Like a boiling pot kept over the furnace,
with bubbles of water bursting on it’s surface..
unable to withheld the tension of it’s loss of it’s matter to the vapour..
i am at the brink.

Only my muscles feel the rage i now stand with.
only my mind knows the visciousousness i want to unleash..


3 thoughts on “RAGE..

  1. Terrell told me what you wrote, and it’s fine. It was wrong what we did and it wasn’t right. Terrell has to much hate in his heart to acknowledge but we were wrong and understand. I’m sorry I had to tear up something beautiful, I came on vacation from the Sea of Angels to a Mormon state to be a devil for a day. sorry for doin what we did and being what we are if its in our culture aint our fault, racism boils over. He said he’ll never read but I will if it’s okay. I apologized to him and I do the same to you. *peace*


    1. I am sorry i was such a badass.i wish i hadn’t been that way. I accept your apology and plz accept mine.You didnot tear anything up.Actually i feel more solved now..he had been pushing me to the edge all along.
      I didn’t want to hurt you. Yes i wanted to hurt him to teach him a gud lesson. But..anyways its in the past now. I don feel nothing about him now. Chrismas is coming over and soon the newyear. I wish we can b stil frenz and put back this crap in 2016.i hope you accept my follow too.
      *peace* with a chinky smile.. 🙂

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