2017′ The Rest of my Resolutions. :)

I am excited to share more of my to/do  and to achieve list with you guys.

Yes, it’s true. People who talk  less, get more work done! I have met a lot of people, who jot down their goals in a secret diary, checkbox one by one and let their achievements and results speak out for them at the end of the year unlike ME. However, personally speaking for me, if it’s out, like here in wordpress, i will be more determined to follow them so i can proudly update . How about you?


Personal health and Development Section like i posted earlier, was a priority for me. Health must always come first. No matter how hard you work  or how much you earn, if you are not living long enough or are not feeling good enough, nothing is going to mean much. Remember. Now back to my 2017 highlights.

B)Education and Career

1)Pass the exams– The second most important priority.

My exams are knocking round the corner and i still feel like a bundle of mesh. Looking back, at all those months i spent ‘supposedly preparing’. I feel like, i could have been more productive. So, to avoid that happening again, i have worked out on a number of chapters i am going to cover each day. Suppose 10 chapters in 20 days would have me ending January with 200 chapters including revision and some days for good breaks. what do you think?Smart huh?  😉


2)Get a Job- Yup obviously. SO this year HAS to be the year. i land on my dream job i have been working on for years. Wish me luck”

3)Continuous Education- Interesting thing about human brain is the more you feed it, the more it learns. Yes i am not planning to be Einstein. He probably was born a genius, his parietal brain was 15% bigger than normal humans’ scientists say.

I am talking about, learning and getting to know stuffs other than own field. May be do so by pursuing  hobby like reading. Example, i have integrated this year a plan of getting to read articles or posts ‘relating to  anything’ every weekend, beside my own field. Perhaps humour or managing finance blogs or random musings or art and world, travel blogs  ‘all those magnificent stuffs’ or movie reviews..ANYTHING. Just to be more updated. and I have already added 5 story books on pending to be read this year, wattpad rocks too .:)


Don’t you find it fascinating when people can talk about other things beside just politics, health, economy or fashion. I am Monotonous  like everyone and

i want to break that stereotype. Hopefully.. 🙂


Honestly i have not started even earning. But from my history, i am very clear that i suck on money biz. So, saving is a definite plan this year. Not much..a certain amount by the end of the year to be proud of. Make sure you do to.. You never know, when you might be in need of that extra bucks. Like  times, when you need to cover  extra health fees, or repair  your vehicles. Or even safety net, if you are planning to quit your job,retire soon. And oh oh don’t forget for ‘the vacations’!!


D)Working out on my ‘Blog’.

–WE always have something that sparks our interests. That we love doing, beside what we always do for living. Writing has been my thing. Hence this blog. You can start up too..advantages of creating a  blog is tremendous, someday i will be posting here ‘why’. For now, my plan is to pursue it passionately. Not like a tube light  i used to be ‘on and off, blink blink’. NO it will be consistent starting now. A blog every friday  .

–Variety and exploring and learning and sharing will be my new theme.

I am a youtube scavenger. And i will tell you, there are all sort of youtube videos there.Good and bad. However, I have promised myself to feed myself in the best of those, to inspire myself and keep burning my positive energy this year too. AND to share here with you guys. What inspires, educates and  and makes me feel good is bound to make atleast one person feel the same right.


— I have this crazy fiction fantasy novel in my head that i have been trying to get out of my head called ‘Entwined’ and it’s been there for like more than 1 year now. I am hoping, finally this  year will be the one, i will get it all out in words. THANK YOU to all those beautiful people who have prompted me to continue.

So……. there goes everything about ‘‘my New year’s” bird’s eye view. Starting from regular exercise to breaking bad habits. Learning ‘beautify’ tricks to trying to be ‘smart ass’ hehhe. And of course staying in touch with you guys and trying to know more about you  and what you write.. 🙂

May this year bring you joy, peace and with your loved ones together.  May it be ‘a year’ for you to look back’ on someday with that beautiful smile on your face while you sit on your old rocking chair  and be grateful for all the moment you have lived through. 🙂 




19 thoughts on “2017′ The Rest of my Resolutions. :)

  1. Part two is just as clever and informative as part one, good job and great goals. Exams, that should be the priority for whatever field you venture and land in so study, relax, rest and repeat is the pattern you need to follow, you do that and you’ll be chicky. (California word for cool) Jobs are a means like money and it’s important but only if you know why you want to work, work for the right reasons and you’ll be good. Saving is hard but it’s not against the law to spend so don’t be frugal trying to stay afloat. My cash seems like it on a diet sometimes, but I get my composure and I’m good enough to travel again. Writing every Friday….nice, keeping active in body, mind and soul is a good goal too and I’m sure the blog world will be reading, I will. Keep up with your story but on a side note, why not add your own pictures to incorporate into your story, talent is running through your blood. Always a pleasure missmonsoon. Change for yourself, but be yourself, you’re good. 2017 is the year of the monsoon but don’t get washed away, just ride the waves! Haha!!

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    1. Hmm and like the pprevious comment, here too you have manged to read through my details 🙂 ‘study’ m concentrating..i hav been in a long gap. Now hopefuly nthg wil divert me awy. i love the mantra ‘study, relax,rest, repeat’. Good 1! Hahha yup saving is toughest one..i belieb ur goes on diet..by the colection of tshirt u have hahahahha. sorta sems like obsesion but i can relate 2u. Those r preety cool. adding pictures? like sketches or my own? hahah i wud never add my own..i am staying a secret. my picture is on profile tho 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hmm I will try my best to be ‘MYSELF’. its preety hard. i hav been pointed out with lot of flaws lol.

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      1. Like I said, I read. It’s okay to take a break from baking your brain, but not so long that you put down what you picked up. I do have an addiction to silly t shirts, they keep me grounded and remind me not to take things to serious and to the heart.
        No, I see your profile picture, I mean add your sketches within your Entwined book, people often illustrate their own work as well…….you may become one of the worlds best secrets.
        It’s not hard to be yourself if you learn who you are and I can dig that you have a good idea. Everyone has flaws but you’re already changing…..I can prove it. You are what you are and you’re talking to me, and I believe we are friends and I’m proud to call you one.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am proud too. Hahah am i changing? If u can prove it..i wud lik to kno how? 🙂 Hmm tsirts with one liners hmm does seem gud way to keep oneself grounded
        Ilustrations hmm..good idea joker. But i preety much suck at it and honestly, i don hav a very imaginative head of characters..i do but not the types i can actualy sketch. Besiide those are really hard 🙂

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      3. It’s good to be proud of yourself but don’t pride yourself, there’s a difference, and we change everyday. You know, I know some people who are against certain people that they won’t even look there way let alone spray em with water if they were burning, you feel me? Need I say more? I feel you will learn and strive to be better which is why I think 2017 is gonna bring you a lot, you just have to grab it by the collar quick.
        One liners….they speak volumes.
        Honestly, you suck at convincing others you suck……I don’t think it works. Damn G, you’re a bad liar…haha! You have a talent that is buried and is trying to get out, your imagination is off the charts as far as characters go and honestly, they can pass as norms……your pencil sketches will do them justice. I don’t believe nothing is hard but diamond, and even that ain’t the hardest card in the deck, you feel me? Ask your talent to teach you what you can do……then try telling yourself you can’t do something.

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      4. Ah you inspire me to do more..hahah Honestly. i am just bloating like a baloon..No u neednot say no more. i hav a rope tied like a neck tie in 2017. It isnt runnin from me!! Ok i will try and may be i wil post it for ur opinion but it wil b anime characters(u watch animes?)

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      5. All I can do is pat you on the back, whether you go a block or a mile is up to you, my money is on the mile. Like I said, you’ll change without even knowing and not because you’ll have to, keep floating but don’t get carried away. Haha!
        Like I said, pictures will compliment your story, the more original of your ideas, the better. I’m not big on anime but for yours I can become a fan, you have to create for it to catch on.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Hmm ur money is gona get doubled then coz i sure am going for mile :)Ah huh,,its a tough job to create a picture..i havent even imagined a concrete facial feature u kno..Thank you for support. U will lov anime once u start starting on one..Are u saying me u don watch one piece and naruto stufs..hahah

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Of course my money will double, only bet on a winner, I never hit the card table in hopes of breaking even when I leave the casino. You’re a smart bet.
        You don’t have to have a concrete idea, that’s what sketching is for. The idea is just symbol, but with enough power that symbol turns into a landmark because that idea is an image, you know?
        Perhaps it’s relaxing to watch, but time moves rather fast in California so you have to catch it before you can catch something, haha. The only one piece I know is chicken McNuggets and they start at 6 piece. Haha, who knows.


      8. haha so ur definately not the anime guy.. But you r willin 2 luk at my work. Nice fren i got there 🙂 Hmm i will put in may b later after i complete my story, coz then i wud b busy only drawing n not writing. I wil put it with sketches when i reshare my edited versions 🙂 Hm how fast can california be possibly from uk?

        Liked by 1 person

      9. No, not really an anime guy but I will look look, read and possibly become a fan of your work…..why not follow talented friends, they are hard to find so try harder to keep them them.
        Don’t rush your progression, your story is already there and the rest of the story is already in that creative place called your head, just let your characters flow and like I said, they can look as close to norms as you want……..remember, diversity is a good thing so you can hit every fan base. I’ll be looking for them, but you should already know that. Believe me when I say you can be a natural like I know you are.
        Hmm, California from U.K., depends on if you’re running, walking or crawling…..haha!! No matter how you put it in a bowl and mix it, it’s about 5600 miles away pending on which parts and all that shabang.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Haha,u do hav a way of thinking 😄 And ur encouraging and prompting me wid new gud ideas!! Natural hahaha, wonder who was born on labs with artifical organs and limbs 🤔 I belib i am crawling coz u alys refer to me as turtle hahhaha if i think m correct..

        Liked by 1 person

      11. We are all experiments which is why we perform them, haha! You, me and the rest of the world is an experiment…….guess I can’t really say one big one. ;o)
        You may be crawling missmonsoon but I want you to remember who actually won the race between the turtle and the rabbit……that’s why my money is on you. Haha, don’t let me down.

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      12. Interesting, I’d like to say my spirit animal is a tiger, it could also be a dragon but maybe it should be a hyena! Haha. Tigers are calm animals and can be loyal but dangerous when it comes to protecting their own. Like I said, it’s probably a hyena.


      13. Hmm yes tigers are protective animals..but they prefer solitary lives. Contradictory isnt it? hehehee. Dragon? another awesum thing too..old soul with wisdom,strngth,patience but a dangerous one to deal with..you could just sniff out and i wud be running around with my hair on fire hahha. A hyena is rather odd one. That wuld make you social dominant and rather a very unresolving character hahahha.

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      14. Yeah, tigers are protective and caring while dragons are more docile and chose to stay hidden so I can’t be a dragon. Hyenas are pack animals and find humor in everything but for the most part I’d say a tiger is my spirit animal if I had to resort to the Chinese New Year chart.

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