My school years.

School life had never been a fun one for me. You know how every movie has that one character who just wants to survive one another day in school, i was like that. Hussle pussle..hoff and puff..and a long breath out..finally today is over!! That was my daily schedule. It was a torture.. I Kept counting one less day everyday till i graduated high school, hence my habit ..of crossing out on calendars and planning extra details in my head about what would i do the moment when i would be free. Yeah..i admit i might have perhaps ZONED out often than i say i did but come on who cares, who cared..i didn’t. And yup, i would sit planning, looking like a retarded girl sticking my tongue out and staring at the board, thinking thinking thinking the whole period, sitting on the first bench in almost every school haha. limit of my audacity! I know!! Noone caught me..i might even have drooled saliva from angle of my mouth once in a while..but hey” i don need to tell you that!! Haha lets just say i was a planner to keep it simple.  ( i even imagined i would run wild..go bezerk the day my school was over..but that didnot happen!! 😑)


By the time i made through the highschool, i had jumped 2 classes and transferred 6 schools. I can’t explain the details although i will say,i had clean records and i was preety good student. Damn right i was! I was a prefect in two schools. And yeah who knows how to abuse powers than i do 😝 Just kidding. So the good parts of being a tourist student was, new faces. All sort of faces, starting from preety faces to not so preety ones to innocient to nasty ones. Some excited to know about you, being the  new student you are, some not so intrested. Anyways, except one or two, i don recall any of the faces. Why care? I am not going to see them anytime again, right? Beside on average 40 students in every class times 6 would mean i had to remember 240people, just acquaintance is not my thing. Well atleast, That  was my major survival instinct. 🙃

Image of school girl with backpack.

Another good thing is, whatever stupid things you do or mess you create settles when you leave the school. So basically, you are a free bird, not that i did anything like that to be embarassed about but you know how relieved you feel when there is no one to remind you ‘ you did this and you looked like a fool’..I skipped all that part if there ever was. Noone remembers, if i don’t 🤗 And ofcourse you get to enjoy secret admirers now and then..😉.

It’s funny now that i think of, above all people i met, the people i remember either were really nice ones or people who managed to stick out somehow..stick out as in, that kid who would constantly grab my bums or my skirt because…. he said he liked me. I was in class 2! who the hell taught him to grope bums to show affection. There was seriously something wrong in his family. Good thing my mother had a good one to one talk with his teacher,idk what happened next.  And then another school, that male teacher who had a habit of giving kisses on every right answer you give. Not just a cute peck on a cheek but u know..and after two or three times, i never raised my hand to answer. Now that i think of it, he only kissed girls. I have no idea how the next favourite one felt.

Another school, another , another you meet lot of jerks and some nice people too. Once in a while, you don’t even have to try adjusting. Everyone is hovering around either to just talk with you or have your homeworks copied, even teachers excuse you for you late assignments or bad test reports for your innocient smile. At Other times, it’s opposite, you get picked by bunch of senior girls who just don’t like you..Not that you were even talking or snooping around. They just think that ‘ you shouldn’t be you minding your own buissness and do what they tell you’. Oh well, yeah school literally sucked for me.

'Her special Talent is sulking.'

And although it did, Sometimes i wish i could go back again and do it right. Stick through all my years in one school no matter how crappy it was and made some honest real good friends. Sometimes i wish i hadn’t  been so jerk and made the best out of my situation instead of having a breakdown. Anyways, past is past. Never too late to set things straight.But  I do wish, everyone understood how truely precious school life can be and could have been for me as well with right friends…image

Don’t miss it ok 😊.




32 thoughts on “My school years.

      1. Hey now that i caught u online, if ur free how about helping me with some names for the character. Ur english speaking by birth..hahha i need a sophisticated english name for a man. 🤔


  1. Dylan, Edmund or Xavier are noble English names… is Ian. Those are a few…..I’ll leave you be, youre probably on your story!! ;o)
    I meant that you can talk to me about stuff and I know I can come to you, that still stands because I only have one job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am really sorry. Wel wen i said i am a mess, my moodiness in number one. Yeah m trying to write sumthing today. Had been trying. I wan to change ravens dad name n want to giv sebas father name too so both has to b classy. Esp ravens father the name has to hav that hammmer!! 😄 M realy sorry again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Zachary, Bishop, Jedah seems to yell the word power. Even Maximus sounds rather strong. My characters name doesn’t yell power, but yours will…keep at it.
        Your not giving me a chance to do my job your majesty…..just let me know how much space you need from your humble Joker.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. At the moment, all the space we have is fine ☺️. Joker. Thank you for enquiring my opinion. Infact i wud not b lukin for space with only fren i can talk about scoobydoobie doo to disney land to random rantings..and not about wat will i b doing on my careers n blabla. So ther i am keeping you 😬
        I think sebas father name sud b zedah..sounds like a kingly name..m taking al names n using them for future purposes.any idea if a villian name can come from W??? 😏

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ok, I just never been asked for space by a friend before, but hey!, things happen.🙂. I’m not gonna pry, there are some things people confront alone an I respect that but you told me the door swings both ways.😕
        Anyway, yeah, Zedah and Jeddah sounds like power names, cool how you’re planning ahead. A villain that starts with “W” huh? Sure you don’t want to talk.🤔
        Only evil name I can think of is Worthington, or maybe Warlock or even Wrath.🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. haha wel lets jus say, i am using all english names so characters don look confusing. 😂 Idk i jus hav a gut feeling i sud put the villians name after the alphabet Will b a thing to remember..well those names aren dat great..hmm.. Will hav to brainstorm. There is nothing to talk about, a man charming yet equally hatefull like the main villian. Hard not to love,hard not to hate. Thats wat i hav in my mind 😝

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Okay missmonsoon, you know, it’s fun to hide from people, but never yourself. 🙈🙉. Kidding… some movies I watch, it is hard to hate the villain. Just know there is a friendly hero fighting not to be pushed away.😕. Teamwork!!

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      6. Why sad emoji?? Are u sayin dat i actualy hav the ability to smipe smile off the face of people who alys wat a pathetic talent of mine!! 😑 Say here furyy mouse..😋


      1. Ha, well, you can bother me with anything but that’s at your discretion. It just feels like I offended you and I felt helpless because I couldn’t help but, it is what it is.
        Well, I’ll let you be missmonsoon, I guess I’ll talk to you later on down the road. Let me know if I can be assist to your story and I’ll do the same with your creativity🙃. Take care, I’m here for you believe it or not. Good nite.

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