2017′ Will be my year!! :)

So… i did not just blow air to people on my previous blog ‘why making goals is important’ without working out on my own ‘to do’ list. Did you think, i would? Here, is the proof.

My Motto this year is GET OUT! GET OUT!      WAKE UP.GET UP. GET READY AND WALK OUT. (wasted too much time wondering, day dreaming, sleeping all my life. Now, that my youth is starting to wither away..i want to make the best efforts to make out max. Cut half of my slouching schedule, you know and fill that amount of time with productiveness.. money money 😉  Basically anything to remember by actually)


Don’t be upset to see my resolutions too detailed. Believe me, you have seen nothing yet. These are just the highlights.

I try making my goals as practical as possible so, by the end of year, i can actually checkbox them out and throw 🙂 i have made it rather descriptive here, hoping i might be of some help to people who still have not figured out what their resolutions for the new year are going to be..So here it goes,

A)Personal Health and Development.

1)Stay Fit New year is all about pampering yourself and boosting your inner self. I am quite conscious when it comes to health issues. And i think everyone should be.Because, there are lot of benefits to exercise. ‘Fitness/Confidence/Youth. My plan for this year, is to devote 20 mins of my time 3days/week on stretches. No heavy workout, just enough to be toned. 🙂 Sun/wed/Fridays. Because.. i found  having days assigned makes it easy  to be in routine.


2)Eat and drink Healthy Basically eating home cooked meals and fresh fruits. I never order fast food when i am alone, that has been a firm resolution of mine for years now. And i don’t fancy much sodas, caffeine or alcoholic beverages..so i am safe there too.  However starting this year, i will be adding a habit to eat a fruit everyday. An apple a day keeps doctors away..everyone knows that 🙂

woman with fruits rejecting junk food

3) Stay Beautiful No matter what the appearance is, staying fit and eating healthy obviously has miraculous effect on physical attributes. You may not realise it now..i keep telling people because we all are born with different looks and physique. And expecting sudden change just because you adapted these mantras now, is foolish. But studies and experiences from real life people have shown over the long term the benefits of adapting healthy life style are worth it.

So for myself i have added a routine of drinking a litre water everyday. (coz i am one of those, who doesn’t drink water till i start flapping like a fish outside of a pond 🙂 ) AND, another very important, my own personal project, learn make up!!! (It’s time for me now to embrace my feminine traits 😉 ) WEll not necessarily it has to be everyone’s goal,but  a little effort to look pretty can have good consequences. Not to forget,it boosts  confidence too. so why not? 🙂


4)Stay Connected Life is nothing without people around you who makes you feel special. So needless to say, i think its important to have some effort invested on making them realise how important they are. Some important festivals, birthdays and father’s/mother’s day..I have vowed myself to try my best not to miss it. And PICTURES!!! obviously’ I  will b taking them ‘loads’ for proof.

Friends- How can you forget them? Say ‘Never No’ to party when it’s your own gang throwing one! These are the moments you won’t have back. Everyone will be someday settled, far or too busy. Grab it..  plan to make best out of it! I Added a ‘trip’ this year to my logbook with friends. Excited!! 

And don’t be a loner. If you haven’t got friends nowhere near. Facebook.insta, twitter whatever..make a effort.Life doesn’t work with you trying to sit in a room and thinking of happy place. Everything requires effort.  If you ask me, i plan to check my profiles every weekends so i don’t miss out on their bad ass jokes or irritating sarcasms or anything they can afford to pitch me hehe.


5)Get what you wanted for so long.

Do it! Because you won’t have it again. And ‘life is short’. Whatever is your thing. For me,   i had a list of specific clothes i have been wanting to get, ‘a complete set’ since long time. The one that i always planned on having but  ended up not having due to other priorities. This year my savings are devoted just to my wardrobe..It’s just me.I am the focus.  I will treat myself good for achieving my goals of 2016 🙂


6)Get rid of old habits, junks. 

Yes the old habits that you always wanted to get rid of. Its time now. Throw them away today. But habits don’t go away easy, does it? So you have to make a routine..another habit to get rid of old one. My resolution ‘Stop Procrastinating’. Say ‘Now’ to everything. Had dinner, will do the plates tomorrow. What? NOPE. Do it right now, right after food is done. Get me? ‘Stop being Careless’ Be organised. Get the most important documents in one section, the needy ones in another and clean away the clutters.

And starting this year, i am developing a habit of cleaning room  strictly on Saturdays too. Lot of my personal belongings are missing..probably hiding somewhere in those pile of clothes ,papers or idk all that stuff that is heaped on that corner  😉



7) Try something New/Learn something New.

A new year means another year of opportunity to explore something other than what you have always had. Doesn’t have to be big. Take for example , change your hairstyle, change your wardrobe. Learn riding horse, car, bicycle etc etc. For me this year, trying something new would be oblivion. Lets see what chances life gives me..’Being Spontaneous’ sounds correct at the moment. But about learning something, it’s definitely cooking. Not planning to be a master chef, just to learn enough to survive in kitchen without setting house on fire 😉 Perfection at 3 dishes is the aim for now.

And i have always loved drawing. Would love to learn to pencil sketch. That’s a must try to/do thing for me this year. Following youtube gurus 🙂

my new favourite pass time hobby

(REST of my resolutions will appear tomorrow..It’s only 7 here haha! what about your resolutions? what are you doing this year?  Hope to read yours..may be i can add to mine :))






19 thoughts on “2017′ Will be my year!! :)

  1. I like that motto….Get up, get out and get something…..way to kick the ball off missmonsoon. Love number 1, staying healthy is very important to me to, a healthy body is a healthy mind yo’ and it feeds the brain confidence. Number 2, I stay away from sodas as well, I do drink a lot of water but eating healthy is a must and a lot of people pledge to do that so good for you. Number 3, that is basically a state of mind, as long as you are confident, then you are. Number 4, get out, don’t be a homebody but don’t forget where home is, ya feel me? Friends are important, like I said, take and bring good ones into 2017….it’ll be so much easier to get through the year. 5, hell yeah, this year is all about getting yours…haha! Number 6, I think we talked about this already and it sounds like your gonna nail this one, good for you. And number 7, all I can say is wow my friend!!! Love the picture, It’s cool when the human mind grabs a shovel and unburies all this hidden talent, that picture in my opinion is great and such detail……I didn’t know you pencil sketched, something else I add to my list of things that impress me. You are detail orientated so I know when you clean your room, it’ll be spic and span,…haha. Hope you had a great New Years missmonsoon, remember whose year it is and focus on that person because she has bags of talent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It GOod to hear from you Joker :). Hmm u hav read all my goals meticulously..and i am preety sure i inspired some in you too. We agree from 1 to 7 hehe. yeah..i get you. Don’t forget home..Home is where people you care about live together, house is just another building. see?i understand. 🙂
      Thank you. i try to once in a while. blue moon but never thot i could put it in hobby..its form of meditating for me, esp wen m bored. I did hav a good new year watching movies ‘homealone’ again. Thank you. And i believe ‘you are concentrating on urself too’ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You didn’t think I’d read? I say what I do and I do what I say and your goals have put some inspiration in myself as well. You understand more than you think, I don’t take credit, I give it and I’m giving it to you.
        Hobbies, or boredom missmonsoon…….talent is talent so never get tired of it because it was given for a reason and that’s on the real. I’ve always concentrated on myself, thanks to you, I’m looking at myself now.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmm i wonder what i inspired you at..hopefully a gud one!! Hmm ur flatering me way too much..But honestly i am likeing it 🙂 Thank you. And u’v got very good talent on writing too. U sud continue”

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You seem humble yet coy missmonsoon, that boat you have is actually a ship….. just open your eyes and don’t thank me for the modest opinions of the gallery. I’ll keep writing if you do too, we’ll inspire each other to do so even though I don’t think you’ll need it with how your mindset is. I think the world has a winner on its hand.

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