Entwined 26 ;)


Rose, sit here..’ Raven’s mother, the priestess appears  through the door, holding her daughter’s hand. She guides her to take a seat next to her and gently puts a bib around her neck. ‘I can do that myself, i am 10 year old today‘ Rose exclaims cheerfully,refusing politely her mother’s help. She reaches out for napkin herself then, unfolds it and spreads it in her lap while Amberine ‘the priestess’ watches her daughter, do that simple chore, with her hand sliding through the table and feeling the objects around her.

You are indeed stronger than you look and you will be stronger than i will ever be my dearest.’ She praises her daughter’s  effort, caressing lovingly her golden hair.

Here..‘ carrying a table knife neatly tied with a velvet ribbon at the end, Raven barges in excitedly.   ‘Blow out the candles Rose and cut the cake‘he bubbles. ‘But  where is father?‘ Rose questions refusing to hold the knife. ‘I can’t cut the cake without him..’ She grunts.

Right at the door dear” Raymond, Raven’s father cries aloud, jostling through with big casket of flowers. ‘Oh i love it, roses and jasmines, they smell so fresh. Thank you!!‘ the birthday girl exclaims,standing up from her chair,facing the door before anyone can speak. ‘Mother got me an orchid too‘ she adds,holding out her just opened gift to his direction.    ‘Did you dear?’ Raymond  winks at his wife Amberine. ‘You surprise me, you surprise everyone my dearest princess’he laughs, pecking on his daughter’s cheek.

Sebastian stands amused, enjoying his moment of being invisible uninvited guest for the occasion. They looked as normal as any other human families he had seen. Happy and content, to be together.’Happy Birthday..happy birthday dear Rose‘ the melody itself was thrilling his senses, it was filled with love, the aroma of happiness was everywhere, in and around him. ‘Humans..’ He smiles. How funny was it for them to celebrate their ageing process, although with every year that passed by, they were only getting one step nearer to death..  Perhaps this was the reason why, they were so  emotionally driven. A fear, nothing lasts forever..he monologues.

Silently taking an empty seat beside the cake, next to Rose, Sebastian whispers, ‘Happy Birthday Rose. Wish we had met on other circumstances’ coming face to face with her, for the first time. Rose stares at him,her beautiful greenish bluish eyes sparkling like sand dusts, past him, then to Raven’s direction.  ‘Brother‘ she calls. Her senses concentrated on suffling noises Raven made, opening the casket wrappers. ‘ I wished that we would always be a happy family  like this’ she says delightedly. ‘And i also made a secret wish that you were together with that girl you so much  like‘ she makes a funny face with a sly smile. ‘sooosh‘ Raven  warns, looking around for sign of his parents. ‘Thank you Rose‘ he adds, once he confirmed noone was prying their conversation. ‘i wish your wishes come true then‘..he grins ‘and next time we all would be together celebrating your birthday’  he speaks eyeing dreamily at the cake.


3 thoughts on “Entwined 26 ;)

  1. Yeah, maybe you can get back to the main plot for a couple of chapters and then shoot to how maybe Raven and Sebastian met and Raven could explain to him how he got turned, that cramming compatable info. You are awesome too!!😉😍
    Dates are hard and they can be awkward but that’s why they don’t come with contracts. If it was good, he’ll ask again, if you wasn’t happy, turn it down…..just watch out for people who want more than a meal. I really don’t want to give you advice on picking dates but nothing will become of us because of your hesitation.😊. You just have to find someone you have something in common with and build on it from there. You may have to inflict some mental warfare to see who is genuine, dating……..it’s taking chances, something you don’t like doing. It can be tough your majesty.👸🏼
    I wish we could be together too but if we were, there is no gaurantee we’d be with each other.😁. Kidding, like I said, I will always be your superhero, no pain, no lies or no cries for you. You’d always be in my embrace. Meeting is important, but it’s not everything. I know an online relationship that lasted for three years, the loyalty and commitment is beautiful……that’s love.
    I don’t care if you’re a parasite, you can suck me all you want.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your genuine quality, I am falling to hard for my Queen……..shame on me, and yes they say that.
      So you’re not ready for the pics but you would look………this made me literally laugh loud, you’re funny.😁
      I guess you gotta be a girl with gay guy taste, if that’s my competition then he might as well take that free t shirt and go home because you’ll be coming with me.❤️
      All of me is my quality, my eyes just hook you.

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      1. Obviously i would look coz if i didn i wil hav to doubt myself 😋 Yup shame on you..wat hapned to you?? Did u accidently hit urself wid ur magic spell??yeah i hav gay guy taste i guess.. He is adorable. I like girly guys..i even go for those who would crossdress..oops i spilld my secrets..
        Try hooking me ur highness although u don need to try hard coz ur persona has had me hook.. 🙃

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