Don’t ask me to be Vegan! :)


People should stop manipulating me to be a vegan…Commenting on my ‘food’ choices is basically provoking my carnivorous instincts!

And here is what i will make clear to you,

  1. Don’t say it. May be suggest but don’t emphasize. If people can kill for money, land, religion and what not. Believe me ‘food’ will create an apocalypse.
  2. Don’t look at us like we are cruel beasts. Yes it’s taking lives away. i know, but plants have lives too. Will you stop eating them? Studies show, plants can feel too..
  3. Ok now, i know i am just being mean.. Thing is i am not saying i have not tried. My relapse  om meat diet was dangerous. Like DANGEROUS!! i had never eaten so much meat in my life before. So for the sake of God and all the animals out there, i cannot be a vegan.

I love you guys. But i guess i love food more. Eventually i am bound to cheat..So i am signing no petition :/

P.S- what do you mean by unseen egg. If you are pure vegi. Be a pure vegi. Don’t tell me you eat egg whiffed cakes and stuffs coz that’s unseen, it still counts for ‘eggs’.

OOPS sorry 🙂


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