Everybody makes mistakes..


Yes, i did some mistakes. I am sorry. Now, what else can i do beside truely apologizing? I am not going to sit here sulking. And i am not going to get stuck here thinking why did i do this and that..I am human. It’s as simple as that. And i understand my actions. Yes i repent, that’s why i am sorry in the first place.  But i refuse to let anybody drag me down to the base, just because i have made some bad choices.

Yes again, i wish things had gone differently. But they didn’t. So i  sucked it up, took a deep breath and moved forward. Who is hurt? I or you or anyone?Is it your piles of lies i should be mad about or my criticisms against you.. Nope. I don’t recall anymore. I forgave myself. Because do you know, only when you truely forgive yourself for actions you have done or things you have caused. You can take a step to tomorrow..Why even bother taking that load, ramming your head when it’s not going to matter in next 5 months or 5 years. Stop suffocating.


This is what i learnt..

1)Not every path you walk is bed of roses, so yes’ not every people you meet are going to be a ‘wow’ person. (Including myself.. or perhaps yourself). Dosen’t mean you should stop walking and stop trusting people. You learn everything step by step. It’s not age that makes you adult, it’s actually experience and maturity with the way you handle things.

2) Words are like bullets. When it’s shot, it’s bound to cause an impact. You can’t take it back. So think through every word before you speak or you lash out. If it’s better to walk out from that point because you clearly see through where it’s going. Make the smart move. Walk away.

Finally, i will stop rabbling and get to point.

If you have someone to say sorry too, i suggest ‘Do it Today’. Do it now..or start mustering your guts to apologize soon. Noone is lowering their standards saying ‘I am Sorry’. It’s just three words.

I said it and now i feel free.You’ Get it done and get it over with.   Believe me…. you don’t want to be dragging your ruggages all the way to another year.  2017 is Knocking!!!! More than enough of those are coming your way.. You are only HUMAN.


Happy Blogging. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Everybody makes mistakes..

  1. Well said missmonsoon, but saying sorry is easy, you know cuzz its like, oh well whatever….I did my part. I guess you have to truly forgive yourself and be assured the other has forgiven befor true closure can be found. ive been hurt very bad by bad people but a apology is onli as real as character, people shouldn’t say nothin cuzz they feel its rite I guess, but do it cuzz its rite and go into a new year with light. very little effort equals none at all, that’s what they say in California. If you hav issues with people, get them solved before they new year, I put two apologies behind me. You know what I like about what you write…it relates to people, you give good work……even tho feelings are past, they don’t die and you write to bring them to life. Good for you. I’d put on a gangster smile but I wouldn’t know what it looks like. :o) If you change, do it for the better.

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    1. Closure Mr Joker is infinite word. Som1 may nvr forgive u but it’s not someone’s forgiving heart or hateful heart that makes you think wat you hav done. It’s ur own if it knows ur wrong n ur stil walkin the same path then it’s imposibl to move forward. Forgiving urself first is the only way one can breathe then, the seconds are the apologies..i think 🙂

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      1. Well said missmonsoon, but out here they say it’s much easier to convince ourselves, because we’re all fools. You’re right in your thinking, but I can never breath till I know I am forgiven, it would have killed me to lose out on how genuine you are even after showing me what you are. You’re a good person, when you forgave me, I felt better. Playing the victim for me was easy in a room full of devils.🙂. Opinion.

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