll get watered down as if it was in say……a monsoon. Haha

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